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Why Should You Use Sit-Stand Desks in Your Office? (Top 3 Benefits)

September 25th, 2020 | 5 min. read

Why Should You Use Sit-Stand Desks in Your Office? (Top 3 Benefits)

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Are you someone that struggles with lower or upper back pain? Do you have employees that suffer from neck discomfort after a long day of sitting? Regardless of what you suffer from, sitting for long periods with little movement is likely a part of the problem.

As people change postures throughout the day, they should be able to move freely and take much-needed breaks from sitting. They need solutions that support their body and promote overall wellbeing. In short, they need height-adjustable desks.

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we sell height-adjustable desks because they provide employees with the flexibility and ergonomic support they need to be highly engaged, satisfied and productive at work.

If you’re searching for more information about height-adjustable desks, look no further. From the benefits to the best solutions out there, we’ll help you decide if height-adjustable desks are the right fit for you and your employees.

Note: In this article, we’ll use the terms height-adjustable desks, height-adjustable solutions and sit-stand desks synonymously.

Why Should You Consider Sit-Stand Desks?

Sitting is an essential part of the workday – but sitting in a static position for long periods, day after day, can negatively impact your wellbeing and productivity. To stay healthy, people need a balance between sitting, standing and walking every single day.

Standing at work offers a break from sitting and ensures employees stay engaged and productive throughout the day. If you or your employees struggle to make time for standing, a height-adjustable desk is a perfect solution.

In the Stand Up to Work study from Steelcase, it was found that height-adjustable desks can reduce sedentary behavior by 17 percent. The one-year study also concluded that height-adjustable desks are linked to increased productivity, better concentration and improved overall health.

Height-adjustable desks allow workers to easily switch from sitting to standing throughout the day, positively impacting employee engagement and satisfaction. As a rule of thumb, you should stand at a height-adjustable worksurface for 1.5 to two hours a day.

Should You Consider a Sit-Stand Desktop Converter?

If you’re considering height-adjustable desks for your employees, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of replacing the existing desks in your office. Some companies use sit-stand converters as an alternative, even though they provide ergonomic challenges and limited workspace.

A sit-stand converter is an accessory that can be placed on any fixed worksurface to alternate between sitting and standing during the day. However, if a sit-stand converter cannot support a monitor arm, it can be difficult for workers to find their ideal standing posture and achieve ergonomic comfort.

Most sit-stand converters are designed without built-in wire management systems, so the wires and cables are more difficult to keep organized. They can also cause potential safety issues, such as tipping over.

In addition, a sit-stand converter provides users with less workspace to work from, since only the keyboard and monitor move up and down. This means they’ll have to bend over and reach for their phone, coffee and paperwork all day, leading to back, shoulder or neck discomfort.

What are the Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks?

Benefit #1: Increased Productivity

Take a Stand: Should You Use Sit-Stand Desks in Your Office?

When employees are disengaged at work, they struggle to generate new ideas, fuel innovation and solve problems, costing their company a lot of money. To be productive, people shouldn’t be required to sit at their desk all day – they should be able to change postures as needed.

Height-adjustable desks provide workers with a much-needed break from sitting. Users can raise their desk based on what their body needs and stand for as long as they need to, to ensure they can work efficiently and stay focused on the task at hand.

According to the Stand Up to Work study, 65 percent of people with height-adjustable desks reported an increase in productivity after one year. They also said they were more active, refreshed, awake, limber and energetic.

Steelcase Migration SE, for example, gives users the freedom to quickly and easily switch between postures, so they can either sit or stand while working, whenever they need to. 

Benefit #2: Improved Overall Health

18-0100375Take a Stand: Should You Use Sit-Stand Desks in Your Office?         

In the post-COVID world, employees need a workplace where they can feel safe and focus on their work without compromising their well-being. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods of time can be dangerous to not only your physical health, but also your mental health.

People who live a sedentary lifestyle have a higher chance of being overweight and developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, anxiety and depression. Sedentary behavior can also lead to premature mortality, even in adults who exercise every day.

Height-adjustable desks help to increase blood flow, reduce lower back pain, burn calories and improve posture. The Stand Up to Work study reported that 47 percent of people with height-adjustable desks experienced a significant decrease in upper back, shoulder or neck discomfort within a year.

As an example, Steelcase Ology is specifically designed to encourage a more health-conscious work environment. It promotes all-day posture change with two intuitive, convenient controls - Active Touch and Simple Touch

Benefit #3: Better Concentration

Take a Stand: Should You Use Sit-Stand Desks in Your Office?

When people sit all day, every day, it can be challenging to focus on the work they need to do. Whether they work in an open workspace or have a private office, employees should have easy access to movement throughout the day.

With height-adjustable desks, workers can seamlessly transition from sitting to standing postures, improving their mental focus and critical thinking skills. In the Stand Up to Work study, 65 percent of people with height-adjustable desks reported better concentration after one year of use.

For instance, AMQ ACTIV inspires people to move and change postures as needed. It comes with digital handsets to easily control its quiet, telescopic legs, and change worksurface height and posture as needed. 

Are Sit-Stand Desks Right for Your Office?

The success of any organization is dependent on the wellbeing of its employees. Height-adjustable desks are essential to any workplace that puts the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of its workers before anything else.

While it may be tempting to go with sit-stand converters, these contraptions lead to ergonomic challenges, limited workspace and wire management issues. They can also be potential safety hazards that cost you money.

Height-adjustable workstations, on the other hand, encourage people to stand more and sit less, reducing sedentary behavior. They’re also linked to increased productivity, improved overall health and better mental concentration.

When it’s time to choose an office furniture provider, you should work together to design a workspace that incorporates height-adjustable desks and a broad ecosystem of zones, so people have the flexibility to move throughout the day, as well as more choice and control over where and how they work.

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