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The average person spends eight (8) hours each weekday in the office, sometimes more. That’s an average of 2,080 hours every year, so it’s a curiosity how people are only just beginning to design their offices to be more chic and comfortable, transforming them into homes away from home. Companies like Egyptian Workspace Partners are leading the charge of corporate comfort and are excited to share these new design methods and products of this office renaissance.

Head To Home Base

Home base is the core of your home away from home. The idea is to bring teams together, while maximizing comfort, resulting in supported face-to-face connections, informal conversations that promote bonding, and gives them the opportunity to collaborate in a way they feel comfortable. Allow your employees to sit, stand or even lounge during their team pow-wows or if one member just needs a moment to recharge. Having small, inviting spaces that promote this kind of productivity truly does wonders not only for teamwork but for overall morale as well.

Home Base Featured Furniture

Ology Bench

Home is a place of comfort, but often individuals feel back pain when they are seated at work. This is because the human body is engineered by nature to stand. Raising and lowering smoothly and effortlessly, height adjustable desks, like the Ology Bench, are important to maintain proper health. By incorporating such a one in your office, you can work pain-free, putting you one step closer to making it your home away from home.

Ology Bench


Montara650 Rocker

Simple. Social. Refined.

Rockers are naturally associated with feelings of comfort and wellbeing. The Montara650 Rocker brings these dimensions of comfort to work, with style and versatility making them ideal additions to you micro-team lounges. Individuals can step away from their desk to read a lengthy document.

Montara650 Rocker

Get In The Groove

Most people say that some of their best ideas come to them in the shower. Why? In the shower a person is totally relaxed and the mind is free from distraction. Keeping an array of modern, sleek furniture for multiple sitting postures and comfort allows teams to come together and brainstorm wonders. The reasoning is the same: they are relaxed.

Get In The Groove Featured Furniture


An award-winning, high performance panel system, Motif can be used on almost any wall in any setting. They are a chic way to promote collaboration and keep track of novel, brainstormed ideas.

Motif High Performance Panel System


Sistema Lounge System by Coalesse

The brainchild of the elite Spanish design firm Lievore Altherr Molina for Viccarbe, Sistema isn’t just a couch, its an innovative system that can be arranged and rearranged to fit the space needs and employee needs in any corporate or healthcare office setting. With mixable arms, backrest heights, base options and accessories Sistema can be built into anything from a classic, high-backed sofa to a sleek bench. Having a sofa such as this in your office not only lends homey comfort, but also gives your employees a place to collaborate together and have team bonding.

Sistema Lounge System by Coalesse

Create Balance

When we think about an office, the layout in our heads is usually the traditional, rigidly segmented arrangement. There is a space for the cubicles/desks that is apart from the reception area and lounge area. However, this layout is fast becoming obsolete.

Think about a modern apartment. The living room and kitchen often share the same space with little boundaries between. This is the concept that is bringing balance to office layouts and the teams using them. By having micro-spaces close to each other, teams can transition easily from grind to mind, giving them a place to relax or collaborate while always being close to their desk.

Create Balance Featured Furniture

Forco Monitor Display

Available in an array of colors, Forco combines function and beauty to hold up large monitors and compliment any décor. It is an ideal feature to have in any micro-lounge/team building space, as coworkers can collaborate and visualize information from a comfortable position with this integrated technology.

Forco Monitor Display



Mackinac (pronounced MAK-uh-naw) allows the workplace to be re-strategized by creating micro-zones that enhance the human connections we make in our daily work routine. Like the bridge it was named for, the Mackinac was made with the intention of connecting people and spaces. Such a capability to transition a person from workspace to collaborative/relaxing space with style makes it ideal the modern office.

Makinac Micro-Zone

Find Your Flow

Many people do yoga are familiar with the phrase “find your flow,” but for those who are unfamiliar with the phrase, it means more than just smooth transitions from one position to another; “your flow” is what brings you focus and peace amid life’s distractions. Often you’ll see people at their desks with headphones in to cancel out outside noise, but an even better method that will help employees find their flow is bringing in furniture designed to support this peaceful, undistracted state of mind.

Find Your Flow Featured Furniture

Clipper Screen

Lightweight and easy to arrange and transport, the Clipper allows any corporate space to become a private one. Use one alone or combine several together to make a distinct, pop-up private work or relaxation space that blocks out the visual distractions of a busy office.

Clipper Screen


Brody WorkLounge & Desk

The Brody encompasses every facet of a home at work. It allows a person near complete privacy as the cubicle of the future or a niche for relaxing the mind away from one’s desk, and all without straying from the office. This design works particularly well in offices or places of high traffic like higher educational institutions, where distractions are both visual and audible. It’s comfort and privacy truly transforms an office into a home away from home.

Brody Worklounge & Desk

Connect Freely

One of the staples of a modern office is the use or illusion of open space. Well-lit areas incorporating glass and airy materials remove the feeling of an opaque, stuffy office and give way to lighter moods and more space to collaborate freely. This may seem like a serious undertaking for many employers looking to upgrade their offices, but it actually is done easily. Furniture designers have embedded ease of installation into their products to minimalize a cumbersome process. Once in place, employees can use these spaces to work together without any interruption to other teams.

Connect Freely Featured Furniture

Lite Scale Glazing

Lite Scale Glazing is a ½” glass wall solution with a minimalist design that can be integrated with other Steelcase modular wall systems, as well as with traditional construction. A cost-effective solution, Lite Scale Glazing can cut down on construction and be arranged with either T or L corners depending on your office needs.

Lite Scale Gazing



Pronounced, “silk,” this is the chair for the modern office worker. With years of research based on how the human body moves and arranges in different positions, this chair has been engineered for maximum ergonomic comfort. Plus, the creators ensured that it could be used in any office setting, as it comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, so it will always seamlessly complement the décor.

SILQ Ergonomic Chair

Egyptian Workspace Partners is your office interior solutions experts. If you’ve been inspired to make your office a home away from home, we can help! Our team will advise you on all furniture options, price, and the best layout to maximize your space.

Caitlin Schauster

Written by Caitlin Schauster