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Updating a Government Facility for Efficiency and Accessibility

September 19th, 2017 | 2 min. read

Updating a Government Facility for Efficiency and Accessibility

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From Overcrowded to Accessible

The Challenge

A local police department is operating out of an outdated and overcrowded facility leading to an inefficient workflow. Safety is a main concern for the city and their current facility has not been updated in over 50 years. Officers are wasting valuable time because their facility does not support today's technology. Offices originally designed for one person are now utilized by as many as ten times that amount through hoteling and office sharing. The department is looking to consolidate more aspects of its operation such as a forensics lab, dispatch center, sally port, community classroom, and storm safety areas for prisoners, and employees into one state-of-the-art facility to improve time efficiency for its officers and employees and into a more accessible resource for the public it serves.


Workers are wasting valuable time because their current facility doesn't support today's technology.


Services Provided

Waiting Rooms
Prisoner Cells
Administration Offices
Mobile & Fixed Shelving
Gun Racks & Storage
Dispatch call center furniture
Private Offices


Our Approach

We knew this project had a lot of moving pieces and any delay in construction would be costly. Relocating an entire police department into a new facility with no downtime must be carefully calculated. From the design phase with the City's leaders, we learned what the overall goals of the project were and made product recommendations for each eco-system of the new facility to meet individual department goals. Through our real time 3D drawing software, we were able to adjust and re-adjust layouts to meet their very specific needs and get group feedback immediately saving time. Once we had the furniture plan in place, the execution of meeting construction dates was imperative to speed up the installation process and not slow down the rest of the project. We knew this was a long term investment for the city, so we used vendors that had quality warranties and parts to fix furniture when things get broken- even the best furniture breaks, but having a partner to help maintain your investment is imperative to earn back the ROI.


secured facility storage


We utilized an NJPA Cooperative Purchasing Contract to reduce costs & stick to the project's budget constraints.


Project Outcome

Time is Money. Significant time savings to the officers and employees processing internal procedures due to better laid out design

On-Time & On-Budget. Streamlined construction process to meet building timeline

Leveraging Our Network. This project partner received the exact products they wanted by utilizing our GPO purchasing contract, rather than accepting substitutes due to open bidding.

Images used in this case study are representative of capabilities and products used.

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