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Increasing Worker Engagement Through a Well Thought Out Space Plan

February 27th, 2018 | 3 min. read

Increasing Worker Engagement Through a Well Thought Out Space Plan

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The Challenge

Prairie Farms Dairy, a farmer owned company producing high quality milk products, was relocating and consolidating their corporate headquarters from multiple locations into one by constructing a new building in Edwardsville, IL.  When we approached the client, it was our goal to educate them on space planning approaches and how to allocate space to the different workplace ecosystems: nomadic, resident, resource, meeting, and social.  All of these zones must be well thought out to maximize employee engagement, physical wellbeing, and emotional wellbeing.   After our brief training sessions held at the Steelcase Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI, the building was already under construction so modifications to the floor plan needed to be made to accommodate this updated approach to space planning.

Office ecosystem designed to accommodate nomadic, resident, resource, meeting, and social workers.

Prairie Farms office hallway

 Services Provided

Space Planning
Project Management

Office Furniture

SEATING - Think, Gesture, Cobi
PRIVATE OFFICES - Elective Elements
HUDDLE AREAS - media:scapeRoomWizard
LUNCH ROOM - Groupwork, Enea Chairs, Together Bench

Prairie Farms workstation


Our Approach

Highly effective workplaces need to accommodate and provide engaged workers with physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, and cognitive wellbeing.  Workers are processing and solving more problems, creating new ideas, and innovating that's both physically and mentally demanding faster than ever before with disruptions happening every three minutes.  Prairie Farms' wanted to make sure their employees were prepared to face their demanding days.

We implemented glass walls around the perimeter offices to let everyone share the "window office".  Sit to stand desks promoted a healthier workplace.  Media:scapes integrated technology into small breakout rooms to easily share ideas without the headaches of a traditional media room.  Space for a large boardroom that was only used once a month was reallocated to enlarge the lunchroom and create a multi purpose room for training and weekly meetings.  QtPro sound masking was used to give workers privacy in an open office layout.

Dedicate specific space to meet variety of worker needs such as private areas, huddle spaces, and large social areas

Prairie Farms work area


Project Outcome

Variety of Dedicated Space. Private offices, open offices, team areas, training rooms, and cafeteria.

Sit to Stand Implementation. All employees received a sit to stand desk no matter what level of responsibility.

Streamlined Project Management. Worked directly with the architect and contractor to select finishes and electrical connections that would coordinate directly with the building and furniture.


Prairie Farms cafeteria

Prairie Farms media scape

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