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From pencils to file folders, Egyptian is your go-to for quality office supplies.

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Increase employee productivity with office supplies

Office supplies are necessary commodities for your organization.  With over 100,000 items in stock, Egyptian is your single source for all of the office supplies you need. We carry:


How does delivery work? 

All of your orders are delivered the next business day.  You have the option of choosing between desktop, front door, dock, or any other custom delivery requirements you might have.  Each order is sourced from the closest warehouse to your delivery point.



Does anyone help manage your account? 

Yes, your account will be assigned a dedicated account manager that works directly with you to ensure your money is being spent wisely.  Your account manager will evaluate your spending, point out areas for improvement, and work hand-in-hand to ensure all your users know the best approach to ordering office supplies.


How much does office supplies cost? 

No two customers use the same items in the same amount of volume and therefore all of our pricing is completely custom for your organization.  There are four components to how your pricing is determined: volume, market price, category mix, and service.


We work with you to determine your most used items and you receive a custom below-market price for those items. The items that you purchase most often are the items that we discount the most. The more volume you purchase from us, the less we are able to charge for those items. We go back to the supply chain and negotiate our cost lower on these high volume items to pass the savings on to you.

Market-based pricing

Now that you have secured great pricing on your most used items, the next set of items to look at is the ones you purchase much less frequently and that's where we use market-based pricing.  Our system communicates with the industry-leading price database that keeps track of what all the big box stores are charging for items and adjusts your price to be in the mix.  Using this approach you can ensure you are getting competitive pricing for all the items you purchase.  Below you can see a snapshot of the type of information our system keeps track of.


market pricing

Product mix

The more categories you source through us, the more aggressive we are able to get on your overall pricing.  If you are just looking to purchase a small group of items from us, then it can be difficult to get the pricing as low as you like.  For instance, if you only want to purchase copy paper, our price has to be profitable on that item because its the only item you are buying.  But if you are going to buy copy paper and also an entire mix of additional products, we are able to sell some volume-based items near cost and we take the market price on the other items.

Service level

The level of service your organization needs determines the cost to serve your organization.  Because we have so many different levels of service and delivery types each of these comes with a cost that we factor in when determining your pricing.  Dock deliveries are much less costly than a custom desktop delivery scenario.  However, don't be fooled on service, because actually having us do the desktop delivery can be cheaper in many cases than having your own employees do it.  But if you are going to compare our pricing to a provider that is not providing the same level of service, then it's an unfair comparison.  You can adjust your level of service and thus your price at any time but just make sure you are putting an honest price tag on the service whether we do it or you do it.

Pricing take-aways

On average, we are saving prospects anywhere between 10% to 60% depending on the above factors.  Our team is experts at outlining a complete procurement strategy to reduce your cost.  No company is going to be the cheapest on every single item and cherry-picking vendors does not save your organization in the long term.  We continue to see many organizations that order an entire mix of items (we thought you were going paperless hah) and you should never be making decisions around 1-5 item prices.  You really need to think big picture because we know when you get a very low ball price on an item, that reseller is making up that margin on other items.  We call this the Water Bed Effect; lower a price on this item (think copy paper lost leader) and then raise the pricing up on every other item.  So many prospects we engage with have fallen for this trap.


How are we able to offer pricing similar to the big box stores?

A question we hear often, in an effort to be completely transparent, we want to outline how the supply chain works so you can have confidence in how we are able to offer this great service and pricing.

We piggy back off the investments from our wholesale partners, Essendant and SP Richard, and our buying group partner, Independent Suppliers Group.  


essendant logo 2


sp richards logo 2





The entire system was designed to enable organizations like yours to have a better buying experience from a local supplier while not charging more for the same items you will find at the big box stores.  


Say goodbye to wasted time, wasted money and multiple vendors.

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