Managed Print Services

Save time and money with managed print solutions from Egyptian. 

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Managed Print Solutions

The average company’s IT team will spend up to 25% of their time maintaining output devices, like printers and copiers. The average worker will print over 10,000 pages in a year. Its factors like these that often cause companies to spend 3% of their annual revenue just on printing.


One of the easiest ways your organization can save both time and money is with Egyptian’s managed print solutions. In fact, our MPS program can save you up to 90% on your printing costs.


The Benefits of Managed Print Solutions

  • Saves your IT team time
  • Lowers overall cost of printing
  • Costs are consolidated
  • Data security
  • Automatic paper, ink & toner supply procurement
  • Reduces paper waste
  • Reduces toner waste
  • Real-time data collection & analysis


How Our Managed Print Solutions Work


1. Measure

Our first order of business is to take accurate measurements:

  • Current printing needs
  • Output
  • Money spent on printing

2. Install

Next, we install our secure DCA (data collection agent). This allows us to see your printer network and determine:

  • Quantity: How much are you printing?
  • Quality: Do your machines meet the demand of your workplace needs?

3. Analyze

In this step, we take into consideration all the hard numbers, as well as the human factor:

  • What are your work habits?
  • Why and when do your employees print?

This process helps us to understand your unique printing culture and make accurate predictions for future printing supplies procurement. 

4. Plan & Deploy

Using the information gathered, we form a custom strategy for your office. We look at everything from the technology to the toner and crunch the numbers. This includes:

  • Your most cost-effective ink & toner types & amounts
  • Accurate copy paper type & quantity prescription 
  • Regular & reliable delivery of these items (no order required)
  • Consolidated invoices
  • Possible new machine upgrades


This isn’t a one and done solution. As your business evolves, so do your printing requirements. With our managed print solutions, we consistently monitor your printing as part of our driving efficiencies. The DCA installed into your printer fleet gives us real-time feedback. This means that we can adjust your custom solution when your printing volume changes. This adjustment will always keep your costs as low as possible while meeting your new requirements.

Also, if your machines ever need maintenance or repair, our IT Team will get them back up and running.


Save the Green: Our Toner Replenishment Program

Save your Green: If you have an HP fleet, we offer OEM HP “white box” cartridges. These toner cartridges cost up to 90% less with our MPS program. If your fleet isn’t HP, no worries! We have the best-in-class remanufactured cartridges to meet your requirements.

Save Earth’s Green: Egyptian’s Managed Print Solutions program is guaranteed to save you money—but it’s good for the environment, too! Our toner replenishment program boosts your sustainability efforts by reducing waste and saving energy.

Stop spending 3% of your revenue and start saving 90% today!

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2020 Cyber Threat Report

Trend analysis to protect your organization.

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