Glass Wall Installations

Glass Wall Installations

If you are a member of SIBA, you are probably already up to date on the latest trends in commercial space design, but at Egyptian it’s our job to make sure we are talking about the latest trends – all the time. Here is one of them…

Glass walls.

Businesses are looking for a sleek ,modern aesthetic that brightens up the workspace while maintaining functionality and productivity. Glass walls provide effortless illumination to a workspace while maintaining the privacy needed to conduct work efficiently.

Our partnership with Steelcase has allowed us to bring this trend into offices of all sizes in all types of commercial buildings with the help of SIBA. And we are proud to offer this to SIBA members.

Steelcase Glass V.I.A. Walls

In the words of Steelcase, “V.I.A. is Vertical Intelligent Architecture that not only defines space, but redefines the role vertical real estate plays in today's workplace.” These are the architectural components of the future, designed to augment human interaction. Although a person can see through the walls, they are designed for silence and privacy. Furthermore, what makes these walls remarkable is their ability to host technology, as well as give a feel of permanence while having all the benefits of a movable wall.

Clinician Workspace V.I.A Walls

Clinician Workspace V.I.A. Walls

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V.I.A Privacy Wall with Integrated Technology

V.I.A Privacy Wall With Integrated Technology

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Steelcase Privacy Wall And Glass Selection

With the options of glass or solid panels, you can decide the amount of visual and acoustical privacy you want for your entire office or individual rooms. It can seem like a conundrum: how can I have glass walls and visual privacy, especially if I want to give a presentation on a monitor? Using CasperTM Cloaking Technology, a film put onto the glass, digital screens are obscured to outside prying eyes. These walls are ideal for the modern office that wants to allow natural light, while maintaining the integrity of the work conducted within.

Steelcase Private Glass University Walls

Steelcase Private Glass University Walls

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Steelcase Privacy Wall

Steelcase Privacy Wall

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For more information and information about our design services, check out our Egyptian Interiors site or contact us to speak with a local representative directly.

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