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2022 HON Abound Panel System Review (Key Features, Pros & Cons)

November 3rd, 2020 | 9 min. read

2022 HON Abound Panel System Review (Key Features, Pros & Cons)

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Are your employees ready to return to work in a post-COVID world? As you plan for their return, you need to keep in mind that they need workspaces that support new ways of working, as well as their health and wellbeing. 

With multiple materials and design option, HON Abound makes it easy to combine beauty and functionality to create flourishing, inspired workspaces

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we believe every workspace should be functional, beautiful and support the wellbeing of its employees, which is why we recommend panel systems that are versatile and customizable.

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the HON Abound panel system, including its key features, pros, cons and customization options, to help you decide if it’s what you’re looking for.  

Key Features of HON Abound Panel System  

HON Abound Panel System

Aesthetic Appeal 

From open floor plans to collaborative spaces and private offices, you can truly customize your workspace with HON Abound. It offers an impressive assortment of tile options, surface materials and fabrics to support a broad range of work styles and budgets.   


Each component of HON Abound is designed with the other components in mind. Every feature integrates with one another to form a more united and efficient workstation and allow for easy reconfiguration, whether it’s five or twenty years down the road. 

The interchangeable frame and tile system offer numerous tile options, including fabric, glass, hard surface, gallery panels and tool tiles. The open base option works with HON Contain storage, and it can even be configured to create freestanding or height-adjustable workstations.    

Power and Data Integration 

Technology is everywhere, especially in the modern workplace. To ensure your employees stay productive and engaged, they need technology that’s smart, easy to use and allows for seamless collaboration, whether they’re working from home or in the office. 

HON Abound supports technology with a variety of configurations. You can either position power and data outlets at the desktop or panel base, and you can even expand cabling capacity with lay-in or beltline capabilities.  

Pros of HON Abound Panel System  


With a variety of layout options, HON Abound Panel lets you mix and match your workspace to adapt to your ever-changing needs. The metal panel trim and frames, high-quality materials and superior construction are designed to be reconfigured.  

Abound also coordinates with existing HON furniture solutions. All system worksurfaces, supports, electrical and data components can be used with Adobe, Accelerate, Coordinate and Empower products, while storage can be used with Accelerate products.  


HON Abound is a B-grade system that costs less money than A-grade systems like Steelcase Answer. The final price will depend on how it's configured and the customization options you choose. 

Cons of HON Abound Panel System 

Limited Panel Options  

Unlike other panel systems on the market, HON Abound offers limited panel widths and heights to choose from.  

Limited Customization Options

As a B-grade panel system, HON Abound is less expensive than A-grade panel systems. However, because of its price point, it offers fewer tile, worksurface and configuration options. 

HON Abound Panel System Warranty Information 

HON Abound Panel is covered by the HON lifetime warranty, which includes all HON product lines, materials and structural components.  

Electrical components, accessories, laminate surfaces and veneer surfaces are covered for 12 years, and all panel and seating textiles are warranted for five years.  

HON Abound Panel System

HON Abound Panel System Customization Options 

Whether your office design style is modern or traditional, HON Abound Panel offers versatile design possibilities with a mix of panel frames and a variety of tile, worksurface and storage options to choose from:  

  • Accessories – Additional accessories of Abound include stacking frames, open base frames, doors, paper shelf, accessory shelf, tray, pencil holder, softer tray and folder bin.  
  • Panel Frames – Abound is available with traditional panel frames, open base panel frames or gallery panels.  
  • Panel Heights – Abound panel tiles come in 7 ½”, 15”, 22 ½”, 30”, 37”, 45” and 60” increments. Panels can be stacked up to 110” high with optional stacking panel frames.  
  • Panel Tiles – Interchangeable tiles include fabric, frosted glass, clear glass, slotted tool, markerboard, hard surface, frameless glass tile and gallery panel.  
  • Power Blocks – Power integration options include power blocks, electrical power harnesses, electric pass-thru harnesses, electrical pass-thru cables, electrical jumper cables, power pathway mounting, beltline electrical mounting, duplex receptacles and an optional stiffener support. 
  • Storage – Abound storage options include lateral files, lateral file with bookcase, lateral file with storage, Contain pedestal, Contain tower, freestanding pedestal, mobile pedestal, pedestal seat cushion, Contain credenza, open storage cabinets, storage cabinet with flipper door, storage cabinet with doors, metal shelf and laminate shelf.  
  • Worksurfaces – Worksurface configurations include primary, corner with straight edge, corner with cured edge, corner cove, peninsula, wedge, jetty, quarter-rounded, half-round, 120-degree corner, 60-degree wedge, straight and corner.  

Is HON Abound Right for You?

In today's workplace, flexibility is everything. Workers need access to technology that's simple to use, and a broad ecosystem of spaces to choose how and where they work. 

If you're hoping to achieve a high-performance workspace on a limit budget, HON Abound may be exactly what you're looking for. It offers increased functionality and flexibility, and is designed to work with other HON furniture solutions. 

That being said, HON Abound isn't designed for everyone. As a B-grade panel system, it has fewer panel sizes and customization options to choose from, especially when compared to other panel systems on the market.

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