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Consolidating Procurement for a Regional Bank

October 29th, 2017 | 2 min. read

Consolidating Procurement for a Regional Bank

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The Challenge

A banking customer with 15 locations was looking for a way to consolidate vendors and streamline their process across all offices. They wanted to use the buying power of all the banks to negotiate pricing rather than letting each office buy on their own. With multiple contacts at multiple vendors, the accounting department was cutting multiple checks for one category of business supplies. The spot buying of on-sale copy paper is causing prices to be inconsistent from month to month and the copy machines struggle with the inconsistency of quality leading to more technician calls leading to downtime of their machines.


 This banking customer with 15 locations was looking to streamline their process and build an efficient system for office product procurement.


bank breakroom supplies

Services Provided

Office Supplies
Breakroom Supplies
Janitorial Supplies
Ink + Toner

Our Approach

We worked with the purchasing department to develop an approach that would decentralize and move the responsibility of ordering to the individual locations but still give the purchasing department control by establishing limits and guidelines each location must operate within. We also created a favorite list as a contract items to help drive purchasing to certain negotiated items. By having a best-value approach we are able to speed up the ordering process for each location so they are not consistently having to search for items based on price but keeping the pricing consistent and transparent helps predict usage based budgets. During our annual review we highlight the money saved by driving purchases to the best value items and offer substitute items to for purchases not on that contract list. We are always looking for ways to improve the process and recently we reviewed the invoicing process with the accounting department and streamlined their process from 50-60 invoices per month to process down into 1 resulting in significant time savings.

We created a custom office procurement solution for the purchasing department. This allows them to save time, while also continuing to control spending.

Project Outcome

Continuous Cost Management. We established and currently maintain a cost management system with triggered order reviews for fast ordering that adheres to existing priorities and budgets.

Ongoing Business Review. We collaborate with the purchasing team on a regular basis to ensure that the system we built continues to work and is reflective of current needs.

Efficient Invoicing. We provide a paperless invoicing system on a monthly basis to show costs and provide an efficient method for tracking and payment.

Images used in this case study are representative of capabilities and products used.

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