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Business Interiors | Case Studies

By: Kevin Baltz
February 27th, 2018

The Challenge Prairie Farms Dairy, a farmer owned company producing high quality milk products, was relocating and consolidating their corporate headquarters from multiple locations into one by constructing a new building in Edwardsville, IL.  When we approached the client, it was our goal to educate them on space planning approaches and how to allocate space to the different workplace ecosystems: nomadic, resident, resource, meeting, and social.  All of these zones must be well thought out to maximize employee engagement, physical wellbeing, and emotional wellbeing.   After our brief training sessions held at the Steelcase Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI, the building was already under construction so modifications to the floor plan needed to be made to accommodate this updated approach to space planning.

Business Interiors | Case Studies | Problems & Solutions

By: Kevin Baltz
February 27th, 2018

The Challenge Midwest Railcar Corporation, a rail car leasing and management company had outgrown their current space and was obtaining permits to construct a new building in Edwardsville, IL.  Midwest Railcar wanted private offices while still maintaining an open concept for their workplace culture.  Private offices along the outside of the building encased in dry wall were going to make the space feel smaller and not share as much natural light into the interior of the building.  Much of the actual day to day work in their office is heavily dependent on computers and integrating that technology into the space was an important aspect to ensure goals were met.  Not all of their work was individual based projects and they needed some meeting space for team projects.  Client wanted to maximize their space from a work flow perspective to fit more people in a smaller footprint while still maintaining privacy, positive attitudes and attracting top talent and clients to their business.

Case Studies

By: Kevin Baltz
February 22nd, 2018

The Challenge Flint Law Firm, LLC, a law firm growing from 3 to over 70 employees in the last 10 years located in Glen Carbon, IL, had grown into two separate physical locations miles apart to accommodate their rapid growth.  Their growing pains had led them into an inefficient work process managing clients and attorneys across two locations with duplicate resources in each location.  An efficient "minimalist approach" to their workflow would increase effectiveness and reduce waste.  Combining both offices into one in Edwardsville, IL was the goal and how to fit more people into less square feet while still providing workers with privacy, a comfortable workspace, and a clean modern look to attract clients and top worker talent was our bullet list of needs for the project.   In addition, the furniture needed to be able to meet contractor time tables and work with the construction crew to deliver and install the furniture on time and budget to not delay the rest of the project.

Business Interiors | Case Studies | Design, Install, Project Management

By: Brett Baltz
November 7th, 2017

The Challenge Donco Electrical Construction LLC, a large electrical support service contractor in Edwardsville, IL was building a new headquarters building to allow for consolidation of all locations and make room for employment growth. The new building layout concept began with their architect, but realized further into the project their increasing needs were quickly outgrowing the space originally designed.  The decision was clear to either increase the square footage of the new building or re-think how they had their space for office furniture allocated to accommodate their growing needs without adding major construction cost to the project. To make those decisions, they needed a partner that could help them navigate the pros and cons of each option.  Decreasing the foot print of each workspace while still attracting top talent, increasing workflow efficiency, and meeting the demands of tomorrow's workers was a delicate balance.

Business Products | Case Studies | Problems & Solutions

By: Alison Baltz
October 29th, 2017

The Challenge A banking customer with 15 locations was looking for a way to consolidate vendors and streamline their process across all offices. They wanted to use the buying power of all the banks to negotiate pricing rather than letting each office buy on their own. With multiple contacts at multiple vendors, the accounting department was cutting multiple checks for one category of business supplies. The spot buying of on-sale copy paper is causing prices to be inconsistent from month to month and the copy machines struggle with the inconsistency of quality leading to more technician calls leading to downtime of their machines.

Business Interiors | Case Studies | Design, Install, Project Management

By: Kevin Baltz
October 28th, 2017

The Challenge A Hospital's main campus is losing market share to changes in population trends moving geographically further away. The experience of healthcare is rapidly evolving and the changes in health insurance are forcing hospitals to improve the patient experience. Patients, families, and payers are all seeking improved safety, outcomes, and satisfaction with their healthcare provider. This Hospital understands that to be competitive a new campus is needed closer to the population with updated amenities.