Floor Mats

Office floor mats are the first line of defense.

Workplace safety is a top priority for every business. We help you choose and customize floor mats to fit your workspace, so you can protect your floors, employees and guests.

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Floor Mats
Floor Mats

Maintain a safer, cleaner facility with floor mats.

You want floor mats that help reduce slips and falls, lower maintenance costs and add aesthetic appeal. The problem is, finding floor mats that fit your workspace can be extremely overwhelming, making you feel confused. 

That's why you need a partner that helps you find the perfect floor mat for your entrance or work environment, so you can promote workplace safety and keep building maintenance costs to a minimum.

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Floor Mats
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Protective floor mats for promoting office safety, engagement and productivity.

From indoor and outdoor mats to anti-fatigue mats, our floor mats are available in a wide assortment of sizes, colors and borders to fit your workplace needs.


What do floor mats cost?

There are two ways to purchase floor mats: renting or buying. While renting may sound like a good idea, buying is a better investment because the mats are higher quality and you'll save more money in the long run.

For example, let's say you buy five 3 x 5 floor mats. For one year, the cost is $775 to buy and $1,300 to rent. For five years, the total cost is $775 to buy and $6,500 to rent. This means you'll save $5,724 or more per location.

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Want to learn more about floor mats?

Crown Matting Technologies has been setting the pace in commercial and industrial matting for over 70 years. Today, they manufacture floor mats with the same strength and character of the workforce they support.

Their products are as easy to stand on as they are to stand behind. Crown has been fortunate enough to cushion a generation of workers, helping to reduce leg and back fatigue, improving the safety and productivity of your workforce.

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