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Energize your employees with healthy snacks and drinks for your breakroom.

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Types of Coffee


  • Variety of flavors
  • Premeasured
  • Simple to make
  • Expensive
  • Non-recyclable

Bulk Coffee

  • Least expensive option
  • Great for producing bulk amounts of coffee
  • Limited flavors
  • Not premeasured
  • Varies in consistency depending on brew


  • Sealed to keep it fresh
  • Consistent cup profile
  • Many flavors available
  • Uses separate coffee filter
  • Slightly more expensive than bulk coffee

Filter Packs

  • Built-in filter
  • Premeasured
  • Cheaper than K-Cups
  • Limited flavors
  • Individual flavor packs aren't sealed and can go stale faster

Breakroom products & services for your business

Your office breakroom is for more than just lunch. It’s where your employees get to know one another, strengthening their teamwork. It’s here where they reenergize for maximum productivity. But maintaining your breakroom goes beyond snacks & drinks. Choosing the right products and services for your breakroom is essential to morale and productivity.

How does our office coffee brewer program work?

Choose from the following coffee brewing equipment that matches your needs based on how many coffee drinkers you have, the type of water connection available, and how much each brewer costs to rent.  

Each different brewer has a monthly rental fee and minimum monthly breakroom purchase amount.  You will work with your account manager to determine the exact breakroom supplies you want shipped each month and a reoccurring order is setup to ship to you on the 15th of each month to replenish your breakroom.  Pick coffee from top name likes Starbucks, Green Mountain, and Dunkin Donuts.  You can also include your coffee condiments, cups, bottled water, soda, cutlery, paperware, and other break room essentials towards this monthly commitment.

How does service on the brewer work?

Your brewer rental gets you installation and one annual maintenance call for free.   The water filter installed at installation is charged at market price depending on which model brewer you decide on and this filter is changed once a year.  If  you were to require an additional service call during the year, we bill that at time and material costs to repair your brewer.  There is no contract to sign.

K-Cup Brewers

Traditional Brewers

Water coolers


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