Architecture & Space Division

Create an inspiring workspace with architecture & space division solutions. 

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Architecture & space division for your business

Especially in open layout offices, there is a need for privacy. When an employee has an important business call or a team needs to conduct a meeting without distraction, how do they manage? Fortunately, there are many solutions to bring in space division to your workplace without costly renovation or construction.


Types of architecture & space division

Glass & solid panel privacy wall

Glass walls are an effective way to create a private space, as well as keeping your open aesthetic by letting in natural light. Walls made of glass, or any other chosen material for that matter, are easily installed and removed as needed. Depending on your preference, they can have either swing or barn-style doors. 


Glass walls in an open office setting to create private meeting spaces.


Biophilia walls (AKA: plant walls)

Also known as plant or living walls, biophilia is a show-stopping way to divide space in your office and bring nature into your workplace. Plus, studies have shown that people are happier and therefore more productive when they see greenery.


Two biophilia walls. One has both sides covered in greenery while the other has a chalkboard on the opposing side.


Storage units as space division

Barriers with functions: use lateral filing cabinets in a back/back sequence to provide a barrier between two work areas. These can also be used as single-sided barriers with multiple units.  


An open office with two personal desk spaces divided by lateral filing cabinets placed back to back.


Power solutions

Break down the divisions and clutter with an under carpet product that brings electricity to the center of a room without core or trench drilling. This is the most economical way to power your business and your staff’s technology without the need for exposed wires and bulky docking stations.


A power station showing how the wires go under the flooring next to a green chair.


Pods/"phone booths"

These are ideal for open layout workplaces that need a place for privacy. Pods, resembling phone booths, are stand-alone, self-contained units for an individual or a small group to work without distractions.


A pod with both individual and group space stands in an open office for private discussions.



The simple, lightweight, and quick way to divide a work area, panels are designed to create privacy. Use one for individual use or combine several together to make a private group space. Available in different sizes and textures you can choose the option that best fits your décor and workspace measurements. Fabric is usually the choice for the outer covering with several color options available. 


A woman works at a desk with panels to create a private workspace.


How to choose architecture & space division for your workplace

Different offices will need different solutions. The amount of floor space you have to work with, the number of employees, your business culture, and over décor will play a role in the deciding factor. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions as well:

Modular walls & screens 

  1. Do you want the space division to be permanent or moveable? 
  1. Do you want the division to be all glass? If so, do you prefer it to be frosted or clear?  

Keep in mind that privacy film is an option for clear glass and is designed to blur digital screens.  

  • Do you want certain walls or divisions to be made other materials like solid panels, fabric, laminate, metal, or wood options?
  • Is sizing is critical?  
  • Do you need complete privacy?
  • What kind of doors do you prefer: swing or barn style? 
  • Would you like the walls to be on casters for easy roll away?  
  • Will there be a renovation of the space or do you want to work with what is currently there? 
  • What ceiling features will you have: architectural/acoustical tiles or open to the beams?  
  • Are you willing to take on the service contract cost for biophilia? 

Power needs

  • Are you okay with having power sources in the middle of the room to allow space for technology?
  • Keep in mind that this method limits the need to core drill or trench existing concrete. 
  • With no data available, you will have to rely on Wifi capabilities.


  • How many will you need and what size: single-use or 3-4 people? 
  • Do you have a location in your office where a pod(s) will fit?
  • Do you need it to have the ability to be a stand-alone unit with plug-in power and data?  
  • Do you require ventilation or a sprinkler hook up? 
  • Is it UL listed or certified?  

Architectural features and space divisions are impressive and functional aspects for your St. Louis workplace. Our team of interior designers can help you select the options that will best fit your space.


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