The Benefits Of Office Chair Mats & How To Choose The Right One For Your St. Louis Office

Although people think of their office chair as a stationary piece of workplace furniture, it actually moves so often that it can cause damage to your floors. Pushing a chair towards and away from a desk each time an employee sits or stands rubs away at the surface beneath it.

Think about it like this: if you draw a small line on a piece of paper with a pen and then continue to go over that same line, eventually the pen will not only dent the paper, but even go through it.

This is what your chair is doing to your floors without a chair mat. The wheels rub away at it until there are scratches in wooden floors or bald spots on carpeting.

Bonus Benefit of Chair Mats: Their smooth surface makes it easier for task chairs to maneuver over, which is far more ergonomic. Taking the opportunity to implement ergonomic features into your office should always be a priority. It creates a safer, more comfortable environment and is proven to increase employee productivity.

A white office chair on a clear gripped mat to protect the white carpet beneath.

How To Choose A Mat For Your St Louis Office Chairs & Furniture Based On Floor Type, Thickness, Durability & Size Requirements

Whether you are sitting or standing at your desk, a mat is an exceptional ergonomic asset to your workspace. Available in a large variety of sizes and cushion thickness, there is no “one-size fits all” mat. Depending on your individual needs and the interior office design of your facility, you will have to choose a mat that works with those aspects.

A modern yellow ergonomic office chair on a no-grip chair mat to protect the hardwood floor beneath.

To Grip Or Not To Grip On A Chair Mat, That Is The Question

If a mat does not have the right bottom, it could cause the mat to slip over the floor or scratch the floor surface respectively.


Chair Mat Thickness Is Based On Carpet Depth

The idea here is to have the chair sit firmly and comfortably on the carpet without sinking into it. If the mat is too thin for the carpet depth, then the chair will loose traction and won’t be as supportive for the user.


The Durability Grade Of Your Office Chair Mat Depends On:

  • The weight of the individual using the chair mat. The heavier the person, the more durability will be needed for the mat to last for an extended period of time.
  • Frequency of use. This ranges from “all day” (which is for an individual working a standard desk job) to “occasional” (using the chair/mat for less than 2 hours each day). The more a chair mat is used, the greater the durability that will be required.


How To Choose The Best Size Mat For Your Workspace

Again, it’s important to remember when buying chair mats for your St. Louis office that one size does not fit all…literally. Aside from the durability and flooring factors, you need to look actually take the size of the workspace into consideration.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Determine your space type and the limitations. Do this by assessing the desk’s arrangement, its size and the general layout of the area. Is the desk large or small? Is the legroom a small niche or does it take up the complete underside of the desk? How much space is available behind the chair space?
  2. Take measurements. To determine the size of the mat, you need to measure the amount of chair space without obstacles, noting the length & width.
  3. Choose a mat!
A green and steel office chair rests on a gripped mat designed for low pile carpeting.

Measure to determine a size that will comfortably fit under the chair and the chair alone, allowing it to maneuver back and towards the desk. ONLY the chair can be placed on the mat. Putting a large mat under a desk leg can cause the mat to crack, become deformed, and deteriorate in an exponentially shorter amount of time.

Specialty Office Chair Mats To Meet Any Workspace Requirement

  1. Mats For Heavier Individual Users: These are designed to withstand a weight up to 500lbs, making them among the most durable and reliable mats around. They allow a chair to easily glide over the surface and stand the test of time.

    Some of these include: the MegaMat, Execumat, Premium, and Everlife Intensive Mat.
  2. L-Shaped Workstation Mat: These are chair mats uniquely designed for the modern office’s workstation. The L-shape allows a person to maneuver comfortably with the desk arrangement.
  3. Custom Fit Mats: Many modern interior office designs are as unique as their businesses. If a standard stock won’t do the trick in your workspace, custom mats are always an option!
  4. Anti-Fatigue Sit-To-Stand Mats: Of all the mats in the office place, these are making the biggest impact for the modern worker. With ergonomics taking over the workplace, more and more offices are implementing sit-stand workstations, allowing employees the healthier option of transitioning from sitting to standing while they work. Mats designed for this purpose not only protect the floors and give ergonomic glide to chairs—they are made to give maximum comfort for those who choose to stand while they work. It’s a perfect 2 in 1!
A blue task chair rests on a large, baseball diamond shaped chair mat to protect the carpet flooring.

Benefits Of Sit-To-Stand Ergonomic Mats

Ranging from a simple step mat to a full-size chair mat, sit-to-stand mats are a rising trend for the active worker in an ergonomic office.

  • Standing increases blood flow
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases positivity & productivity
  • Decreases the risk of musculoskeletal injuries & disorders

Check out the full benefits that come from using a Sit-Stand Workstation in your office!

A man works in a modern office while standing on an ergonomic sit-to-stand mat.

Egyptian’s Workplace Interior Design Experts Outfit Your Office From The Chair Mat Up!

Customers & partners across the nation have trusted Egyptian’s solutions, making a positive difference in their office interiors. Whether is taking accurate measurements to find the best-fit chair mat, or helping you choose the best mat for your needs, we work with transparent expertise.

Once you have a chair mat for you workspace, it is important to have the right kind of task chair. Nobody is the same, so the ergonomic office chair you use will make an impact on your health and productivity. Curious about which office chair is right for you?

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Alison Baltz

Written by Alison Baltz