Ice Melt

Protect your walkway and driveway with our selection of ice melting supplies.

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Ice melting supplies for your workplace

In Illinois and Missouri, snow and ice quickly become safety hazards when winter arrives. It’s the reason why our state is in the top three for rock salt consumption. And yet, rock salt isn’t the best solution to combat the winter elements. Ice melt is scientifically proven to be the better option.


The differences between ice melt & rock salt

Ice melt

  • Effective even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Made from combinations of different kinds of salt: calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium acetate, and potassium chloride
  • Safer for pets & animals
  • Safe for metal structures like cars & bridges
  • Works quickly

Rock salt

  • Ineffective below 10˚F
  • Chemically the same as table salt
  • Runoff of sodium chloride contaminates water and damages crops and vegetation
  • Eats away at metal structures like cars & bridges
  • Takes time to melt ice & snow


The added benefits of ice melt

Here at Egyptian, we understand the hassle of the colder months because we’re locals, too. It’s our goal to make sure all of our customers have a safe and stress-free winter at the best price.

Adding ice melt to your custom procurement plan is the simplest solution to keep your pavement clear and your staff safe. (It also protects your company from costly litigations related to slip and fall accidents.) You can trust our fast and reliable delivery to have your ice melt in plenty of time before the storm.


Say goodbye to wasted time, wasted money and multiple vendors.

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