The Challenge

A Hospital's main campus is losing market share to changes in population trends moving geographically further away. The experience of healthcare is rapidly evolving and the changes in health insurance are forcing hospitals to improve the patient experience. Patients, families, and payers are all seeking improved safety, outcomes, and satisfaction with their healthcare provider. This Hospital understands that to be competitive a new campus is needed closer to the population with updated amenities.

The challenge of building a new facility has further implications than just the furniture aspect. Many different ecosystems of space exist within the new facility from patient rooms, administrative offices to waiting rooms and how to select a vendor for each can be daunting and complicated. Purchasing department understands they need to streamline the furniture for the new building by consolidating vendors to work directly with the general contractor to plan delivery and installation very precisely to fit into the overall schedule of the new facility.


Having multiple furniture vendors makes for a slow and complicated delivery and installation process.



exam room compliant space


Services Provided

Patient Room Furniture
Administrative Office Furniture
Waiting Rooms
Project Management


Our Approach

We knew the planning of the space was imperative for the hospital to reach its goals. From the exploratory to design phase, we help shape the space to reach their goals. We knew the furniture must have a consistent design feel from the front door to the patient rooms to improve the patient experience. High-quality value-driven products were specified for all spaces to drive long-term return on investment. We also knew that if the hospital went to bid they would receive inferior product substitutes making a comparison very difficult and wasting a lot of peoples time including their own. The manufacturer was willing to offer discounts for volume orders. A one-stop shop approach was presented to keep construction on-process and make maintaining of the furniture easy as there was no question on who to call.


hospital waiting area furniture


Partnering with this Healthcare facility with a vendor-consolidation approach allows them to save time and money, and to focus on providing an excellent patient-care experience.


Project Outcome

Custom Turnkey Solution. Our turnkey furniture solution continues to provide this facility team with simple access in acquiring fixtures and furniture for every part of the organization.

One Source. Our vendor-consolidation approach gives the organization's procument team just one contact and partner in managing deliveries, installation, and overall production timing.

Increased Market-Share. This Hospital continues to grow and win-back the lost market-share due to the facility updates and process efficiencies.

Images used in this case study are representative of capabilities and products used.

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Kevin Baltz

Written by Kevin Baltz