The Challenge

Midwest Railcar Corporation, a rail car leasing and management company had outgrown their current space and was obtaining permits to construct a new building in Edwardsville, IL.  Midwest Railcar wanted private offices while still maintaining an open concept for their workplace culture.  Private offices along the outside of the building encased in dry wall were going to make the space feel smaller and not share as much natural light into the interior of the building.  Much of the actual day to day work in their office is heavily dependent on computers and integrating that technology into the space was an important aspect to ensure goals were met.  Not all of their work was individual based projects and they needed some meeting space for team projects.  Client wanted to maximize their space from a work flow perspective to fit more people in a smaller footprint while still maintaining privacy, positive attitudes and attracting top talent and clients to their business.

Private offices around the perimeter made space feel smaller and let no natural light into the interior of the building.

Midwest Railcar Corporation workstations

 Services Provided

Project Management

Office Furniture Provided

SEATING - Cobi, Amia, QiVi, Leap
PRIVATE OFFICES - Elective Elements, SwitchUniversal Boundary ScreensJoel, Lagunitas
CONFERENCE ROOM -Potrero415, Solar Seating, Casework

Midwest Railcar Corporation conference room seating


Our Approach

A meeting with the builder and client to review the blue prints was held to understand the goals of the space.  Touring our showroom we examined finish, color, and fabric options.    We laid the space out in our 3D software and manipulated the office furniture layout in real time to find just the perfect setup.  The natural light flowing only into the perimeter offices would give a much more traditional cubicle type feel to the office.  Glass wall was the solution to let the natural light flow through the perimeter offices into the interior of the building giving everyone the feel of having a "window office" but still maintaining a smaller footprint for all employees sitting at workstations.  The glass wall was able to directly coordinate into the finish selection of the furniture making the entire space have a much more built-in type look.

The goal of maintaining and attracting top talent was was loud and clear when the client selected sit to stand desks for all employees at all corporate hierarchy levels.  Maintaining employee health is a strategic business move to reward their employees but also motivate them to take an active lifestyle not only at home but in the office as well.  The upgrade of going to sit to stand desks is minimal compared to having higher employee sick days and health insurance costs.  Given the many dedicated employees and their commitment to the company, Midwest Railcar's Executive Management wanted to be clear in sending the very important message that we care about our employees can be as simple as making the correct office furniture investments.


Reduce construction costs by using modular glass walls and reduce employee health expenses by using sit to stand technology


Midwest Railcar Corporation employee lounge area


Project Outcome

Cost Savings. Provided glass wall solution which was more cost effective than traditional drywall and glass.

Sit to Stand Implementation. All employees received a sit to stand desk no matter what level of responsibility.

Streamlined Project Management. Worked directly with the architect and contractor to select finishes and electrical connections that would coordinate directly with the building and furniture.


Midwest Railcar Corporation workstation

Midwest Railcar Corporation layout

Midwest Railcar Corporation storage cabinet

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Written by Kevin Baltz