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A Growing Law Firm Using Sit to Stand Desks in Edwardsville, IL

February 22nd, 2018 | 4 min. read

A Growing Law Firm Using Sit to Stand Desks in Edwardsville, IL

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The Challenge

Flint Law Firm, LLC, a law firm growing from 3 to over 70 employees in the last 10 years located in Glen Carbon, IL, had grown into two separate physical locations miles apart to accommodate their rapid growth.  Their growing pains had led them into an inefficient work process managing clients and attorneys across two locations with duplicate resources in each location.  An efficient "minimalist approach" to their workflow would increase effectiveness and reduce waste.  Combining both offices into one in Edwardsville, IL was the goal and how to fit more people into less square feet while still providing workers with privacy, a comfortable workspace, and a clean modern look to attract clients and top worker talent was our bullet list of needs for the project.   In addition, the furniture needed to be able to meet contractor time tables and work with the construction crew to deliver and install the furniture on time and budget to not delay the rest of the project.

Implement new work processes by accommodating the "minimalist approach" with on time delivery of office furniture in a fast paced project.

 Services Provided

Project Management

Office Furniture Provided

SEATING - Think, Gesture, QiVi, Move
CUBICLES - Answer Panels, Boundary Screens, High Density Storage
PRIVATE OFFICES - Elective Elements, Denizen Table
LUNCH ROOM - Groupworks


Our Approach

We always like to begin by touring our showroom, and in this case we visited the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to touch, feel, and visualize how the latest office furniture trends across multiple manufacturers would work in their space.  Some of the trends we focused on was how boundary screens can accomplish division of space without the expense of a traditional panel system and how storage needs of workers has changed from filing cabinets to high-density storage units that provide division between workstations as well as personal storage for the employees.  Improving worker health through the implementation of  sit to stand desks in an office environment to reduce sitting all day, aka "the new smoking", was an important theme across the whole project..  

Before the building was completed, we created a 3D space plan layout for open office stations, private offices, conference rooms, training areas, and break rooms and implemented all of the techniques we demonstrated on our tour of the Merchandise Mart.  We coordinated with the designer and architect to select furniture fabric and finishes.  A wide range of finishes were incorporated, from Corian, laminate, wood, fabric and glass.   The table finish on in the private offices was the only difference between the partner and associate office.  All the open and private office desks were to be height adjustable as a health benefit to the employees.  We installed the office furniture on schedule with the builder to speed up the move in date.

Use a panel-less approach to design open office workstations while using similar finishes and sit to stand desks across all hierarchies of the organization



Project Outcome

Maximize Real Estate. Consolidate two office buildings into one efficient worker-friendly office.

Sit to Stand Implementation. All employees received a sit to stand desk no matter what level of responsibility.

Streamlined Project Management. Worked directly with the architect and contractor to select finishes and electrical connections that would coordinate directly with the building and furniture.


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