Chemical Dilution Systems

A healthier, safer facility with chemical dilution systems.

It's easy to waste time and money cleaning with ready-to-use chemicals. You can reduce costs with chemical dispensing systems, so you can clean with a conscience and confidence.

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Chemical Dilution Systems
Chemical Dilution Systems

Improve your bottom line and employee productivity with chemical dilution systems.

You want safe, simple cleaning solutions that help you reduce time, waste and cleaning costs. The problem is, ready-to-use chemicals are extremely wasteful, making you feel confused when you start shopping for cleaning supplies.

That's why you need a partner that helps you save money with chemical dilution systems, so you can stop buying chemicals that compromise employee wellbeing and the environment.

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Chemical Dilution Systems

Why should you buy chemical dilution systems?

With chemical dispensing systems, you can lower costs, address environmental and safety concerns, provide total operator convenience and increase productivity.


Lower Costs

A faster fill rate eliminates chemical under-use, reduces labor and improves employee productivity for an estimated 25 to 65 percent in savings.


Environmentally Responsible

Chemical concentrates reduce total shipping weight for freight and up to 75 percent in packaging materials, thereby providing less landfill impact.


Safer for Users

No chemical contact packaging reduces employee exposure to concentrate chemicals and fumes with full compliance to all plumbing codes.


Total Convenience

It's easy to dispense cleaning solutions with versatile dilution rates, quick hook ups, fresh water supply on demand and easy-to-view level indicators.

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Effective, eco-friendly chemical dilution systems for employee health and safety.

With our convenient, two-button chemical dilution system, you can easily clean and disinfect 95 percent of your facility with only two chemical concentrates.


What do chemical dilution systems cost?

There is no fixed price for chemical dispensing systems, cleaners and disinfectants. However, you can save anywhere from 25 to 65 percent in overall costs when you switch from ready-to-use chemicals to chemical dispensing systems.

Here at Egyptian, you can expect to pay 99 dollars per dispenser with a purchase of two cases of cleaning products. When you buy six cases or more, the dispenser is free.

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Charlotte Products
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Want to learn more about chemical dilution systems?

Charlotte Products is driven by a shared belief in health, safety and a brighter, cleaner future. Each and every member of their team is passionate about that belief.

Their vision is bold. They want to be the global leader in creating effective, healthy and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.

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Charlotte Products
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