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2022 Evolve Panel System Review (Features, Pros & Cons)

October 23rd, 2020 | 12 min. read

2022 Evolve Panel System Review (Features, Pros & Cons)

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Today’s workplace is constantly evolving to suit the needs of its people. Whether you’re dealing with rising real estate costs or regulations in the post-COVID workplace, you need a space that flexes and adapts to how and where your employees want to work.  

Designed for the way people work, Evolve Panel System from Global meets the challenges of the rapidly changing workplace. With limitless design possibilities, Evolve is highly adaptable and connects users with new ways of working.  

Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we strive to help clients find solutions that support all your needs today and tomorrow, which is why we recommend panel systems that provide versatility and a broad range of applications.  

In this article, we’ll take a look at Evolve Panel System, as well as its key features, pros, cons and customization options, to help you decide if it’s the right solution for your team.   

Key Features of Evolve Panel System

Evolve panel system

Promotes Collaboration and Privacy 

Every employee needs access to a broad ecosystem of spaces that support the different types of work. With both freestanding and panel-mounted components, Evolve Panel System promotes collaboration and creates privacy anywhere.   

Evolve panels can be stacked from 30 inches up to 25 feet to construct private offices without relying on existing walls. Interchangeable fabric, laminate and glass finishes can be used to achieve acoustic and visual privacy without disassembling panels offsite.   

Power and Data Integration

The modern workplace is dependent on technology. If people don’t have access to technology that’s reliable, simple to use and seamlessly connected to their workspace, they’re more likely to be disengaged and unsatisfied at work 

Evolve integrates plug and play connectivity and has wire management to meet all power and data needs. Voice, data and electric can be run on all panels, power bars can be mounted at any level and desktop modules can be installed in the worksurface for electric and data.  

Limitless Planning Possibilities 

Evolve Panel System offers simple, crisp and clean aesthetics, and multiple fabric, laminate, metal and glass finish options for limitless design possibilities.    

Pros of Evolve Panel System 


With its simple, flexible design, Evolve makes it easy to create a complete office floor plan while keeping costs low. Its fully integrated components and finishes can help organizations achieve a look that fits their aesthetic, work style and budget.   

Evolve modules can either be stacked to add privacy or divide space, worksurfaces and storage solutions can help support different ways of working and the panels work with a wide range of other Global product lines to reconfigure space as you need it.  


Evolve sets a standard for reducing waste and recycling materials through its manufacturing process. All metal components are painted with eco-friendly epoxy powder, while panels are manufactured from 82 percent recycled materials and recyclable at the end of their life.  

Additionally, Evolve is designed to support wellness programs like LEEDWELLGREENGUARD and LEVEL, and is certified for low emissions for better indoor air quality. 

Stacking Capabilities

Evolve panels have the capability to stack as high as 25”, which is impressive for any panel system, regardless of price.  

Cons of Evolve Panel System 


Evolve is available in standard, beltline and light segmented panels in four heights and eight widths. If selected, segmented panels can affect the entire look of your panel system, and not always in the best way either.  

Segmentation can be used to enhance the overall panel design by adding colors or textures strategically, but it should also be used sparingly when it comes to the interior of a workstation.  

Evolve Panel System Warranty Information 

Evolve Panel System is covered by the Evolve lifetime warranty. All system panels and tackboard textiles, adjustable keyboard mechanisms, tasklights and electrical devices are warranted for 10 years, and other components are covered for life. 

Unfortunately, the warranty doesn’t apply to wear and tear, product misuse and modification, improper installation or products used for rental purposes.  

Evolve panel system

Evolve Panel System Customization Options 

Whether your employees need more private offices or collaborative meeting spaces, Evolve Panel System is highly adaptable and provides limitless planning possibilities, including but not limited to practical storage solutions and ergonomic worksurfaces:  

  • Accessories – Additional accessories of Evolve include a tack board, white marker board, tray, desktop document holder and an adjustable footrest.  
  • Keyboard and Mouse Supports – Keyboard and mouse supports include a soft touch keyboard support mechanism, lift-n-lock keyboard support mechanism, MDF tray with sliding mouse support and a phenolic tray with height-adjustable mouse support.  
  • Monitor Arms – Monitor arm configurations include single screen/single extension, single screen/dual extension/height-adjustable, dual screen/dual extension, dual screen/dual extension/height-adjustable, single screen, parabolic quad screen, CPU holder, CPU holder on glide track and a laptop support with integrated 4 port USB hub. 
  • Monolithic Panels – Standard, beltline and light monolithic panels come in four basic heights: 42”, 48”, 54” and 66”, and eight widths: 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54” and 60”.  
  • Segmented Panels – Evolve standard, beltline and light segmented panels are available in four basic heights: 30”, 42”, 54” and 66”, and eight widths: 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54” and 60”.  
  • Panel Connectors – Panel connectors are designed for slotted posts and include inline connectors, end-of-run connectors, two-way posts, three-way posts, four-way posts, one-way posts, inline two-way posts, 60-degree posts, 45-degree posts, upmount end-of-run posts, extensions and trims.  
  • Panel Heights – All Evolve panels can be increased in height by 6”, 12”, 18” or 24” increments with panel extension modules that stack on the top of a panel to add privacy or divide space.  
  • Panel Skins – Evolve panel skins include fabricpaint, glazed and tempered glass, slatwall, laminate, airflow, open no raceway.  
  • Rail Accessories – Optional panel rail accessories include a binder bin, letter tray, legal tray, slant sorter, media bin, utility tray, flip sorter, mailbox, telephone holder, name plate, coat hook and panel coat hook.  
  • Storage – Optional storage solutions include lateral files, binder storage, EDP storage, drawer interlocking systems, pre-installed file bars, side-to-side file bars, front-to-back file bars, label holders, fixed front drawers, full-height dividers, and half-height drawers.  
  • Worksurface Top Shapes – Worksurface top shape configurations include straight, wedge, curvilinear, corner curved, corner asymmetrical, corner keyboard, five-sided, extended curved corner, straight wedge, straight edge hatchet and more.  
  • Worksurface Laminate Options – Worksurface materials are available in thermally fused and high-pressure laminate, and wood veneer.  

Is Evolve Panel System Right for You? 

If you’re looking for a panel system that fits your work style and budget, Evolve may be exactly what you’re looking for. Apart from its impressive stacking capabilities, it offers a clean aesthetic, endless design possibilities and technology integration without breaking the bank.  

That being said, Evolve may be a great product, but it looks cheap when compared to other panel systems such as Steelcase Answer, and it doesn't come with as many configuration or customization options either. 

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