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2022 Steelcase V.I.A. Modular Wall Review (Key Features, Pros & Cons)

November 5th, 2020 | 12 min. read

2022 Steelcase V.I.A. Modular Wall Review (Key Features, Pros & Cons)

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In an open office layout, people need spaces to concentrate and collaborate without compromising their safety, especially in a post-COVID world. Fortunately, modular walls provide workers with the open and enclosed spaces they need to get their work done.   

Steelcase V.I.A., or Vertical Intelligence Architecture, not only defines space, but redefines the role real estate plays in today’s workplace. It creates intelligent rooms, designed to provide acoustical privacy, technology integration and design flexibility.  

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we believe workers need a broad ecosystem of zones that support the four essential modes of work: collaboration, focus, learning and socialization, which directly impact worker satisfaction and engagement 

In this unbiased review of Steelcase V.I.A., we’ll break down everything you need to know. From its key features to its warranty, we’ll use our own product knowledge to help you decide if it’s the right solution for your employees.  

Key Features of Steelcase V.I.A.

Steelcase V.I.A. Modular Wall

Unmatched Acoustic Performance 

V.I.A. sets a new industry standard for acoustic privacy. It has the highest published STC rating for solid skins at 52, and the highest STC rating of 44 for glass walls, using ½” plus 3/8” tempered, double-glazed glass.  

It also uses integrated PVC-free sound seals at all touch points, and double acoustic seals at every building interface for superior privacy, as well as optional features like the modular power block with an acoustical enclosure to maintain high levels of acoustic performance.  

Clean Aesthetic 

From flush mountings to beautiful materials, V.I.A. combines sophisticated design with exceptional functionality. The glass and wood swing doors create a clean, timeless look, and optional butt-glazing creates a streamlined aesthetic that’s affordable.  

Seamless Technology Integration 

V.I.A. seamlessly integrates video conferencing and other workplace technologies with a forward-thinking design to allow for effective employee communication, collaboration and productivity.  

By providing surface flexibility, V.I.A. adapts to advancing technologies as they evolve. It integrates LED lighting without surface mountings and embeds monitors into recessed shrouds, instead of hiding them behind glass, eliminating the need for active ventilation.   

Pros of Steelcase V.I.A. 

Future Flexibility 

V.I.A. is designed with your future workplace needs in mindIts intelligent design allows for both small and large reconfigurations without tearing down a wall, so you can realize your current design vision and plan for the future 

As previously mentioned, V.I.A. provides surface flexibility to accommodate advancing technologies. This surface flexibility also lets you to change the experience of a space by changing out skins and materials. 


V.I.A.’s rigid framework and attention to detail set it apart from other wall systems. The mechanical brackets are designed to properly position and align skins, and the latch brackets are used along the top to safely lock skins in place.  

In addition, the safety wire provides visual feedback to ensure brackets are fully engaged and skins are secure. When skins are locked to the frame, the wire is invisible.  


Every worker needs access to spaces where they can focusconcentrate and seek privacy. V.I.A. provides both visual and audio privacy to help users get their work done without distraction.   

For visual privacy, you can enhance V.I.A. glass walls by adding Casper Cloaking Technology, an architectural film that obscures digital screens to outside viewers and acts as a shield to ensure data privacy.   

With the highest STC rating on the market, V.I.A. has PVC-free sound seals at all touch points, double acoustic seals at every building interface. These features provide superior privacy, keep private conversations inside and limit unwanted disruptions on the outside.  


Made of 51 recycled content, Steelcase V.I.A. is a relocatable wall solution that can be moved and reused again and again. At the end of its life, it can be separated into individual components for recycling.  

V.I.A. is also Level 3 certified to ANSI/BIFMA e3 standardsSCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified for indoor air quality and Cradle to Cradle Bronze certified 

Cons of Steelcase V.I.A. 

Premium Price 

Steelcase V.I.A. may be on the pricey side, but it offers benefits such as a clean aesthetic, wire management and a multitude of reconfigurations. Since it has so many customization options, it’s difficult to provide an exact priceThe list price ranges from $12,000 to $15,000 for a 10x12 area.  

STC Rating 

V.I.A. may have the highest STC rating for a demountable wall on the market, but the rating depends on how it’s configured. With an untreated solid skin, V.I.A. has an STC rating of 43 and needs two or three segments with treated skin to achieve an STC rating of 53.  

For glass walls, V.I.A. single glazed tiles have an STC rating of 33. To obtain an STC rating of 44, V.I.A. glass tiles need to be double glazed.  

Steelcase V.I.A. Warranty Information 

V.I.A. is covered by the Steelcase lifetime warrantyThis warranty doesn’t apply to normal wear and tear, product alteration or modification, improper installation and reconfiguration or product misuse.  

Steelcase V.I.A. Modular Wall

Steelcase V.I.A. Customization Options 

Whether your goal is to maximize real estate or create a unique workspace, V.I.A. makes it easy to realize your vision. It’s designed parametrically and provides consistent visual detailing for a superior fit and finish 

  • Frame Components – V.I.A. frame components include ceiling track, structural horizontal, vertical post, intermediate horizontal and floor track.  
  • Glass Frames  Glass frame options include ¼” and 3/8” tempered or laminated glass, single- or double-glazed applications.  
  • Slider Doors – Full height and transom height surface-mounted slider doors come in widths of 38” to 48”, and heights of 82” to 113”. Other heights are available with additional considerations.  
  • Swing Doors – There are three types of swing doors: full height and transom height reversible butt-hinge door, polished edge glass and veneer door leaf flush mounted to corridor. All three doors come in widths of 28” to 44 ½”, and heights of 83” to 123”.  
  • LED Lighting – With a maximum height of 7” and a maximum width of 10”, embedded LED lighting fixtures give users control over ambient light levels and deliver better illumination for video conference calls.  
  • Monitor Shrouds – Embedded monitor shrouds are intended for standard LED monitors and provide proper ventilation and access for IT. The optional camera shelf supports high-definition videoconferencing.  
  • Panel Skins – V.I.A. panel skins come in painted steel, fabric wrapped steel, veneer, ceramic steel whiteboard, back-painted glass, laminate, slatwall, monitor shroud slatwall and acoustic skin seal. 
  • Power and Data – Modular and hardwire power options with a thin trim bezel are also available and offer a clean visual look as compared to standard data and power faceplates.  
  • Surface Materials – Surface materials include clear tempered glass, platinum seals, milk paint and anodized aluminum. 

Is Steelcase V.I.A. Right for You?

Steelcase V.I.A. is perfect for anyone who wants to integrate technology and achieve a clean, timeless look into their workspace. It allows for easy reconfigurations and provides unmatched acoustic privacy with an STC rating of 52 for solid walls, and 44 for glass walls. 

Of course, Steelcase V.I.A. is rather expensive and may not be an option for everyone. However, it provides a lot of value by offering wire management, a multitude of customization options and first-class build quality. 

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