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With our assortment of ancillary office furniture, you can create a workspace where employees feel right at home. 

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Ancillary products for St. Louis workplaces

More and more what attracts top talent, makes workers happier and more productive, and impresses guests isn’t your business plan. It’s your interior design. A professional workplace with modern, home-like design elements creates an environment people feel comfortable in and inspired by. These elements are your ancillary products and choosing the right ones to make your space cohesive and unique, and enhance your company culture.


With the right office interior team, ancillary items can evolve your workplace from “the office” to a chic hub of productivity and innovation.


Living walls: Bring nature into the office

Fun Fact: Plants make employees happy, and happy employees have higher rates of productivity.

According to the Journal of Applied Geography, “a 2019 study showed that urban dwellers can experience significantly increased life satisfaction, self-worth, and happiness by living within 300 meters of green space.” Living walls are an excellent way to bring green into your office. They increase oxygen levels and are impressive to employees and guests alike.


A man working at a computer in front of a living wall made of plants.


Modular meeting rooms: Private collaboration in an office space

The open office layout took the working world by storm, but there was a catch-22. While it increases communication between teams, it effectively eliminated privacy and internal rooms.

The Orangebox acoustic pod aims to fix both of those problems without having to get a construction team involved. Innovative, dynamic ceilings open when unoccupied and close when occupied to provide privacy.  This engineering allows these meeting rooms to meet most fire codes. Best of all: compared to building rooms in an existing space, modular meeting rooms can be cost-effective solutions.

An enclosed workspace for private group meetings and collaboration.


Privacy pods: The superman solution to focus in the office

Open offices do wonders for team communication and collaboration. The downside is that with no barriers, noise becomes an issue and privacy is non-existent. When an employee needs to conduct an important call or needs quiet to focus on a big project, where can they go?

The answer? Privacy pods. 

When an employee needs privacy and focus fast, they can jump into a pod and increase productivity. These are similar to modular meeting rooms in that they don’t require a construction team to install them into a private space.

A telephone booth-like snap cab pod for single employee use.


Lounge seating: AKA "resimerial" 

The average employee spends 40 hours each week in the office. Depending on their commute, they may spend more time in the workplace than they do in their own home. It’s because of this that more workers are looking for home-like comforts in their work environments.

Lounge style seating, like sofas, as well as modern lamps and rugs give them the aesthetic they’re searching for. This “living room” atmosphere is a place employees want to work in, and when they want to work, they are more productive.


A modern collaborative space with sofas and cushioned chairs.


Lamps & light fixtures: The often-overlooked overhead feature

The lighting in your workspace is the finishing touch. It adds a sense of warmth and the right fixture can do wonders for your interior décor. One lamp or overhead light can modernize a space, amplify an industrial aesthetic, or complete a cozy niche.


A modern collaborative space with a large, domed light fixture over a coffee table.


Arts & rugs: The intelligent finishing touches 

Art is the intelligent way to decorate— It shows employees and guests alike that you run a business with taste and discerning eye. The best part is that you don’t have to pay top dollar or gallery prices! You can have Renaissance masterpieces or unknown abstract paintings for dollars only. With multiple sizes available, you can fill an entire wall, or brighten a small area of the office.


If art is the brightening and finishing touch on the wall, rugs are the eye-catcher on the floor. Laying a rug down over hard flooring will do several things:

  1. Add a chic touch to your décor
  2. Enhance the comfortableness and home-feel of the office
  3. Protect your floors from wear and scratches


A modern office space with a grey rug and paneled art of a city skyline.


Putting it all together: The breakdown of interior design

Let’s take this modern conference room, for example, to see how these elements come together to create a workspace employees want to be in:

Conference room with round table

  1. A round table gives a comfortable, “dinner table” feel to put employees at ease.
  2. Colorful, trendy chairs give a chic, yet informal connotation to the room. It also brings attention to the conference table in the center of the space.
  3. A brightly patterned carpet adds a splash of fun color to an otherwise monochromatic and minimal décor.
  4. Although not a living wall, potted plants bring a sense of life and homey-touch to the conference room.
  5. Chic, modern lighting illuminates the space while complementing the height of the minimalist shelving.
  6. Minimalist shelving allows for office materials and art to be elegantly displayed without distracting employees from the business at hand.
  7. A monitor for presentations sits on a buffet-style desk, adding to the home and comfort aesthetic.

The result: A workspace that seamlessly blends comfort with professionalism, creating a décor where employees are comfortable and maximize their productivity.


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