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2022 Steelcase Series 1 Review (Pros, Cons & Key Features)

August 11th, 2020 | 23 min. read

2022 Steelcase Series 1 Review (Pros, Cons & Key Features)

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Are you in need of a new office chair but worry about the price? Although there are benefits to buying a more expensive task chair, there are plenty of mid-market options that provide comfort without breaking the bank. 


The Steelcase Series 1 provide users with performance, style and choice. While it is attainable for everyone, it still has everything that's valued in an office task chair without sacrificing essential ergonomic features


Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we have 140 years of industry experience, which means we know exactly what to look for and what to avoid in an office task chair.


Using third-party information and our own product knowledge, this unbiased review will address everything you need to know about the Series 1, so you can decide if it's the right chair for you. 


Specs of Steelcase Series 1 

Steelcase Series 1

Before we dive into the pros, cons and features, let’s take a look at the specifications of the standard Steelcase Series 1 task chair:


  • Overall Height - 36.5" - 41.25"
  • Overall Width - 23.5" - 27"
  • Overall Depth - 21" - 23.75"
  • Seat Width - 19.2"
  • Seat Depth - 19.2"

Key Features of Steelcase Series 1 

Integrated LiveBack Technology  

Series 1 encourages movement with Integrated LiveBack Technology, a system of backrest flexors that provide users with proper, responsive support and adapt to a broader range of sitting postures.  


Advanced Weight-Activated Mechanism 

The Series 1 has an advanced weight-activated mechanism that automatically applies backrest tension based on a user’s weight when they’re sitting in the chair.  


The mechanism works in unison with the back, seat and 4D armrests, encouraging collaborative postures for working with others, as well as reclined and upright positions to connect with technology.  


It’s also connected to the comfort dial back control, which has three tension settings to allow for quick, simple adjustments.  


Adaptive Bolstering  

As a standard feature on all Series 1 chairs, adaptive bolstering allows the seat cushion to adjust to every user’s unique body shape and provide dynamic support as postures change.  


Pros of Steelcase Series 1 


While it may not have as many ergonomic features as the Series 2 or Amia, the Series 1 still offers a wide range of adjustments to support various body shapes and sizes:  


  • Advanced Weight-Activated Mechanism – As mentioned above, this mechanism allows for quick, intuitive support based on a user’s weight when they’re sitting in the chair. This feature is intended to keep users focused on their work.  
  • Seat Depth Adjustment  The seat depth adjusts within a 2.5” range so the seat can be positioned forward or backward for all-day comfort. To lock in place, pull the handle and hold, slide the seat forward or back, and release the lever handle.  
  • Seat Height Adjustment – The seat height adjusts within a 5” range with a pneumatic adjustment mechanism. To raise the chair, lift your body weight and pull the lever up. To lower it, stay seated and pull the lever up.  
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support – The lumbar height adjusts over 2.25” to provide additional lower back support. To adjust, grasp both handles and slide up or down. For additional back support, grasp both handles and slide up or down. 
  • Comfort Dial Back Control – The back control provides three comfort settings to conform to every user’s sitting preferences: an upright back lock, a full recline with weight-activated tension, and a full recline with weight-activated tension and boost.  
  • 4D Adjustable Arms – The cantilevered armrests encourage postural change and move in height, width and depth, and pivot to support the user’s neck and shoulders. The arms adjust within a 2” range and pivot 40° in and 40° out.   

Build Quality 

The Series 1 has a slim, lightweight profile that’s easy to move. Still, it's extremely well-built and can support users weighing up to 400 pounds.   


BIFMA testing standards require at least 20 tests for task seating. Steelcase goes a step further by performing more than 80 tests at higher weight capacities to ensure the highest quality standards in the market.   



Starting in the high $300s, the Series 1 is an affordable task chair that doesn't sacrifice ergonomic features or style. In fact, it's the most cost-effective option in the Steelcase task seating portfolio. 


Cons of Steelcase Series 1 

Flimsy Armrests 

According to some reviews, the armrests are too easy to move and somewhat flimsy. They’re also on the wider side, which may be an issue for more petite users. 


Long-Term Comfort 

The Series 1 provides a lot of ergonomic support for a chair in its price range. However, it may not be the most comfortable option for hours of extended use.  


Recline Position  

While the Series 1 has a comfort dial with three recline settings, these options are fairly limited and may not provide the exact amount of recline you’re looking for.  


Steelcase Series 1 Warranty Information 

Like other Steelcase products, the Series 1 is covered by a limited global warranty. Structural elements, such as the seat and armrests, are covered for life.  


The mechanisms, arm caps, foam padding, cylinders and casters are covered for 12 years. Depending on the type of upholstery, textiles are covered anywhere from five to 12 years.  


Steelcase Series 1 Customization Options 

With 11 knit, flexor and lumbar colors, as well as a wide range of shell, fabric and finishes, the Series 1 offers an abundance of material and design options 


Apart from the standard task chair, the Series 1 is also available in a stool version to support a variety of body types and work styles:


  • Frame Finish Options – The Series 1 has two frame finishes: seagull and black.   
  • Upholstery Options – The Series 1 is available with fabric, fabric with a soil-retardant treatment, 3D microknit (back and headrest only), elmosoft leather, Select Surfaces leather, leather, and vinyl.  
  • Lumbar and Flexor Finish Options  The Series 1 has 11 lumbar and flexor plastic colors, page 678  
  • Arm Options – The Series 1 has three arm options: 4D adjustable armrests, height adjustable armrests, or not arms at all.  
  • Additional Options – The Series 1 is also available with optional features such as an adjustable headrest, coat hanger, polished aluminum base, and hard or soft casters.  

Is Steelcase Series 1 Right for You?  

As with any other office chair, it’s important to consider whether you’re buying for yourself or an entire company. You’ll also want to consider what adjustments you need, and how much you’re willing to pay. 


The Series 1 is an entry-level option that provides a lot of value. It’s comfortable, has a straightforward design, and offers plenty of adjustable features to accommodate every user.  


Unfortunately, the Series 1 may not be the best option if you’re looking for a chair that’s comfortable for extended periods of use.  


Additionally, if you’re looking for a chair with more adjustments or customization options, you may want to look at another option, such as the Think, Leap or Gesture 

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