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2022 Steelcase Answer Panel System Review (Features & Customization)

October 16th, 2020 | 5 min. read

2022 Steelcase Answer Panel System Review (Features & Customization)

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In the post-COVID world, space matters more than ever before. Now, the workplace is being asked to support new technologies and new ways of working without compromising real estate – which is easier said than done.

Steelcase Answer Panel is a solution for every single space. It creates space within an open floor plan to help organizations balance collaboration and privacy, support mobility and provide flexibility as needs shift.

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we believe it’s important to get as much out of your space as possible, which is why we recommend panel systems that offer a broad range of applications.

In this review of Steelcase Answer Panel, we’ll examine its key features, pros and cons, and take a look at all its customization options, so you can decide if it’s the right answer for your workspace.

Key Features of Steelcase Answer Panel

Steelcase Answer panel system

Material Difference

Answer has a timeless, clean look, and offers an extensive selection of aesthetic options and material choices. From glass to markerboard, it can easily be configured to fit your aesthetic and reinforce your brand.

Integrated Power and Technology

Now more than ever, the workplace is dependent on technology. Fortunately, Answer Panel blends space definition with technology for seamless collaboration in both individual and shared workspaces.

Answer simplifies routing and access to data and power, which can be accessed in the base or through a skin. The optional power and data tray allow for connections at a worksurface level, so technology is always available without the clutter of cables and wires.

As technology advances, Answer Panel can be updated and reconfigured to reuse existing product, eliminating the need for messy, noisy disruptions or lengthy construction schedules that interfere with day-to-day operations.

Balances Privacy and Collaboration

Even in an open office layout, people need a broad ecosystem of zones that provide different privacy options for different work needs. When workers have designated spaces to focus, concentrate and collaborate, their overall engagement increases.

Answer Panel delivers a wide range of solutions designed to balance privacy and collaboration. It can be used to define space that lets people work together without disturbing individual workers nearby, or as a private workspace so employees can focus on their work.

Pros of Steelcase Answer Panel


As the needs of your workplace evolve, you need a flexible solution that offers a broad offering of applications, aesthetics and technology to provide everything your team needs to optimally perform.

Created from a dynamic frame, Answer Panel is reconfigurable and makes it easy to change privacy heights by using stackers or changing out vertical junctions and reusing the rest of the panel.

Answer Panel is also designed to work with Universal products and many other Steelcase systems, including c:scape, EEG, Post and Beam, Duo, TS Series and more.


Answer Panel is built to last. The panel skins have a reinforced perimeter metal frame and spring steel attachment, to ensure they stay continue to work and look brand new, even after multiple configurations. They’re also non-progressive and can be used in more than one location.


Answer Panel was the first entirely powered workstation to receive a Cradle to Cradle certification. It’s also BIFMA Level 2 e3 standard certified and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified for protecting indoor air quality.

In addition, Answer Panel is made of up to 44 percent recycled content and up to 71 percent of its contents are recyclable at the end of its life. It’s also available with optional PVC-edge free banding and PVC-free power.


Answer Panel may not be the cheapest panel system on the market, but it’s not the most expensive option either. That being said, it represents unmatched value because of how flexible it is and the broad range of applications it offers.

It’s difficult to provide an exact price estimate for Answer because of its different configurations and customization options. On average, you should budget anywhere from 1K to 10K per person, including tops, storage, accessories and workstations.

Cons of Steelcase Answer Panel

Multiple Parts

Panel systems are intended for a wide range of applications, which is why they come with so many different parts. From connection hardware to surface materials, the typical workstation cluster has anywhere from 12 to 16 individual components.

An Answer panel with two skins only has eight parts, as compared to other panel systems that require twice the amount of parts to install. Still, depending on what your workplace needs are, Answer requires several different parts and takes time to assemble.

Steelcase Answer Panel Warranty Information

As a Steelcase product, Answer Panel is covered by a lifetime warranty that doesn’t apply to normal wear and tear, product alteration or modification, improper installation and reconfiguration or product misuse.

Steelcase Answer panel system

Steelcase Answer Panel Customization Options

Answer Panel is a part of the Steelcase Answer portfolio, which also includes Answer Beam and Answer Fence. These products are specifically engineered to support technology and adapt to meet the evolving needs of your organization, people and culture.

Designed to work with Steelcase Ology and Migration SE, Answer Panel offers a wide range of integrated features to create individual workstations, collaborative workspaces and other work settings:

  • Junctions and Connections – Answer panel has 90-degree and 120-degree planning configurations with L, T, X, Y and V connectors, as well as horizontal frame packages, end-of-run junctions, wall start and off-module junctions, stacking junctions and panel foot junctions.
  • Overhead Storage – Overhead storage options include an overhead storage bin, shared overhead storage, basic shelves, personal shelves and slim shelves.
  • Panel Skins – Panel skins include fabric, steel, markerboard, back-painted glass, laminate, wood, glass windows, slatwall, technology and frameless glass.
  • Panel Heights – Panel heights range from 30”H to 78”H and up to 90”H with stackers. Stacking components can be added to any panel.
  • Panel Widths – Panel widths vary from 18” W to 72” W.
  • System Worksurfaces – Answer panel system worksurfaces include straight, transition, tapered, taper-flat, corner, extended corner, 120-degree spanner, bullet peninsula, jetty, bubble jetty, visitor and transaction.
  • Screens – Boundary screens, universal privacy/modesty screens, universal privacy screens, universal boundary screens and division side screens are options of Answer panel.
  • Trim Styles – Answer Panel is available with thin, square, oval trim styles. All three options come in painted steel and wood (veneer wrapped over steel construction).

Is Steelcase Answer Panel Right for You?

In the modern workplace, flexibility is essential. People need a broad ecosystem of spaces to work from, as well as technology and solutions that adapt to their ever-evolving needs.

As the most popular panel system in the industry, Steelcase Answer is built to last, aesthetically appealing and offers a broad spectrum of configurations, height options, surface materials and technologies to perfectly accommodate all customer needs.

Answer Panel also integrates with other Steelcase systems and Universal products, including leg supports, storage and electrical, so organizations can easily achieve a workplace that works better for everyone. 

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