Education Furniture

Classroom furniture that supports all the ways students learn.

It's easy to waste money on outdated education furniture. You can design inspiring educational spaces, so your students are engaged, active learners in the classroom and beyond.

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Education Furniture

Students and educators need to feel a sense of belonging.

Your students and instructors want control over how they learn and teach. The problem is, many classrooms are outdated, making you feel overwhelmed because of low student achievement, wellbeing, retention and graduation rates.

That's why you need a partner who helps you find classroom furniture that meets the modern needs of students and educators, so you can increase engagement, promote deeper participation and make learning fun.

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Classroom furniture for student productivity, flexibility and creativity.

From classrooms to all across campus, you can use education furniture to create flexible, friendly spaces where students actively engage in the learning process.


What does classroom furniture cost?

The cost of education furniture isn't easy to calculate. Ultimately, the final price depends on the size of your space and how much furniture you need, as well as the features and finishes you choose.

On average, you should expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $30,000 per classroom. The more furniture you need, the more money you should expect to spend.

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Whatever you need for a better learning experience, we make it easy.

With access to dozens of trusted brand partners, Egyptian Workspace Partners is your one source for classroom furniture that inspires students to learn better.

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