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2022 Steelcase Privacy Wall Review (Warranty, Price & Features)

November 19th, 2020 | 9 min. read

2022 Steelcase Privacy Wall Review (Warranty, Price & Features)

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In order to be highly engaged and satisfied at work, people need access to enclosed spaces where they can collaborate, find privacy, focus and rejuvenate. To accommodate these needs, organizations need architectural solutions that make it easy to build new spaces.  

Steelcase Privacy Wall is a high-performance, moveable wall solution designed for privacy, image and technology. It provides flexibility to accommodate not only today’s needs but also the changing needs of tomorrow.  

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we believe the most engaged and satisfied workers have access to a broad ecosystem of zones, which is why we recommend modular wall solutions that can divide space and provide privacy 

In this unbiased review of Steelcase Privacy Wall, we’ll break down everything you need to know. From its pros and cons to its key features and customization options, you can use this information to decide if Privacy Wall is right for you.  

Key Features of Steelcase Privacy Wall 

Steelcase Privacy Wall Modular Wall

Acoustic and Visual Privacy 

Even in an open office, employees need quiet spaces where they can focus and collaborate. Privacy Wall solid panels can create rooms much quieter than most drywall applications to achieve STC ratings of 41 or 45 

Privacy Wall glass panels, or solid panels with clerestory windows, also let people choose their desired level of visual privacy. Its full range of Bendheim glass options offer varying light transmission levels to ensure privacy and visual appeal.   

Additionally, Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex can be added to Privacy Wall glass panels to promote transparency in the workplace. This technology is an architectural film for glass walls that obscure digital screens to outside views.  

Unitized Assembly 

Privacy Wall panels are unitized, meaning that all components are assembled, painted, upholstered, glazed and electrified in the factory. The unitized construction reduces installation time, lowers the cost of change and compresses construction schedules.  

Wide Aesthetic Range  

The solid steel construction of Privacy Wall offers a wide range of aesthetic choices, ranging from painted steel to fabric and glass. You can even custom match paints, fabrics, vinyl, glass and veneer to support your corporate image. 

Pros of Steelcase Privacy Wall 


Privacy Wall makes it easy to plan for today and the future. As a modular wall system, it integrates with other Steelcase Architectural Solutions, while the unitized panels and frames allow for fast and easy planning, installation and reconfiguration.  


Privacy Wall is the most economical option in Steelcase’s portfolio of wall systems. Compared to traditional construction, it can save up to 53 percent in costs and 29 percent in installation timeSince it’s a unitized panel, it can easily be installed in a day, depending on how much you need.  

Drywall, on the other hand, can take days, or even weeks, to construct. It’ll cost more money because of how long the installation process takes, and the carpenters, painters and electricians you’ll need to hire.

Privacy Wall also depreciates faster than drywall so that you can see tax benefits even sooner. 


Made of 44 percent recycled content, Privacy Wall is 63 percent recyclable and 100 percent reusable. Apart from being SCS Indoor Air Advantage Gold certifiedit’s the first and only Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Silver relocatable wall product and the only one to be manufactured in North America.  

Cons of Steelcase Privacy Wall

Unitized Panels

Unitized panels save time on installation, but the skins aren’t interchangeable, and the elevation of panel wall can’t be changed. If you want to make changes in the future, it may not be the best solution for you. 

Limited Design Options  

Compared to Steelcase V.I.A., Privacy Wall has limited customization options. There’s no LED lighting, integrated smartboards or projectors. Plus, monitors cannot be embedded inside the wall.  

Steelcase Privacy Wall Warranty Information 

As a Steelcase product, Privacy Wall is covered by a lifetime warranty that doesn’t apply to normal wear and tear, product alteration or modification, improper installation and reconfiguration or product misuse. 

Steelcase Privacy Wall Modular Wall

Steelcase Privacy Wall Customization Options  

Privacy Wall offers multiple wall panel, door and connector options, as well as a wide range of frame colors and surface materials, including fabrics, woods, plastics, metals and glass types:  

  • Frame Base Options – Privacy Wall has two base height options: a standard 5” frame base or an optional 4” base.  
  • Wall Panels – Privacy Wall is available with ceiling height panels, solid wall panels, clerestory wall panels or glass panels.  
  • Glass Wall Panels – Glass wall panel  
  • Sliding Doors – Privacy Wall sliding doors are available with single all glass and divided lite, or pair all glass and divided lite.  
  • Swing Doors – Swing door options include a single butt-hinge solid door, single butt-hinge stile and rail glass door, single pivot-hinge solid door, single pivot-hinge stile and rail glass door, single pivot-hinge polished edge glass door, pair-hinge solid doors, and pair pivot-hinge solid wood doors.  

Is Steelcase Privacy Wall Right for You?

Privacy Wall is perfect for anyone looking for modularity and easy installation without breaking the bank. It's also great for businesses that want natural light without compromising privacy in a post-COVID world

However, it's not designed for someone who wants to make future changes. The unitized panels don't allow for skin or height changes, and the design options can be limited.

That being said, Privacy Wall doesn't allow for a lot of future changes. If you're worried about making changes in the future or some of its design limitations, you may want to go with Steelcase V.I.A. instead.

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