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2023 Steelcase Ology Sit-Stand Desk Review (Key Features, Pros & Cons)

Steelcase Ology Sit-Stand Desk Review (Key Features, Pros & Cons)

Sitting may be an essential part of the workday, but it can also lead to long-term physical challenges, from back and neck pain to repetitive stress injuries. To ensure your employees are highly engagedthey need a balance between sitting, standing and walking every single day.

As the first of its kind, Steelcase Ology is a height-adjustable desk that supports employee wellbeing, encourages a more health-conscious work environment and provides ergonomics tailored to individual needs. 

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we believe the health of any organization depends on the wellbeing of its workers, which is why we provide height-adjustable solutions that help people move, think and feel better.

In this review, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Ology, from its key features to its customization options, so you can decide if it’s the right solution for you and your team.   

Key Features of the Steelcase Ology 

2020 Steelcase Ology Sit-Stand Review (Key Features, Pros & Cons)

Obstruction sensing Technology 

Ology comes standard with Obstruction Sensing Technology, a feature that’s designed into the legs and recognizes when the desk has collided with an object and acts as a signal to users to stop adjusting.  

Smart Technology 


Ology makes it easy to change worksurface height and posture and encourages employee movement and wellbeing with two intuitive, easy-to-use control options – Simple Touch and Active Touch.  

The Active Touch control uses a gentle up-and-down motion to remind workers when it’s time to change postures. It pairs seamlessly with the Steelcase Rise app, so users can create a profile with preset desk heights and activity goals and track their activity level over time.  

The Simple Touch control lets users effortlessly move their desk up or down without taking their eyes off their work. The desk will continue to move up or down until they release the controller or reach the minimum or maximum height. 

Integrated Features  

Ology is available with an integrated rail that supports ergonomic tools such as space division, lighting, monitor arms, screens, power and worktools, which can all be customized to meet the user’s specific needs and workstyles.  

It also comes with integrated storage solutions to adapt to smaller workspaces and provide full access to workday essentials. supports various cable management options, such as optional worksurface grommets, a vertical cable riser, cable basket and cable brackets. 

The power access door offers access to three power outlets and two USB ports with two amps of power per port, while the optional Soft Edge profile is designed to significantly reduce forearm pressure and feelings of shoulder and neck fatigue.  

Pros of the Steelcase Ology 

Designed for Employee Wellbeing 

In the post-COVID workplace, the health of your employees is more important than ever. Luckily, Ology makes employee wellbeing its top priority.

It promotes all-day posture change, which has been shown to improve energy levels, increase productivity and prevent weight gain and cardiovascular diseases. 

It also uses BactiBlock antimicrobial technology to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, so employees can safely use an ecosystem of spaces and shared workstations without worrying about the spread of germs.  

Promotes Posture Change 

Ology quickly adjusts from seated to standing height, meeting the ANSI-BIFMA height range recommendation of 22.6" to 48.7". This range accommodates the 5th percentile seated female to the 95th percentile standing male

Clean Aesthetic 

Designed with a slim worksurface, legs and feet, Ology has a sleek, minimal aesthetic that blends seamlessly into any office setting.  


Made out of 56 percent recycled content, Ology is BIFMA level 2 and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified.  

Cons of the Steelcase Ology 

No 2-Leg Corner Desk Option 

Ology may offer several different customization options, but it’s not available as a smaller, 2-leg corner desk.  

Cable Management 

Although Ology supports a wide range of cable management options, it does require a different base to be used with each worksurface width.  

High Price Point  

Ology is significantly more expensive than other height-adjustable desks on the market. The price ranges from the high 800s to the 2000s, depending on the top shape, integrated features and customization options you need.  

For example, an Ology extended height workstation with a 90-degree top, integrated storage and cable management options such as a cable basket and cable brackets will cost more than an Ology basic height desk with a rectangle top and only basic features.   

Steelcase Ology Warranty Information 

The Steelcase lifetime warranty demonstrates a commitment to quality on all products, including OlogyThe electrical components and worksurfaces are warranted for 12 years, while the entire structure is covered for life, regardless of shift usage.  

Steelcase Ology

Steelcase Ology Customization Options 

Ology is highly customizable with a variety of integrated features, including base and worksurface options that provide ergonomic support and add aesthetic appeal to your workspace:

  • Top Shape Options – Ology has four top shapes to choose from: rectangular, tapered, 120-degree and 90-degree.
  • Privacy Options – Ology can use modesty panels in either laminate or veneer, c:scape screens or privacy/modesty configurations with Universal and acrylic fabric finishes.
  • Worksurface Finishes – Ology is available with either a laminate, veneer or custom stain worksurface.
  • Leg Design Options – The basic and extended height C-legs come in arctic white, black, merle and platinum metallic.
  • Integrated Storage – Ology has two integrated storage options: 1-high for extended height or 1.5-high for basic height.

Is the Steelcase Ology Right for You? 

If you’re looking for a height-adjustable desk that encourages a more health-conscious environment, Ology a great choice. It promotes physical wellbeing with integrated features and convenient controls so users can easily change worksurface height and posture. 

That being said, Ology may not be the best option for everyone. If you only need certain ergonomic features or have a limited budget, you may want to consider another option, such as Steelcase Migration SE, AMQ ACTIV or Alera AdaptivErgo 

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