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Cybersecurity: Protect your business from attacks

Cybersecurity is constantly changing, always adapting to the innovative threat landscape and attack vectors of hackers.  The cost of having a fully protected network is much lower than dealing with a hijacked business.

Cybercriminals don’t come to your business hiding behind a ski mask. They are silent and invisible behind a keyboard. They can find ways to get access to your network and hold your data hostage.  Cyber criminals can steal sensitive financial and personal information and sell it on the dark web.  Don't let your data be held for ransom or have a breach hurt your business financially.  Protect your organization’s data from hackers by working with a partner with the right cybersecurity solutions and experience.


Types of cybersecurity solutions



A firewall is the first line of defense against viruses, malware, intrusions, and malicious activity. A foundational component of protecting access to your network, a firewall is typically a hardware appliance with built-in software that monitors and protects your network.  It sits as a barrier between the Internet and your private network.


Endpoint protection

This is software that runs on your company endpoints such as desktops, laptops, servers, and tablets.  It protects operating systems from viruses and dangerous malware that can be the first step in providing a back door for a cybercriminal to gain access to your private network.  We can provide proven industry-standard agents for full Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware protection on all of your endpoints.


Security Information and Event and Management

Security Event and Information Management (SIEM) is a threat detection and response platform.  A SIEM is usually a suite of software products that can monitor critical security events generated by firewalls and endpoint protection and includes log ingestion, threat management, and security reporting.  A good SIEM is usually backed by a Security Operations Center (SOC).  A SOC is where all of the information that is generated by a SIEM platform is disseminated and acted on.


Secure remote access

A good cybersecurity platform doesn't just keep attackers out of your network.  It also needs to securely let your users have access to your network when they work remotely.  That is where secure remote access (SRA) comes into play.  With the right system in place, you can allow your employees to access critical company data and applications from anywhere.  You need a system that allows the right access for the right people and is easy for your workers to use.


Security as a Service

Security as a Service (SECaaS) is a managed security service that combines all of these cybersecurity solutions into one.  An outside partner like Egyptian provides your company with all the cybersecurity solutions to keep your network safe.  Since this is an "as a service" offering, you pay as you go and there isn't any initial cash outlay for the hardware or software needed to build a full cybersecurity solution for your business.


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