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Business Interiors | Case Studies | Design, Install, Project Management

By: Brett Baltz
November 7th, 2017

The Challenge Donco Electrical Construction LLC, a large electrical support service contractor in Edwardsville, IL was building a new headquarters building to allow for consolidation of all locations and make room for employment growth. The new building layout concept began with their architect, but realized further into the project their increasing needs were quickly outgrowing the space originally designed.  The decision was clear to either increase the square footage of the new building or re-think how they had their space for office furniture allocated to accommodate their growing needs without adding major construction cost to the project. To make those decisions, they needed a partner that could help them navigate the pros and cons of each option.  Decreasing the foot print of each workspace while still attracting top talent, increasing workflow efficiency, and meeting the demands of tomorrow's workers was a delicate balance.

Business Interiors | Case Studies | Design, Install, Project Management

By: Kevin Baltz
October 28th, 2017

The Challenge A Hospital's main campus is losing market share to changes in population trends moving geographically further away. The experience of healthcare is rapidly evolving and the changes in health insurance are forcing hospitals to improve the patient experience. Patients, families, and payers are all seeking improved safety, outcomes, and satisfaction with their healthcare provider. This Hospital understands that to be competitive a new campus is needed closer to the population with updated amenities.