Integrated Technology

Increase employee productivity by incorporating the power of technology into your workspace.

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Integrated technology for your workspace

One of the most impressive features of your office can have integrated technology. This is what will set your workplace apart as an environment of modern success, impressing the current employees and attracting top talent. From smart technology that facilitates collaboration to sound masking a hustling open office, these are the tools that transform how your staff works.


Types of integrated technology

Media scape

Media Scape is hardware that makes sharing digital screens easier than traditional audiovisual integrations. Depending on your needs and preferences, this technology can be either wired or wireless, integrated into office features (tables, lounge spaces, or conference tables, etc.).

Coworkers hold a meeting using Media Scape technology.


Conference tables

Take your workplace into the future with collaborative tables that have power and data built-in. With incorporate media scape technology, screen sharing much easier than typical audiovisual integration. 

A conference table linked to monitor systems to facilitate meetings.


Workplace analytics

Each area of your office serves a function. Now you can measure how much space is being used and compare it to your employees’ productivity. It works by using small, data-collecting, sensors placed around your office environment. It also provides on-going changing analytics.  Wasted space is wasted opportunity and money. Using this data, you can maximize your real estate, ensuring you are using every square foot. 

A group holds a team meeting while workplace analytics technology monitors and measures the usage of the space.


Room scheduling

Multiple meetings happening at once? Find a private space for your team to work without interruption. With software and hardware built into a workplace, you can see which rooms are available and when they are booked again. This helps allocate shared spaces and makes sure that the resource is not double booked.  Room scheduling technology is often used in collaborative spaces where different teams might be trying to use the room. 

 A close-up of a room-scheduling device.


Acoustic solutions

Sound masking doesn’t have to be obtrusive or require walls to be covered in special material. It can be as discrete as small speakers built into the environment. These are typically installed in the ceiling and produce white noise to provide extra sound privacy in an open office layout. 

An image of the white-noise acoustic privacy technology for workplaces.


Panel systems

Separation and privacy can make an office sleek and collected. Panel systems with power and data built-in discretely distribute resources to individual cubicles—no messy wires, just clean, powered, personal office space.

A collaboration area made with a panel system in an open office layout.


How to choose integrated technology for your organization

Integrated technology is an impressive feature to have in your workplace and can help facilitate productivity. Ask yourself the following questions to gauge your requirements and capabilities:


  1. Who will be using the room or table?
  2. Do you have privacy concerns for group meetings?
  3. What is the existing technology your company uses?
  4. How do you connect for conference calls?
  5. Will there be a company-wide upgrade on technology in the next 2-3 years?
  6. Do you have external people that need access to meetings and training?
  7. What are your acoustical needs and sound dampening needs? Do some areas take higher priority for acoustic privacy over others?
  8. Do you require the ability to control technology from a central computer or wall feature?

At Egyptian, we are here to help you find the integrated technology for your workplace that addresses these concerns. Our team of designers is here to guide you through all the different models, aesthetics, and features to select the best ones for your office.


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