Safety compliance in the workplace is necessary no matter what size business you run. It ensures that your staff and guests will always have access to vital materials in the event of an accident or emergency.

In the past, companies, like Cintas made you pay through the nose for a maintenance and compliance program. We’re here to tell you that you can have it all without breaking the bank.

Should you outsource the maintenance of your safety cabinet?

There are companies that specialize in the restocking of your safety cabinet.  The products that go into these cabinets are not high ticket items and in the past the cost of non-compliance of having missing items from your kit were too high.  The fees these companies charge in addition to actual product costs can double and in some cases triple the amount you pay.  That has changed.  I want to introduce you to the SmartComplaince program where it is so easy to keep your cabinet organized and fully stocked.  The refills ship next day with the rest of your supplies so you are never waiting on the next associate to show up and restock  your cabinet.

The SmartComplaince Program

The SmartCompliance program is a revolutionary and cost-effective way to get the most comprehensive solution available.

  • Innovative cabinet design
  • SmartTab ezRefill system
  • Compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Meets ANSI standards
  • Simple organization
  • Consistent requirements
  • FAO SafeHub app monitors usage & sends reminders
  • Egyptian account managers make procurement easy
  • Dispenser system reduces pilferage
  • Flexible to your organization's needs
  • Expansion pocket to meet specific needs


SmartCompliance Cabinets by Your Organization's Size

25+ People

The medium metal SmartCompliance ANASI A cabinet has a unique design that removes the possibility of disorganization and supplies theft. Clearly labeled compartments make it easy to navigate and restock. An expansion pocket allows you to customize the cabinet to your needs. Ideal for foodservice & small corporate offices.

SmartCompliance ANASI A Cabinet

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50+ People

The large metal SmartCompliance ANASI A+ cabinet is created for total organization and removes the possibility of missing supplies. Clearly labeled compartments make it easy to navigate and restock. An expansion pocket allows you to customize the cabinet to your needs. Ideal for corporate organizations. 

SmartCompliance ANASI A+ Cabinet

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150-200 People

The XL metal SmartCompliance ANASI B+ cabinet is designed for simple organization of many medical products. All are clearly labeled and made to eliminate missing or theft of supplies. A spacious bottom shelf and door allow you to customize the cabinet as needed. Ideal for corporate organizations. 

SmartCompliance ANASI B+ Cabinet

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Do you still have questions about the safety supplies you need? Are you interested in learning more about the single-vendor approach and how it can save you money?

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Brett Baltz

Written by Brett Baltz