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16 Critical Issues Your Workspace Can Solve for You

5 Costly Mistakes you're making when ordering business products

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Restroom dispensers that make the right impression.

It's easy to waste time and money on restroom dispensers. We help you reduce costs on restroom dispensers and refills, so you can make your washroom work for your business.

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16 Critical Issues Your Workspace Can Solve for You
Office furniture should help you work, learn, and feel better. Finding office furniture for your workspace can be extremely confusing. There are so many different styles, qualities, features, and price points to choose from, making you feel overwhelmed. That's why you need a partner who helps you select office furniture, so you can stop making expansive furniture selection mistakes that cost you thousands of dollars and lead to u nhappy, unengaged employees. Project Overivew 1. Planning 2. Design 3. Order Processing 4. Install 5. Service Post Install

Be confident you're taking exceptional care of your customers and colleagues.

You want restroom dispensers that deliver style, improve hygiene and reduce waste. The problem is, no two restroom dispensers are created equal, which makes you feel confused. That's why you need a partner who helps you save money on restroom dispensers without sacrificing style, functionality or good hygiene, so your employees take less sick time and are more productive at work.

How changing your dispensers will go



You identify a need for new dispensers becasue you want to save money and improve your dispensers. Your account manager will talk with you about what your doing for dispeners today and how we can help.


Visit Customer

Your account manager will meet with you to review your current restroom(s), take measurements, and determine how many dispensers are needed.


Choose Dispenser

Your account manager will work with you to determine the best dispenser option for you.



Full-service installation - delivering the product on time, safely, and efficiently. We will remove current dispensers and then put up new.


Save money and better hygiene

You will now have cost effective dispensers that will overall improve better hygiene and style.

Ways to be cost effective and healthful when choosing your dispensers

From low to high-traffic restrooms, our selection of restroom dispensers and refill products deliver style, quality and reliability at an affordable price. Your account manager will work with you to choose the best cost effective and hygenic dispenser for your organization.


  • Pump soap is not as cost effective as automatic soap dispensers because automatic soap dispensers dispurse the exact amount needed which is saving you money when you look at it as cost per use.
  • Automatic dispensers are the most hygienic way to wash your hands.
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16 Critical Issues Your Workspace Can Solve for You

Paper Towels

  • Generally speaking, folded towels are going to be cheaper at face value, but your cost per use is going to be lower with roll towels. In fact, rolled towel systems can reduce your paper usage anywhere from 25 to 30 percent.
  • Rolled towels usually dispense in lengths of 9 inches (or 18 inches for two towels), so a typical hand dry will require 23.75 inches of paper towels. Some rolled towel dispensers can be set to 12 inches or 15 inches so users will only need to take one towel, while other dispensers can be programmed to offer a second towel on delay.
  • On average, folded towels require anywhere from two to four sheets to dry hands. Each towel is around 9.5 inches in length, meaning a user can waste up to 38 inches in folded paper towels.
  • Workplace safety and employee hygiene are more important than ever, which is why rolled towels (and rolled towel dispensers) are the obvious winner in this category. Rolled towel dispensers protect the towel inside until you need to dry your hands, preventing others from touching the same towel and the spread of germs.
  • Air dryers may seem like a healthy option, but the research shows they're not hygienic at all. In almost every study, it all came down to the same conclusion: paper towels are the most hygienic way to wash your hands. 

Bath Tissue

  • Some customers will try and cut cost by ordering the cheapest toilet paper, 1 ply instead of ordering 2 ply bath tissue. This results in users using more bath tissue becuase it is so thin leaving customers to order more.Customers can save money by ordering better bath tissue so users dont use as much.
5 Common Questions Furniture Thumbnail
16 Critical Issues Your Workspace Can Solve for You

What do restroom dispensers cost?

The price of restroom dispensers can very. Ultimately, the overall cost will depend on wether you choose black, white or stainless steel dispensers, as well as how many dispensers you need. If you are needing 10 or more dispensers the cost is free, along with installation. Reach out to your account manager today.

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Opticore "Good" Dispensers

Tork Elevation "Better" Dispensers

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Want to learn more about restroom dispensers?

Tork® is our partner that offers professional hygiene products and services to customers worldwide, ranging from restaurants and healthcare facilities to offices and schools.

As the leading global brand in workplace hygiene, Tork® inspires and supports you to think ahead so you're always ready for business.

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16 Critical Issues Your Workspace Can Solve for You

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