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CPR & AED'S for your business

18.8% of out of hospital cardiac arrests happen in public settings— like your workplace facility. Having an automatic external defibrillator in your facility can make a life-saving difference.

Unfortunately, many business owners fail to have one because they don’t know how to operate the machine or fear legal repercussions if attempted CPR fails. These reasons don’t hold water: they are remediable and a myth.


How does an AED work?


Should you lease or buy an AED system?

When considering whether to buy or lease your AED machines depends on whether you can maintain compliance for your organization:

  • Are you positive every AED you have will work in an emergency?
  • Do you know the current self-test status of every AED in your program?
  • Do you have the time to check that status regularly?
  • Do you confidently know when it’s time to replaces pads and batteries for each AED?
  • Do you have the time to track the responders assigned to your AEDs consistently?
  • Do you know whom to call to train your responders on the AED and CPR?
  • Do you have an accurate gauge on when your responders will need retraining to maintain rescue skills?
  • How quickly and accurately can you review the current status of all of your AEDs and trained responders?

If you are  having trouble answering these questions, you need a formal, online AED management program.


What items are included and how much does it cost to purchase or lease? 

If you decide purchasing is the right decision, we can provide the defibrillator and the wall cabinet.  Either we can hang it on your wall, or you can do it.  And then your team handles compliance and management of the system.    You should expect to pay around $1,700 for the AED and $250 for the cabinet.  Sometimes there are sales and the cabinet is included in the price of the AED. 






If you decide leasing is a better option,  you get the above items and you also get the online management tool called PlusTrac and training to ensure you are constantly in compliance. For a lease program with the management tools included, you should expect to pay $80/month for 48 months.







What is PlusTrack AED management?  

PlusTrack management is designed to ensure that your AED machine will be in top working condition and that your trained professionals can confidently use it.

The PlusTrack program monitors the status of your trained professionals, and this requires full compliance on their part. It ensures both your Good Samaritan protection and the capabilities of your staff to use the AED.


How does PlusTrack work? 

There are 4 different steps when beginning a lease of PlusTrack:  

Step 1 planning phase:  You meet with our dedicated AED product expert to help figure out how many and where the devices will be placed.  We will help you establish roles and responsibilities and provide training.  You will receive a detailed plan for deployment and activation with compliance and readiness timeliness.

Step 2 installation and launch:  Our installers will hang the wall cabinet, provide training, and configure your plus trac software.  We will help you setup email alerts and notifications for 90, 60, and 30 days prior to pad and battery expiration.  You will get email reminders, reports, and dashboard prompts required for compliance.

Step 3 compliance:  You will receive medical oversight to provide, review, and approve rescue protocols.  PlusTrac will help with the completion and submission of all agency notifications.  You will have access to the online library of legal and regulatory requirement documents.  PlusTrac will develop and maintain all documentation needed to meet and exceed local requirements for Good Samaritan protection, including statement of indemnification.

Step 4 on going support: You will have access to online chat, telephone support, same-day email, or the help desk ticket system.  Your online program manager will help with data entry and batch upload of all AED program data.  You will receive device specific notifications by serial number entered into PlusTrac and sent by email.  After an event, you will receive a loaner AED and you will return the used AED for physician's review of the event data which is uploaded into your online management tool.


Is my business required to have an AED by law?

When you purchase a life-saving AED for your workplace, Missouri state law requires:

  1. Involvement of a licensed medical authority in your site’s AED program
  2. Expected defibrillator users must be trained to use an AED device and in CPR by the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or participate in an equivalent nationally recognized course.
  3. You must notify emergency professionals and ambulance dispatchers of AED location(s) on your premises.
  4. The defibrillator must be maintained and tested according to the manufacturer’s operational guidelines.
  5. Anyone who uses the AED in an emergency rescue situation must activate the emergency medical services system as soon as possible.
  6. Good Samaritan protection for the use of an AED: rescuer, purchaser, property owner, and trainer.


Illinois state law requires:

  1. AED-CPR training for everyone on-premises who may be a user of the AED
  2. The AED must be registered with the EMS system hospital in the vicinity of the defibrillator location.
  3. AED user must notify local emergency communications or dispatch center of the existence, location, and type of AED.
  4. The defibrillator must be maintained and tested according to the manufacturer’s operational guidelines.
  5. Anyone who uses the AED in an emergency rescue situation must activate the emergency medical services system as soon as possible.
  6. Good Samaritan protection for the use of an AED: rescuer, purchaser, property owner, and trainer.



How PlusTrack monitors & ensures your Good Samaritan status

The compliance of your personnel in the program is essential.

PlusTrack maintains a record of your users’ Good Samaritan statuses and keeps in constant contact with the manufacturer of your machine. The information and updates on the G.S. statuses are sent to the appropriate government and regulating bodies to ensure that all is in order.

Whether you have one or one hundred AEDs, the system makes it easy to manage and monitor all of them. The system is designed to simplify the AED management of even the most complex organizations.

 By using an automated system (such as email), all those involved in the program will receive updates. This is only the essential information: what they need to know when they need to know it, reminders, early warnings, and their Good Samaritan statutes.

This way, everyone from your company manager to a volunteer responder is informed. Your managers can customize PlusTrack to provide them only with the necessary reports they want to receive. Based on these customizations, managers have full control over their compliance and readiness in the event of an emergency.


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