Phone Systems

Stay connected with customers and clients with a business phone system. 

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Business phone systems

Your business phone system is still the ultimate way to connect with your clients, leads, and prospects. In this age of technology and robotic answering machines, a real human voice gives your operation a genuine appeal. We’ll help you choose the best phone system for your local small business.


Types of business phone systems 

On-premise phone systems

With on-premise phone systems, the hardware sits at your office location. It connects to traditional phone lines or to an Internet-based voice service. With this method, you’ll require capital expenditure to get setup.  The on-going maintenance and end-user support are not included in the upfront fee.  IT Managers retain complete control of the phone system where they can take advantage of open-source development.

Cloud-based phone system

The phone system hardware resides in the cloud. Simply plug each phone into your network and you are ready to go.  You pay as you go with no capital expenditure to get setup.  The on-going maintenance and end-user support are included in your monthly fee.  Modifications to the open-source are restricted and can’t be modified as easily.


Features to look for in a phone system 


Phone System Features


How to choose a phone system for your business 

Traditional phone systems are a thing of the past. Choosing the right, modern system for your business depends on your organization’s structure and needs. Consider the following when making your decision:

  • How many users are there?
  • How many locations do you need to connect?
  • What type of network infrastructure do you have?
  • Do you have remote users?
  • How will you use a phone system for your business?
  • Do you have a call center?
  • Do you have need reporting?
  • What type of call routing do you need?
  • Are most calls inbound or outbound?
  • What 3rd party integrations do you need?
  • Do you need local support?

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