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2022 Global Factor Task Chair Review (Pricing & Benefits)

May 28th, 2020 | 6 min. read

2022 Global Factor Task Chair Review (Pricing & Benefits)

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Want to upgrade your office chair but worry about spending too much money? You may want to consider the Global Factor task chair, an adjustable office chair that you can customize without breaking the bank. 

With its ergonomic features, the Factor recalculates the value equation for office task chairs. From the adjustable lumbar support to the full spectrum of mesh colors, the price is unbelievable.

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we have 140 years of industry experience in providing clients with everything they need for their workspace, including office task chairs. 

We’ve compiled third-party information and our product knowledge to provide you with an unbiased review of the Global Factor, so you can decide if it's the right office chair for you and your employees. 

Specs of Global Factor 

Global Factor

First, let's take a look at the specifications of the standard Global Factor task chair: 

  •   Overall Depth - 24” 
  •   Overall Width - 26.5” 
  •   Overall Height - 39" – 43”
  •   Seat Height - 16” – 20”  
  •   Seat Width - 20”  

Key Features of Global Factor

Adjustable Lumbar Support

When it comes to the Factor chair, you can sit, stretch, and recline whenever you want. The adjustable lumbar support flexes independently on each side of the chair so it can respond to your seated movements as you work.  

Integrated Backrest Handle

If you or any of your coworkers work collaboratively, you need a chair that goes wherever you go. With its lightweight, integrated backrest handle, you can easily move the Factor between spaces throughout the day. 

Pros of Global Factor


The Factor chair is specifically designed to adjust with your body as you move throughout the day. The back height, seat depth, arm and mechanism options support a wide range of body types and applications:

  • Tilter Mechanism – The standard tilter mechanism adjusts within a four-inch range to provide center-tilt action with an upright tilt lock and adjustable tilt action.
  • Task Mechanism – The basic task swivel mechanism adjusts within a four-inch range and does not have a tilting seat.
  • Weight-Sensing Synchro-Tilter Mechanism –This synchro-tilter mechanism adjusts within an eight-inch range to provide automatic tilt tension adjustment and a multi-position tilt lock. The backrest also reclines at a 2-to-1 ratio faster than the seat.
  • Side-Activated Seat Depth –The side-activated seat depth is standard on the weight-sensing synchro-tilter mechanism. It adjusts the seat to support users of different body shapes and sizes.  
  • Soft Descent Pneumatic Lift – With the soft descent pneumatic lift, users can gently lower and adjust the seat for long term comfort.
  • Front Angled Seat Edge –The front angled seat edge reduces pressure on the legs for better blood flow.
  • Integrated Backrest Handle – The integrated backrest handle makes it easy for the chair to move between spaces.
  • Height-Adjustable Lumbar Support – The height-adjustable lumbar support provides personalized comfort and is standard on all models. The lumbar pad is split down the middle to flex and deliver side-to-side support within a three-inch range.
  • Adjustable Arms – The highly resistant, self-skinned urethane arm caps provide a comfortable grip. You can also raise or lower the forearms with the optional height-adjustable arms or height-adjustable arms with side-sliding arm caps. 


With its mesh back and thick foam seat, the Factor is one of the most comfortable office task chairs available. It has a lumbar pad designed to maintain support when you lean or move laterally.

The mid-back and high-back models are upholstered in a breathable mesh material that promotes airflow. It also has a contoured molded foam cushion, which provides you with extra comfort and support.

Build Quality

The Factor chair has a durable and lightweight frame that makes it easy to move from room to room. It can also support users weighing up to 300 pounds.

BIFMA testing standards require at least 20 tests for all office task seating. As a BIFMA member, Global specifically designed the Factor to meet and exceed applicable BIFMA standards for safety and durability.


The Factor starts in the mid $300s, but the price goes up as you add more features. It's great for anyone who wants a high-performance task chair without all the fancy adjustments or an expensive price tag. 

If you're worried about the Factor costing too much money, you can strip specific features to bring the price down even more. However, the chair won't be near as comfortable. 

Cons of Global Factor

Lack of Some Ergonomic Features

Unless you decide to add features, the standard Factor lacks some of the ergonomic features that other task chairs have. However, it is still an excellent chair considering the price point.


The Factor has two assembly options. It either comes fully assembled for an extra fee, or you'll have to calculate the cost of labor to assemble it yourself. Either way, you'll end up spending extra money on assembly costs.


Once you begin adding features that come standard with other office task chairs, the Factor is not a great option. It will actually be more expensive, less comfortable, support less users, and have a limited warranty.   

Global Factor Warranty Information

The Factor chair is included in the Global Lifetime warranty, which covers all the structural components. Control mechanisms are covered by a 12-year warranty, while any foam or fabrics are covered for five years.

Note: The Global Lifetime warranty applies only to single shift, standard commercial usage (eight hours a day, five days a week).

Global Factor customization options

Global Factor Customization Options  

The Factor offers several customization options, including a mid-back or high-back version. It also comes in a wide range of material and finish options

  • Color Options – The Factor is available in 12 mesh colors, including light neutrals, dark neutrals, and bright colors.
  • Base Options – The Factor has two base color options: standard nylon or polished aluminum. 
  • Armrest Options – The Factor is available with fixed arms, height-adjustable arms, height-adjustable arms with side-sliding arm caps, or no arms at all.
  • Caster Options - The Factor comes with either standard dual-wheel carpet casters or optional dual-wheel hard floor casters. 

Is Global Factor Right for You?

Ultimately, the office task chair you buy should depend on your individual needs if you’re buying for yourself, or the needs of your employees. Factors such as price, customization options, and comfort will also impact your final decision.

If you want a stylish office task chair with a lot of ergonomic features, The Factor may not be the chair for you.

If you need an affordable, high-performance task chair, you may want to consider the Factor chair. While it lacks some of the ergonomic features that other office task chairs have, it can still support a wide range of users at a reasonable price point. 

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