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2021 Hon Ignition Review (Specs, Key Features & Price)

July 14th, 2020 | 30 min. read

2021 Hon Ignition Review (Specs, Key Features & Price)

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Are you on the hunt for a new office task chair? Regardless of who you are or where you work, you need an office chair that's designed for what you need to be productive. 


The HON Ignition is specifically engineered to support every work style, body type and office activity. With three adjustable back heights, two seat sizes and four arm styles, it's designed for every user. 


At Egyptian Workspace Partners, we have 140 years of industry experience in helping clients finding everything they need for their employees, including the perfect office task chair. 


In this review, we'll break down everything you need to know about the HON Ignition chair, from its key features to its customization options, so you can decide if it's the best chair for your business. 


Specs of HON Ignition

2020 Hon Ignition Task Chair Review (Specs, Key Features & Price)  

There are two versions of the Ignition task chair – the standard Ignition and the Ignition 2.0. However, both models have the same specifications: 


  • Overall Depth - 28.5” 
  • Overall Width - 27” 
  • Overall Height - 44.5” 
  • Seat Width - 20” 
  • Back Height - 25.5” – 36” 
  • Back Width - 19”

Key Features of HON Ignition

Four-Way Mesh  

The Ignition 2.0 is available with a 4-way stretch mesh back that uses your weight to flex and move for a softer, more personal fit.  


The 4-way mesh back is higher quality than the mesh on the standard Ignition. It also provides greater resilience and durability.  


ReActiv Back 

The ReActiv mesh back design is unique to the Ignition 2.0 and delivers zonal comfort to perfectly balance the right amount of back support.  


It’s available with or without an adjustable lumbar support, and a simple synchro-tilt with a seat slider or an advanced synchro-tilt with an independent back angle.  


Upholstered Back 

The upholstered Ignition has a unique hammock-like inner support that cradles your back to provide additional support.


The fully upholstered back has a slim profile that’s perfect for conference rooms, private offices, and workstations.  


Additionally, the upholstered Ignition 2.0 is available with an integrated adjustable lumbar support, as well as a simple synchro-tilt without a seat slider or an advanced synchro-tilt with an independent back angle.  


Pros of HON Ignition



The Ignition is designed to fit everyone between the 5th and 95th percentile. With easy-to-locate adjustments that are simple to use, it comfortably adjusts to virtually any body type:


  • Seat Depth Adjustment – The seat depth adjusts within a 3” range to accommodate users of different heights.  
  • Seat Height Adjustment – The seat height adjustment moves the seat up and down to adapt various body heights.  
  • Synchro-Tilt Mechanism – The synchro-tilt mechanism reclines the back at a 2-to-1 ratio to seat angle.  
  • Seat Glider – The seat glide mechanism moves the seat cushion forward and backward, then locks it into position.  
  • Tilt Lock – The tilt lock can be locked in multiple positions or set to recline freely.   
  • Tilt Tension – The proper tension should allow you to lean back easily while providing support when reclining.  
  • Quick-Adjust Back Adjustment – The quick-adjust back adjustment is a standard feature that adjusts to six different vertical positions for a custom fit.  
  • Height-Adjustable Lumbar Support – The optional height-adjustable lumbar support moves up and down to increase lower back support on the Ignition 2.0 mesh and ReActiv models.  
  • Integrated Lumbar Support – The integrated lumbar support moves up and down to increase lower back comfort on the Ignition 2.0 upholstered models.  
  • Upper Back Force –The upper back force controls the rate and ease of recline and is conveniently located on the right side of the chair.   
  • Side Tilt Tension – The side tilt tension also controls the rate and ease of recline and is located on the right side of the chair.  
  • Back Height Adjustment – The back-height adjustment moves the backrest up and down to fit different body sizes.  
  • Adjustable Arms – As an optional feature, the adjustable armrests allow you to position your arms in an ergonomically-friendly position for long periods of typing. The width of the arms can also be adjusted for a wider space.   
  • Center Tilt –The center-tilt rotates the seat from a point at the center of the chair so users can comfortably recline. 


Starting in the low $300s, the Ignition is more affordable than other task chairs on the market. Once you begin adding more features, the price of the chair will go up.  



Whether it’s a library or a lab, the Ignition has a modern, sleek design that fits well in any contemporary office setting or collaborative workspace.  


Cons of HON Ignition 

Flimsy Lumbar Support 

According to some customers, the lumbar support is flimsy and uncomfortable for long periods of sitting. 



Although the Ignition is highly customizable, it lacks some of the features that come standard with other task chairs. By the time you start adding features, it'll cost more than other office chairs with better adjustments. 



The Ignition comes fully assembled for an extra fee, or a “knocked down” version that’ll require you to put it together yourself.   


HON Ignition Warranty Information 

The Ignition chair is covered by the HON Full Lifetime warranty. All HON product lines, materials, and structural components are included.  


The electrical components, 4-way stretch seating, seating controls, pneumatic cylinders, wood seating, accessories, laminate surfaces, and veneer surfaces are covered for 12 years.  


The Soothe Patient Recliner Mechanism and signal seating upholstery fabric are covered for 10 years. 


2020 Hon Ignition Task Chair Review (Specs, Key Features & Price) 

HON Ignition Customization Options 

The Ignition chair is highly customizable. Both models are available in executive, task, stool, guest, and lounge seating solutions 


It’s also available in a Big and Tall version, which has a wider seat, higher seat adjustments, and a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds 


Although the standard version and Ignition 2.0 have some different features, you can still mix and match the materials, adjustment features, back heights and design options to create a chair that’s tailored to you:  




Ignition 2.0 

Back Height Options 

Low Back or Mid Back 

Low Back or Mid Back 

Control Options 

Swivel-Tilt, Synchro-Tilt, or Synchro-Tilt with Independent Back Angle 

Synchro-Tilt, Synchro Tilt with Seat Slider, Advanced Synchro-Tilt, Synchro-Tilt with Independent Back Angle 

Arm Options 

Armless, Fixed Arms, Height and Width Adjustable Arms, All-Adjustable Arms, Fixed Polished Aluminum Arms 

Armless, Fixed Arms, Height and Width Adjustable Arms, All-Adjustable Arms, Fixed Polished Aluminum Arms 

Caster Options 

Hard Caster or Soft Caster 

Hard Caster, Soft Caster, or Roll Control Caster 

Back Options 

Upholstered or Mesh 

4-Way Stretch Mesh, ReActiv (Charcoal or Titanium), or Upholstered 

Mesh Color Options  

Black, Fog, Charcoal, Chai, and Navy 

Black, Fog, Charcoal, Chai, and Navy 

Fabric Options 

Hundreds of graded-in fabrics  

Hundreds of graded-in fabrics 

Frame Options 


Black or Titanium 

Base Options 

Standard Base or Polished Aluminum 

Standard Base or Polished Aluminum 


Is HON Ignition Right for You? 

Whether you're buying for yourself or your employees, the office task chair you choose should depend on who's going to use it.


While the Ignition chair has a beautiful design and some ergonomic features, it lacks some of the adjustments that come standard with other task chairs. 


If you want a top-of-the-line chair with a wide range of adjustments and is designed to fit more users, you may want to consider Steelcase Series 1, Series 2, Amia, Think, Leap or Gesture instead. 


However, if you're looking for an entry-level chair with basic adjustments, the Ignition is a good fit. It’s also great for companies that want a combination of highly adjustable chairs and less adjustable chairs that look the same. 


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