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How To Solve Noise & Distraction Problems In Offices With Open Layouts

By Brian Gaskill on Apr 10, 2020 11:36:00 AM

Have An Open Space Office Layout? Here’s How To Solve That Noise Problem!

If you are a forward thinking business you know that the interior office design trend sweeping workplaces is the open concept layout. The theory that giving cubicles the axe would increase employee communication has proven correct: a well thought out space plan increases worker engagement. But by now, you’ve also realized that it comes at a price: it’s noisy and full of distractions.

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The Smart & Connected Workplace: Enhance How Teams Work

By Caitlin Schauster on Sep 5, 2019 10:01:15 AM

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
– Michael Jordan

When talented employees collaborate with the latest technology, the result is game-changing. This merging of innovation and human effort is where your team’s journey begins.

Steelcase® technology blends into your daily routine on an individual and team level. It intuitively navigates you through everyday challenges and makes your company a modern success.

Constant Collaboration & Communication Is Key

Steelcase aids businesses of today in designing their game plans with the latest work trends in mind. The secret is to equip your offices with tools engineered for collaboration:

  • Bring people, furniture, and space information together with media:scape. Know who is using what, where, and when.
  • Pass the information to your teammate to score a goal at your next meeting with Virtual Puck.
  • Transform your presentation from work into an art form with Surface Hub 2 and WOW! upper management.


Get inspired and discover the collaboration-enhancing design possibilities.

Meetings Made Easy

Whether your office has five (5) or fifty (50) rooms, scheduling meetings and locations is easier than checking the weather.

  • Book a room by walking into it. Auto Book & Auto Release with Workspace Advisor has automated, sensory technology to reserve and release a room when you enter and leave it. Not a single “click” necessary!
  • Step aside Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map. See the real-time availability of a room or workspace with the Steelcase Live Map like real magic.
  • Find the right place and time that suits the needs of all your team members with the Steelcase Find App. Narrow down the availability and location to schedule a meeting convenient for everyone.
  • Connected spaces have never been easier to reserve than with RoomWizard. Use the app to see times and availability and bada bing! You have a meeting scheduled.

ProTip: These features of integrated technology work exceptionally well (and look fantastic) with modern, easy to install glass walls.

Analyze The Effectiveness of Your Workplace

From budgets to social media impressions, you measure your business’ entire journey toward success. Steelcase technology taps into the use and effectiveness of your collaborative spaces.


Employee Wellness Is A Priority

The average desk job will have you sitting approximately 2,080 hours per year. Sitting for such an extensive amount of time can have harmful effects on your body. Steelcase aims to help you combat this factor.

Introducing the Steelcase Rise App.

At its simplest capability, it will tell you when to get up and move throughout your workday. If you have Steelcase furniture, like a sit-stand workstation, in the office you can pair the app with these devices and reap untold benefits! This is technology helping you to be both productive and healthy. Now that’s a win-win!

Download the Steelcase Rise App for Free

Egyptian Workspace Partners is a certified dealer of Steelcase® tech and product.

Bring your employees together better, smarter, faster with these innovative workplace solutions.

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The Privacy Dilemma

By Brian Gaskill on Sep 19, 2017 7:57:10 AM

Over the last few decades, workplace design has lead to an increasingly open concept favoring open plans rather than closed off private offices. Traditional cubicle panel heights have decreased in an effort to increase worker collaboration by giving easy access to coworkers. This thought process has been spot-on as our knowledge-based economy continues to grow.

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