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2023 Steelcase Migration SE Sit-Stand Desk Review (Pros, Cons & Price)

Steelcase Migration SE Sit-Stand Desk Review (Pros, Cons & Price)

Height-adjustable desks are essential to any workplace that puts its employees' physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing before anything else. In fact, they're linked to several benefits, including increased productivity, better concentration and improved overall health 

Migration SE is a height-adjustable solution that delivers high performance, value and user wellbeing while being attainable for everyoneIt’s designed to support a broad range of applications and give workers the ability to choose between seated or standing postures throughout the day.  

At Egyptian Workspace Partners, we believe every employee should have access to solutions that positively impact their physical health, which is why we place emphasis on height-adjustable desks that provide the ergonomic support they need to be highly engaged at work.  

In this review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Steelcase Migration SE. From its key features to its warranty, we’ll arm you with the information you need to decide if it’s the best fit for you and your employees.  

Key Features of Steelcase Migration SE 

Steelcase Migration SE

Integrated Features 

Migration SE has integrated storage to adapt to smaller workspaces and provide full access to everyday essentials. It also comes standard with heavy-duty cable management, including a cableway and cable carrier, as well as a double tube understructure with space to store and hide cords easily. 

Obstruction Sensing Technology 

Obstruction Sensing Technology comes standard on Migration SE. This technology recognizes when the desk comes into contact with an object and backtracks the desk to relieve the collision.  

Antimicrobial Protection  

As an optional feature, BactiBlock antimicrobial technology is molded into the desk and uses naturally occurring silver to attack microbes. It suppresses the growth of algae, mold, mildew and bacteria, so employees can work in a broad ecosystem of zones without worrying about the spread of germs.  

Pros of Steelcase Migration SE 

Easy to Change Postures  

With the optional digital controller, Migration SE makes it easy for users to set their preferred seated and standing heights, or quickly adjust from sitting to standing height during the day.  

Designed for Wide Range of Users  

Migration SE accommodates a wide range of users with two height options: basic and extended. It meets the BIFMA Ergonomic guidelines, meaning it meets the ergonomic needs of the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile standing male.  

NRTL Compliant  

Electrical inspectors require height-adjustable desks to carry a listing mark from a Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL), verifying the desk complies with industry safety standards. Migration SE was tested by an accredited independent lab and is compliant with NRTL requirements 

Aesthetic Appeal  

Migration has a sleek, minimal profile that blends seamlessly into any office layout, whether the design style is traditional or contemporary. 

Cons of Steelcase Migration SE 

Limited Top Shape Options  

Unlike Steelcase Ology, which offers four different top shapes, Migration SE only comes with a rectangle top. If you can’t use rectangle tops or want a broader range of shapes to choose from, you may want to consider another option.   

Limited Features 

While Migration SE offers a lot of benefits, it lacks features such as Active Touch and Simple Touch control options or integrated power, which come standard with Ology.  

High Price Point 

Migration SE may be less expensive than Ology, but it still costs a pretty penny. Priced in the mid $600s, the final price will depend on the height range, features and customization options you choose.  

For example, a Migration SE extended height desk with a 4-preset controller, cable riser and cable brackets will cost more than a Migration SE basic height desk with only standard features.  

Steelcase Migration SE Warranty Information 

The Steelcase lifetime warranty applies to all of its height-adjustable solutions, including Migration SE. All electrical components and worksurfaces are warranted for 12-year, 24/7 use, and the entire structure is covered for life, regardless of shift usage.  

2020 Steelcase Migration SE Sit-Stand Desk Review (Price, Pros & Cons)

Steelcase Migration SE Customization Options 

Available in desk and bench versionsMigration SE has a variety of integrated features, as well as several base and worksurface options, so users can easily change posture throughout the workday.  

  • Privacy Options – Migration SE can use Universal and Sarto screens, in either privacy or privacy/modesty configurations with Universal and acrylic fabric finishes.  
  • Cable Management – Optional cable management like cableways and cable carriers can be used to manage cords under the worksurface and down to the floor. Cable ties and clips are included to manage desk cords.  
  • Controller Options – Migration SE comes with either the up/down controller or 4-preset controller with a digital display.  
  • Foot Styles – The squared-edge foot and mitered-edge foot sit flush to the floor to fit mobile storage over the feet.  
  • Worksurface Finishes – Migration SE is available with either a laminate or veneer worksurface.  
  • Leg Design Options – Both basic height and extended height T-legs come in arctic white, platinum metallic, black and merle. The 29” and 30” worksurface depths are available with either a basic height or extended height C-leg.  
  • Integrated Storage – Migration SE has two integrated storage options: 1-high for extended height and 1.5-high for basic height.  

Is the Steelcase Migration SE Right for You? 

If you’re in need of a height-adjustable desk that provides basic features without sacrificing ergonomic support, Migration SE may be perfect for you. Although it lacks some of the features that Ology has, it offers the same value, aesthetic, quality and flexibility at a more attainable price point.  

Still, Migration SE isn’t designed for everyone. If you need more high-end features such as intuitive controller options or integrated power, Ology is your best option. If you can’t justify the cost of Migration SE, you may want to consider AMQ ACTIV or Alera AdaptivErgo instead.  

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