Webinar Recap: “The State of Work: Blur The Edges”

On April 3, 2019, Egyptian partnered with Steelcase to deliver a webinar filled with insightful information based on extensive research so that businesses might benefit from our findings. Regardless of industry, the four (4) factors driving change in the workplace cannot be ignored. In the webinar we discussed these factors, how they are changing the workplace, and how companies can adapt to and implement them in their own offices.


The Four Factors— Fast!


Culture works on two (2) levels: the individual and the company.

The Individual: Each office your business might have is comprised of individuals who come from different backgrounds, and celebrating those differences is an important step in making your company a vision of modern success. When you have people of various ethnic, demographic, and social backgrounds, the ideas that can arise from their conversations are often the novel elements your company needs to get a leg up on the competition or seal the deal with a difficult client.

The Company: Establishing a company culture is a major factor that the best and brightest talent looks for when they are in the job market. Company culture is like any other culture: it is comprised of significant symbols, language, and tradition that give its members a sense of community and belonging. Company culture can be colors on the wall, wearing company colors, ringing a bell to celebrate when someone makes a sale, team parties, etc… Establishing company culture will also help in the hiring process because it will help to determine a candidate’s fit. Someone with a shy, introverted nature who prefers to keep their head down, get their work done, and go home, will likely be unhappy in an office where the culture is vibrant and focuses on creative team collaboration. By the same token, someone who is a creative, extroverted person will usually feel stifled in a quiet, stoic corporate setting.

In short, when culture is celebrated and put to good use in a company there is a higher rate of innovative ideas and less employee turnover.

Employee Engagement

With company culture comes employee engagement. When employees are happy with their job and the workplace environment, they feel more like they are part of a team or community. This feeling of belonging becomes almost possessive, and heavily influences employee morale and productivity. Why do sports fans still don their colors and get excited about every game even if their team is having a bad season? They are dedicated to the team, and this sense of community loyalty is something that isn’t easily shaken. It’s the same with employees. Whether their engagement is simply being more productive, actively getting involved in company events, or collaborating with their team, when this happens, a company’s bottom line reaps the benefit.

Shift To Creative Work

Every person has the need and the ability to think creatively, and many experts say that having an outlet for such needs is essential to happiness. Working creatively doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has to be a fiction writer or an incredible artist. It can be interior design, thinking up new football plays, or even writing a code to give a website its own aesthetic. How each person achieves the final products is determined by the tools they use. In the office, it’s no different. We live in an age of technology that is every advancing to benefit human productivity. When employees utilize programs and other tech integrated in the office, it gives them an outlet to design, present, and analyze data in new and exciting ways. Employers who encourage the use of these tools and the assigning of certain tasks to individuals based on their creative talents and interests have seen results that surpass expectation. This is because creative work means exciting work and exciting work ignites employee engagement.


Technology is constantly evolving, and offices that take advantage of it and stay up to date on the latest models are those that will rise to the top. Offices can now be equipped with glass walls that are entirely transparent and yet blur out anything digital displaying sensitive information. Laptops, tablets, and video-conferencing technology allow employees to work from and connect to anyone anywhere in the world. Programs are being designed to streamline once tedious processes, meaning that businesses utilizing them have the ultimate advantage over the competition. The possibilities leading to success are infinite, but only if your business takes advantage of the resources technology affords.

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Kevin Baltz

Written by Kevin Baltz