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2022 Compile Panel System Review (Key Features & Warranty)

November 13th, 2020 | 4 min. read

2022 Compile Panel System Review (Key Features & Warranty)

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Business is changing in the post COVID world. As your business needs shift, you need solutions that not only grow with you, but also promote privacy and collaboration without compromising the wellbeing of your employees.

Compile Panel System delivers maximum functionality while adapting to changes within your workplace. It’s an affordable solution that gives your office environment a competitive edge without sacrificing quality or beauty.

At Egyptian Workspace Partners, we are dedicated to creating workspaces that promote workplace wellbeing, which is why we recommend panel systems that are versatile, functional and highly customizable.

In this review of Compile, we’ll examine everything you need to know. From its key features and benefits, to its drawbacks and warranty, we’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.

Key Features of Compile Panel System

Compile panel system by Global


Compile makes it simple to create the space you want without breaking your budget. The pre-configured panels and universal corner posts ship with pre-assembled connector brackets, making it one of the easiest panel systems to install and reconfigure.

The Compile panel system also comes with aluminum raceway covers that hinge upward and lock in place. These covers can be easily removed to provide open access to and protect power and data in the base of the panel.

Design Possibilities

From corporate offices to schools and healthcare environments, Compile works in a wide range of spaces. The panels create everything from study areas for students to open plan workstations in collaborative spaces. 

Clean Aesthetic

Compile panels offer a clean appearance. Monolithic or single-segmented panels use aluminum raceway covers with or without knockouts, while the worksurface support and overhead storage options eliminate the need for slots in the panel frames to achieve a softer look.

Pros of Compile Panel System


Compile is efficient, flexible and durable. It delivers maximum functionality with pre-configured panel options that save you time and money and allow for easy reconfiguration as your business needs change.

In addition, Compile can be customized with overhead or base storage options, and either decrease privacy levels through a range of panel heights and divider screens. You can even enhance functionality in existing spaces with other Global Products.


The Compile panel system and its manufacturing processes are designed to save and protect the environment. The panels are made from up to 82 percent recycled materials, and the entire product line is up to 99 percent recyclable at the end of its life.

Compile is also GreenGuard and BIFMA Level 2 certified, and some of its fabrics are made from 100 percent recycled polyester. All storage components and panel frames are coated with an eco-friendly epoxy powder coating that doesn’t contain lead or any other harmful compounds.


As a B-grade panel system, Compile can cost anywhere from 40 to 50 percent less than Steelcase Answer, Although it’s difficult to provide an exact price estimate, the final price will vary depending on how it’s configured and the features you choose.    

Cons of Compile Panel System


Compile is a B-grade panel system, meaning it wears out faster and doesn’t hold as much as A-grade panel systems like Answer. It doesn’t offer as many features or customization options, and the material options are low-quality when compared to most A-grade systems.

Limited Panel Heights

Compile doesn’t offer as many panel heights as A-grade panels. It’s only available in four panel heights ranging from 30” to 66” high and doesn’t have the option of additional height with stackers, while Answer panels heights go up to 78” high, or even 90” high with stackers.

Compile Panel System Warranty Information

All Compile components are covered by the Evolve lifetime warranty, except for electrical components that are warranted for ten years, and panel textiles that are covered for five years.

Unfortunately, the warranty doesn’t apply to normal wear and tear, product misuse and modification, improper installation or products used for rental purposes.

Compile panel system by Global

Compile Panel System Customization Options

Whether you’re in need of workstations or benching, it’s easy to find the panel type and you need with Compile. Its clean aesthetic combines with a broad range of finish options, base styles and worksurfaces to suit any space:

  • Accessories – Optional accessories for Compile include a load bar, binder bin, letter tray, slant sorter, media bin, utility tray, flip sorter, mailbox, telephone holder, name plate and coat hook.
  • Panel Heights – Compile panels are available in four heights: 30”, 42, 54” and 66”.
  • Panel Widths – Compile panels come in seven widths: 24”, 30”, 26”, 42”, 48”, 54” and 60”.
  • Panel Skins – Compile panel skin options include fabric, paint, glazed and tempered glass, slatwall and laminate.
  • Panel Types – Compile panels are either monolithic, segmented, acoustic or glazed.
  • Worksurfaces – 1” thick Compile worksurfaces come in a variety of shapes: rectangular, curvilinear, corner curved, five-sided, curved corner for 60-degree post, extended curved corner, D-shape, hatchet, straight wedge, quarter round panel, straight transaction, L-corner transaction and corner transaction for 90-degree post.
  • Worksurface Materials – Compile worksurface materials are available in thermally fused laminate, high-pressure laminate and wood veneer.

Is Compile Panel System Right for You?

As one of the most affordable panel systems available, Compile is the perfect choice for budget-conscious business owners. It has a clean aesthetic, offers maximum functionality and allows for easy reconfigurations so you can rearrange your workspace while keeping costs low.

That being said, Compile is a B-grade panel system, so it lacks the quality, features and panel height options of A-grade systems like Answer. But despite its limitations, it’s still a better option than remanufactured or used office furniture.

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