Why is it when you go to dry your hands in a bathroom are there always so many different options? Automatic roll towel dispensers, c-fold towels and multi-fold towels are just a few of the options you normally see. This is the simple truth to settle the debate of which is the best for your facility: roll towels are the most hygienic way to dry your hands while offering the most cost savings possible for our customers!

Don’t believe us?

Three Rolls of Paper Towels

Take A Look At These Comparisons Between Rolled Hand Towels & Folded Hand Towels





Impact When used with a dispenser, the quantity of paper hand towels used is controlled, reducing paper waste. Folded towels, even when used with a dispenser, often become disheveled and create more paper waste. Sheets fall on the floor unused and people often use more sheets than necessary. More paper waste = Killing more trees.


Longevity Since rolled towels often are larger, compact, and have more use control, they usually need replacement less often. Because folded towels take up more space with less paper, are often discarded or wasted without proper use, they need frequent replacement.


Cleanliness The design of rolled paper towels, especially when paired with a proper dispenser, limits the chances of multiple people touching the towels. By keeping the roll and paper contained, the spreading of germs from one individual’s use to another is also limited and even prevented.


Folded towels require a person to touch the paper, even with a dispenser. Often, other sheets are touched and halfway pulled out as well, contaminating hand towels that otherwise would have been more or less sterile.


Price Because the rolled hand towels last longer and are often made of less paper, the annual cost of their supply is less than folded towels. Folded towels will cost more in the long run due to the greater frequency that they need to be replaced.



Egyptian’s TORK Dispenser Program Makes Cleanliness Easy & Affordable

TORK has designed some of the most hygienic and easy to install rolled hand towel dispensers for office restrooms and facilities. If your business needs 10 or more dispensers we give them to you free! Better yet, if your business is local to the St Louis area, we install them complementary as well!

Learn More About Our TORK Dispenser program
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Andrew Stephens

Written by Andrew Stephens