From printing budget reports to copying essential documents, you probably use copy paper every day. Since most offices use the same type of paper for every print job, you may want to consider buying multi-use paper with several different uses.

Boise X9 multi-use copy paper is an excellent choice for the entire workplace. It's compatible with all types of office equipment and great for day-to-day copying and printing.

In this unbiased review, we'll discuss third-party information, product data, and our own knowledge to help you decide if X9 is the best copy paper for you and your team. 

Specs of Boise X9 Copy Paper

Boise X9 Copy Paper

When it comes to X9 copy paper, there are several sizes and weights to choose from. Let's break down the specifications of the standard letter size, which is the most popular option by far:

  • Sheet Size: Letter (8.5 x 11)
  • Paper Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Brightness Rating: 92 
  • Paper Color: White
  • Reams Per Carton: 10
  • Sheets Per Ream: 500
  • Sheets Per Unit: 5000

Key Features of BOISE X9 COPY Paper

Consistent Performance and Runnability

With a 20-lb weight rating and a brightness rating of 92, X9 multi-use copy paper provides reliable performance and high runnability. It's perfect for everyday business copying and printing, including high-volume print jobs.

99.9% Jam-Free Printing and Copying

X9 paper is a high-performance sheet of paper that guarantees 99.9% jam-free printing and copying for maximum use. 

Compared to that of non-branded copy paper, the spec requirements are tighter to eliminate potential paper jams. The narrow allowance on the caliper range lets X9 paper produce more consistent sheets and improve runnability.

If you buy X9 paper and it causes more than one jam in 10,000 sheets in your digital equipment, Boise Paper will either replace it or provide a refund up to the total purchase price.

Premium Performance in All Copiers and Printers

Boise Paper rigorously tests and engineers X9 paper to deliver the best results in several types of equipment. 

X9 is compatible with copiers, fax machines, high-speed copiers, high-speed printers, and inkjet printers. Plus, it's specially formulated to perform in laser machines. 

Pros of Boise X9 Copy Paper

BLI Performance Certification

Buyer's Laboratory Inc. (BLI) is the global leader in independent office equipment testing. 

When you see the BLI logo, it indicates that the paper has undergone performance testing against strict printer misfeeding, image quality, dusting, and curling standards.

In 2019 alone, BLI tested 800,000 sheets of X9 paper in 40 machine models – including printers, fax machines, and scanners – from 12 different manufacturers.

Control Over Quality and Consistency

Most copy paper “converters” buy large sheeter rolls (also known as master rolls) and convert them into paper, as compared to harvesting the trees themselves.

Since Boise has its own paper mills, they can produce the sheeter rolls in-house and control the entire process to ensure quality and consistency.

Large Sheeter Rolls

Made with Uncoated Pulp Fibers

When copy paper is manufactured, the quality of the materials used is important. If you use low-quality materials, the quality of the paper will be low too.

X9 paper is made up of high-grade, uncoated pulp fibers, which is why every sheet of paper is incredibly smooth.

Made in the USA

As a Boise Paper product, X9 paper is made in the United States.

By manufacturing paper in the United States, Boise can provide essential and quality products, delivery, and services to all their customers. They employ more than 1000 workers at their paper mills.

Additionally, domestic paper serves an advantage over paper made overseas. When paper is shipped internationally, it travels across the ocean and can be exposed to severe temperatures and moisture.

Environmental Responsibility

Boise Paper realizes the importance of taking care of the environment, which is why they create eco-conscious paper products.

All Boise Paper mills are FSC, SFI, and PEFC chain of custody certified. This type of certification traces and controls the path of wood products through the supply chain.

Like other Boise Paper products, X9 is made with pulp that is SFI certified fiber sourced.

100% Acid-Free

X9 paper will not yellow or fade over time, which means it’s the perfect option for legal documents and other items you want to keep for a long time.  

Available in a Variety of Options

X9 is available in several different sheet sizes and weights, including a 24-lb version optimized for two-sided printing and copying with minimal show-through. Some of the other sizes include:

  • 8.5 x 14
  • 11 x 17
  • 8.5 x 11 (3-hole punch)

The Cons of Boise X9 Copy Paper

0% Recycled Content

If you work at an office that requires recycled paper, you should consider another option. Although it’s an eco-friendly option, X9 is not made up of any recycled content.

Not Specifically Formulated for Inkjet Printers

While X9 is compatible with most inkjet printers, it’s technically formulated for laser machines. If you have an inkjet printer, you may want to choose copy paper specially formulated for ink.

High Price Point  

The cost of copy paper is determined by factors such as size and weight. Premium paper will cost more than cheaper paper because of its quality.  

Priced in the mid $40s per case of ten reams (5000 sheets), X9 paper is more expensive than private label paper. However, you'll be paying for high-quality paper. 

If you're running into issues with white box or plain label paper, X9 is a great alternative. 

Short Term Performance Issues

Although X9 paper is 99.9% jam-free, there may be short term performance issues when you use it for the first time. 

Different brands of copy paper vary in smoothness, stiffness, and thickness. Some copiers and printers become “dialed in” with a specific paper over time, which means new paper can prompt jams.

Fortunately, these issues are always avoidable or fixable. Before you run any new brand of paper, you should schedule a thorough cleaning of all your equipment and replace any rollers nearing the end of their useful life.

Boise X9 copy paper

Is Boise X9 Paper Right for You?

If you’re searching for the perfect multi-use paper for day-to-day copying and printing, Boise X9 paper may be right for you.

On the surface, there are several types of copy paper with the same specifications. However, these choices lack the features that set X9 paper apart from the rest. In fact, it’s one of Egyptian’s best sellers. 

As a budget-friendly option, X9 is an excellent choice for everyday copying and printing. With consistent performance and proven reliability, you can worry less about downtime and jamming in your printer.

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