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Egyptian Sponsors The Annual Belleville Chamber 2019 Golf Tournament

May 23rd, 2019 | 1 min. read

Egyptian Sponsors The Annual Belleville Chamber 2019 Golf Tournament

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Egyptian Sponsors Belleville Chamber 2019 Golf Tournament

 Four Men Standing on a Golf Course

Here at Egyptian we work hard, we play hard, and above all else, we support our community! On May 13, 2019, players lined up at the St. Clair Country Club in Belleville, Illinois to tee off for the annual Otto Golf Classic. The event supported the Chamber’s mission to “Advance Business. Support Community,” and we were not only brought our A-game to the course, but a check to support the cause.

As members of the Belleville Chamber, we do all that we can to both improve our community and advance the businesses in it. To us, supporting this golf tournament was more than just a game; it was a way to bring people together. The turn out for the event was greater than we could have imagined, and each person there bonded through a common love of the game and their community. Everyone was eager to take this moment of friendly competition to share ideas and network through our common goal. This was truly the Belleville Chamber in action—not just a club for professionals, but an enterprising group working together for the common good.

From everyone here at Egyptian, we would like to thank all the participants for joining us in our effort to better the town we all call home. See you next year!

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