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Filing and storage solutions for your workplace

Your business is a hustling organization. Each day copies are made, invoices come in, and documents are filed. The volume of things that need to be sorted and put away adds up quickly. Having the right storage for your workplace to maintain it all is key to both your professional presentation and your success. 


Types of storage

File storage

These are your traditional pedestals or vertical/lateral filing cabinets. Typically they’re used with hanging folders inside to keep documents neatly organized.

A two-tiered white lateral filing cabinet


Mobile pedestal

These are similar to file storages but come on casters. Sometimes these have a soft top that can double as an additional seat, making them great for impromptu collaborations.

A white mobile pedestal with a blue soft top


Cabinet or bookcase storage

This is your traditional shelf storage. These are excellent for storing binders or odd-shaped items.

Bookshelf storage in an office setting


Overhead storage

This storage is typically found above an employee’s desk. Depending on the type, they could have doors to contain and block the view of the items within. These are excellent for storing binders or odd-shaped items.

Think office chair at desk with universal storage

High-density filing

Think of this as bookcases on a track system. You can fit many racking systems in a smaller space and move them to access different areas. You’ll often find these in higher education libraries and corporate archives.  

Blue colored high-density filing storage demonstrates the how they move closer & farther apart.


High-density storage

Great for personal items such as purses, jackets, or bags, high-density storage can be used to create privacy. As offices go paperless, we see storage transitioning to solutions like this as the needs of workers evolve.

A woman opens her high-density storage to check her phone.


Custom cabinets

AKA, Case Goods. This type of storage is similar to what you would find in a residential kitchen. In the workplace, it’s typically used in breakrooms, patient rooms, private offices, and copier rooms. It has the ability to store a range of items with mixed drawers and cabinets.

Custom cabinets arranged for a healthcare office breakroom.


Waste & recycling

This type of storage, however necessary is typically an afterthought. Leading organizations are abandoning the personal waste can and opting for a zoned system that contains paper and plastic recycling with waste compartments built-in.

A woman throws away a plastic water bottle in the recycling compartment of an office waste system.



These are most commonly found in a collaborative setting. They are open storage shelving on wheels that are used to easily move items around.

A collection of different cart storage products to be use in your workplace.


How to choose storage that works for you

To determine your filing needs, ask yourself the following questions?

  • Do you only have loose files or binders as well? If you have binder needs, then doored storage will be the most cost-effective option rather than file units.
  • Do you need legal or letter size storage? Be cautious when you choose your storage!  Some people will just count file drawers, but not all file drawers are designed to hold files.
  • Are you looking to consolidate filing into a “general file” room/area if possible? Limit your employees’ personal storage within their cubicles. Cubicles are 6x6 and therefore take up less real estate in the workplace. This will help you to maximize the space in your office and leave more space for a designated company storage area.
  • Are you trying to achieve a clutterless office? Provide workers with a place to store their jackets and personal items. This helps reduce the clutter and makes the workplace appear neat and professional. 
  • Does each employee have a dedicated workstation or are you using shared “hoteling” type workstations? If you are using “hoteling” type workstations, you’ll need mobile and transient type storage such as high-density storage.
  • Are you utilizing sit-stand workstations? Avoid overhead storage. It can restrict the ability of the workspaces to utilize sit-stand solutions. 

Whatever size your workplace is, we can help! The Egyptian’s interior design experts can assist you in selecting the storage that best fits your needs and interior aesthetic. We even have furniture-financing options to make the storage procurement process even easier.


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