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2024 Steelcase Leap Task Chair Review (Specs, Key Features & Pricing)

Steelcase Leap Task Chair Review (Specs, Key Features & Pricing)

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and upgrade your office task chair? Thanks to its advanced technology and extraordinary comfort, Steelcase Leap is a perfect fit with an exceptional range of adjustments.

Inspired by four key discoveries in a year-long study, Steelcase Leap delivers full support for various body shapes and sizes. It's the first chair that actually changes shape to mimic and support the movement of your spine. 

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we know it's not easy to find office chairs that work for every single employee. That's why we help you find seating that supports how your people move, so everyone can be comfortable at work. 

If you're looking for an unbiased review of Steelcase Leap, look no further. We've compiled all product data and our own expertise in one convenient spot, so you can decide if Leap is the right office chair for you.

Specs of Steelcase Leap

Steelcase Leap

Before we dive into the key features, pros and cons of Steelcase Leap, let's break down the specifications of the standard Leap and Leap Plus:


  • Overall Depth - 21.75" to 24.75"
  • Overall Width - 27"
  • Overall Height - 38.5" - 43.5"
  • Seat Height - 15.5" to 20.5"
  • Seat Depth Adjustment - 15.75" to 18.75"
  • Seat Width - 19.25"
  • Back Width - 18"

Leap Plus

  • Overall Depth - 22.75" to 24.75"
  • Overall Width - 31.75"
  • Overall Height - 38.75" to 42.5"
  • Seat Height - 15.5" to 19.5"
  • Seat Depth Adjustment - 15.75" to 18.75"
  • Seat Width - 22.75"
  • Back Width - 20"

Key Features of Steelcase Leap

LiveBack Technology

Moving throughout the day helps keep users refreshed and energized. Steelcase Leap's LiveBack Technology changes shape to fully support your upper and lower back. The mechanism lets you fine-tune the precise amount of recline force you desire, encouraging movement and posture change. 

Natural Glide Mechanism

Studies show that changes in posture help you stay comfortable and more attentive. The Natural Glide System and 4D arms were intentionally designed to help you recline without reducing strain on your eyes, arms and neck. 

Passive Seat Edge Angle

Leap's Passive Seat Edge Angle provides lower back firmness control and adjustable lumbar for proper lower back support. This feature allows the front edge of the seat to flex, so users can relieve pressure behind their thighs. 

Pros of Steelcase Leap


Your body is unique. You need a desk chair that easily adjusts to fit you, your preferences and how you work. Steelcase Leap has adjustments that were designed to be intuitive and easy for users to reach, making it easy to customize the chair's comforts to your needs. 


Leap adapts to your natural movements and how you work throughout the day, to encourage better breathing and increased blood flow, and offers an exceptional range of adjustments:

  • Seat Depth – To ensure long-term comfort, the seat depth adjusts within a 3” range to accommodate employees of different heights.
  • Seat Height – With a curve-shaped adjustment mechanism, the Leap chair adjusts within a 5” range to fit various heights. A 7” range is also available as an option.  
  • Height-Adjustable Lumbar – The height-adjustable lumbar adjusts 5” to fit the curve of your lower back and provide additional support.
  • Upper Back Force – The upper back force controls the amount of resistance you feel as you recline. In five complete turns, you can have a slow recline, a fast recline, or lock the chair in place, so it is unable to move.
  • Variable Back Stop – The variable backstop sets the angle of recline to one of five positions.
  • Adjustable Arms – The adjustable arms adjust 4 ½” overall to provide forearm support and align your arms, shoulders, and neck as you work. The arm caps can pivot 30° in and out to accommodate individual user preferences. 

Build Quality

Durability is a staple of all Steelcase products. With a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds, the Leap is designed for a long life. In fact, it's not unusual for us to see a 20-year-old Leap chair in a client workspace. 

According to BIFMA testing standards, roughly 20 tests are required for task seating. However, Steelcase conducts more than 80 additional tests at higher weight capacities to ensure the highest quality standards. 

Cons of Steelcase Leap


Steelcase Leap starts in the low $800's, which is a steep price for any office chair. You can buy a cheaper chair that looks the same, but it'll lack the ergonomic features that set Leap apart from competitors.

While Leap isn't an option for everyone, it does have a lifespan of 20 years. Instead of buying a $200 chair you have to replace every few years, you can invest in a more expensive office chair that lasts a decade or even longer. 

No Back-Height Adjustment

Despite its adjustability, Leap does not offer a back-height adjustment. For this reason, it may not be the best option for employees above the 95th percentile. 

Seat Padding

Steelcase Leap may be comfortable, but the seat cushion has less padding than other task chairs. Some users have reported the padding is firm, solid and uncomfortable after several hours of use. 


Weighing nearly 50 pounds, Leap is made out of steel and heavier than most office task chairs on the market. Even though Leap is difficult to move from room to room, it can withstand almost any use, including everyday wear and tear. 

Steelcase Leap

Steelcase Leap Warranty Information

Leap is covered by the Steelcase limited global warranty. Structural elements, like seat and armrests, are covered for life. Mechanisms, arm caps, foam padding, cylinders and casters are warranted for 12 years. Depending on the upholstery, textiles are covered anywhere from five to 12 years. 

Steelcase Leap Customization Options

Leap comes in a variety of options, including a stool version, Leap Plus and the WorkLounge. The Leap Plus offers the same benefits and features as the standard Leap, but it can support users weighing up to 500 pounds. Both versions of Steelcase Leap offer a wide range of materials and finishes to choose from:

  • Upholstery Options – The Leap is available with standard or sewn upholstery in Steelcase and Designtex fabrics, leather, vinyl or a custom 3D knit material of your choice. 
  • Arm Options - The Leap comes with fully adjustable arms, height-adjustable arms, or no arms at all.
  • Frame Finish Options – The Leap has four frame finish options: black, platinum, midnight (solar black) or polished aluminum.

Is Steelcase Leap Right for You?

At the end of the day, the office chair you choose will depend on your individual needs if you're buying for yourself. If you're buying for an entire company or department, it'll depend on the needs of your employees.

With more features than the Series 1, Series 2, Amia or Think, Steelcase Leap offers a wide range of ergonomic adjustments that are easy to find, use and understand. Leap also supports a variety of body shapes and sizes. 

However, if you or an employee fall in or above the 5th or 95th percentile, you may want to consider an office chair with more adjustability, like Steelcase Gesture

If you're not sure about the high price tag, you should consider Leap's adjustments and customization options. Equipped with a lifetime warranty, Steelcase Leap could be the last office chair you ever buy. 

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