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The Best Office Task Chairs of 2022

August 18th, 2020 | 168 min. read

The Best Office Task Chairs of 2022

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Did you know the average American spends 6.5 hours sitting every single day


If you fall into this category and work in an office setting, you need an office task chair that’s not only comfortable, but also helps you stay productive and complete important tasks.  


But when it’s time to buy a new office chair, the process can be overwhelming. After all, there are literally thousands of options to choose from.  


Whether you’re looking for a chair with extra ergonomic support or aesthetic appeal, you should never settle for the first option. Instead, you should do what every other customer does 


You should read online reviews 


Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we know how complicated and time-consuming it can be to find an office task chair that works for you and your employees.  


With more than 25 years of industry experience, we know exactly what to look for and what to avoid, which is why we decided to do all the work for you.  


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best ergonomic chairs available today. Regardless of the chair you choose, we can assure you that any of these chairs will get the job done.  


Full Disclaimer: At Egyptian, we do sell some of the chairs listed below. This article was based solely on publicly available third-party information and not our own opinions in any way.  


Table of Contents


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Herman Miller Aeron 


Initially released in the early 1990s, Herman Miller’s Aeron is the original ergonomic office chair. In 2014, it was reimagined to retain its health-positive features and blend seamlessly into the modern office.  

While it may not offer some of the adjustments that newer office chairs have, the Aeron does have an adjustable lumbar support, an adjustable tilt and seat angle, and a breathable seat and backrest for superior back support.

Specs of the Aeron 

The Aeron is available with fixed, height-adjustable, and fully adjustable armrests. It also comes in three different sizes to fit a wide scope of users:  

  • Total Height: 38.5” - 43"
  • Total Width: 25.75” - 28.75"
  • Total Depth: 16” - 18.5"
  • Seat Height: 14.75" - 20"

As a Herman Miller product, the Aeron is built in a 100% green-energy facility and has a 12-year warranty that covers casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms.  


Pros of the Aeron 


The Aeron has an easy, big range of recline for an office chair. The tilt tension lets you adjust the amount of weight it takes to let the chair slide back. Once it’s adjusted, you can sink slowly backward perfectly. 


Cooling Abilities 

The Aeron is made up of Pellicle fabric that allows air and body heat to pass through the seat and backrest to maintain ventilation and cooling comfort.   


Promotes Better Posture 

The Aeron uses PostureFit SL technology to stabilize the base of the spine to provide ergonomic support and improve posture.


Cons of the Aeron  


Ranging from $650 to $900 in price, the Aeron isn't a great value since it lacks a lot of the adjustments that top-of-the-line task chairs already have. 


Lack of Standard Adjustments  

The Aeron lacks features such as a seat depth adjustment and a back-height adjustment, which usually come standard with other ergonomic task chairs.



The Aeron’s armrests have some padding, but they can be hard to adjust because the lever mechanism is located on the back and requires both hands to operate.


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Herman Miller Mirra 2


The Mirra 2 is designed to move with and be one with your body. With intuitive adjustments that adapt to your slightest movements, this chair combines comfort with personalized ergonomics in a sophisticated design. 


Even though it's less expensive than the Aeron, the Mirra 2 is Herman Miller’s most adjustable office chair. Some of its best features are the PostureFit adjustable lumbar support and TriFlex Back.  


Specs of the Mirra 2 

With a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds and a durable, lightweight design, the Mirra 2 can fit everyone between the 5th and 95th percentile:

  • Total Height: 38” – 42” 
  • Total Width: 29"
  • Total Depth: 25"
  • Seat Height: 16" - 20.5"
  • Seat Depth: 16.25" - 18"

Like the Aeron, the Mirra 2 is made in Michigan and has a 12-year warranty that covers all parts. It also has a ventilated seat and backrest to keep your employees cool, particularly in the warmer months.


Pros of the Mirra 2 

Great Adjustability 

The Mirra 2 has ergonomic adjustments that work for a wide range of people and applications, including the Harmonic 2 tilt tension, the AirWeave Seat Suspension, and the Butterfly Back.  


Build Quality  

The Mirra 2 is solid, functions smoothly, and is made up of parts that are made to last and fit together like they’re supposed to.  


Comfortable Armrests  

The Mirra 2's four-way adjustable armrests have soft padding and a natural front slope that provide users with all-day comfort. 


Cons of the Mirra 2 


Priced anywhere from $650 and $900, the Mirra 2 may cost less than other Herman Miller chairs, but it's still expensive.


Firm Mesh Seat 

Mesh seats aren't designed for everyone. If you’re not a fan of mesh or prefer padding, you may want to consider an alternative to the Mirra 2.


Complicated Adjustments 

The Mirra 2's fully adjustable armrests may be too far apart for shorter users, and the recline tension adjustment can be difficult to turn.  


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Herman Miller Embody


In a world where sitting for long periods of time is necessary in the workplace, Herman Miller’s Embody actually improves your health while you sit. In fact, the human-back inspired design was created with the input of more than 30 physicians 


Apart from its eye-catching design, the Embody also has a layered seat and personalized adjustments to promote pressure distribution, natural alignment, and healthy movement, even if you’re sitting all day, every day.  


Specs of the Embody

Made of 95% recycled content, the Embody is has a 300-pound weight limit and is designed to fit users between the 5th and 98th percentile:

  • Total Height: 42” – 45” 
  • Total Width: 29.5"
  • Seat Height: 16" - 20.5"
  • Seat Depth: 15" - 18"

As a Herman Miller product, the Embody is made in the USA and covered by a 12-year warranty. It’s available with no arms or fully adjustable arms, and 2.5-inch casters for hard floors or carpet.  


Pros of the Embody 

Personalized Adjustments  

The Embody automatically adjusts to the body’s movements, distributing body weight evenly to reduce pressure and encourage healthy movement.


Pixelated Support 

With its pixelated support, the Embody’s seat and back surfaces automatically conform to your body’s movements, distributing weight evenly as you sit.


Layered Seat 

The Embody’s seat is made up of four different layers that work together to reduce pressure and allow for airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable as you sit. 


Cons of the Embody 

Stiff Backrest 

The Embody's armrests are attached to the backrest and pull away when you recline, making it harder to maintain forearm support while typing.  


Complicated Adjustments 

The Embody has adjustments that aren't easy to use. The armrests lack depth and pivot adjustments, and the seat depth adjustment is difficult to adjust.



As compared to similarly priced office chairs that can be used straight out of the box, the Embody does require some assembly.  


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Knoll Generation 


Knoll’s Generation replaces the notions of how people should sit with the support they need to work freely. The innovative, elastic design gives you the flexibility and comfort you need to sit and work however you choose.  


As the first chair of its kind, the Generation promotes unrestrained movements with a frameless flex back, frameless flex seat, Tilt Preference Selector, Dynamic Suspension, and a continuous lumbar support. 


Specs of the Generation 

The Generation is simply designed and has only three controls. It’s a one-size-fits-all that’s tested and approved for users weighing up to 300 pounds:   


  • Total Height: 39.25” – 44.5” 
  • Total Width: 28.5” 
  • Total Depth: 26” (excluding base)
  • Seat Height: 16.5”- 21.75” 

The Generation is warranted for 12-year, 24-7, multi-shift use. This warranty covers all components of the chair except for seating upholstery, textiles, leathers, and finishes.   

Pros of the Generation 


With its flexible backrest, soft seat edge, and cantilevered armrests, the Generation is designed to accommodate users of different postures.  



The Generation offers adjustments such the tilt preference selector for three ranges of recline movement and the Dynamic Suspension for smooth recline.


One Size Fits All 

The Generation is simply designed with only three controls to adjust. The wide lower back supports every shape so users can sit however you want.


Cons of the Generation 

Build Quality 

There have been some reports of build-quality issues with the Generation. For example, the plastic straps the backrest are prone to breaking when users stand over the chair and move it forward.  



The armrests on the Generation are made of low-quality plastic that’s thin and easy to crack, so the arms may not stay in place like they’re supposed to.  


Seat and Arm Lift 

The Generation’s seat pan can rise significantly and lift users’ feet off the ground, causing pressure under the thighs. The arms can also pull away from the work surface and make it hard to maintain forearm support while typing.  


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Knoll K


Knoll’s K is a highly adaptable and affordable task chair that meets the demands of the modern workplace. The double-layer mesh and cushioned seat provide top-notch comfort, while the simple design fits any office aesthetic.  


Whether you’re looking for a chair with simple adjustments or just want to save some money, the K is a great option. It comes with standard features such as a seat height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, and tilt tension.  


Specs of the K 

The K is available with either fixed or height-adjustable armrests, as well as a high-performance lumbar support. It’s designed to support users weighing up to 300 pounds 


  • Total Height: 37.9” – 43.2” 
  • Total Width: 27” 
  • Total Depth: 27” 
  • Seat Height: 15.6" - 20.9"

As a Knoll product, the K is covered by a 12-year, 24-7 use warranty. It also has a five-point tilt lock that lets you move the chair in five different positions, including upright or reclined.  


Pros of the K 

Waterfall Seat Edge 

The K’s waterfall seat edge allows for unrestricted movement to support different postures and provide all-day comfort.  


Double-Layer Mesh 

The K has a double-layer mesh backrest and seat cushion, combining the comfort of knit with the rigidity of mesh for continuous support.  


Synchronized Tilt Tension Control 

The synchronized tilt tension provides users with a smooth, easy recline with only one turn of the tension dial.  


Cons of the K 

Complicated Adjustments  

The lumbar is somewhat stiff and prohibits movement in the back. The tension knob can also be very stiff and hard to turn.  


Weak Recline  

When a user reclines in the K, the mechanism may drop significantly and move them away from their monitor, keeping them away from their work.


Arm Height Adjustment 

According to some reviews, the arm height adjustment can be difficult to move. It can also make an extremely loud noise when the user moves the arms up or down.  


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Haworth Zody


With its innovative, highly adjustable lower back support, the Zody is designed to help people feel good at work. In fact, it was the first task chair to be endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).  


For anyone with lower back pain, the Zody is the perfect solution. It has adjustments such as a Pelvic and Asymmetrical Lumbar (PAL) system and a tilt tension control to improve posture and physical health every day.  


Specs of the Zody   

Light in scale, the Zody has easy, labeled adjustments and a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds to accommodate 95% of users:  


  • Total Height: 38” – 43” 
  • Total Width: 29” 
  • Total Depth: 29” 
  • Seat Height: 14” – 17” 
  • Seat Depth: 16” – 19” 

Made from 42% recycled content, the Zody is covered by Haworth’s 12-year, 24-7 warranty. It comes with fixed arms, height adjustable arms, 4D adjustable arms, or no arms at all, as well as an optional backstop. 


Pros of the Zody 

Asymmetrical Back Support 

As the only office chair with an asymmetrical back support, you can adjust the Zody's lumbar support on the left and right side of your back for additional comfort. 


Flexible Backrest 

The Zody's backrest is composed of a woven polyester mesh that provides support, flexibility, and six different reclines to choose from. 



The Zody offers adjustments as a waterfall seat edge to minimize pressure behind your legs, and an optional headrest for contoured ergonomic support.


Cons of the Zody 

Prone to Damage 

The Zody's PAL system and lumbar support are both made of plastic, so they’re more likely to break.


Low-Grade Adjustments  

Some of the adjustments don’t work exactly like they’re supposed to. The arms move easily, and the forward tilt option doesn't lock into place correctly.


Lack of Flexible Support 

When reclining in the chair, the backrest won’t flex to fit your spine, causing a gap in your lower back and the backrest.


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Haworth Soji


Haworth’s Soji is a highly adjustable task chair that syncs your body and mind the second you sit. It marries comfort and elegance to provide more ergonomic features and customization options than other Haworth chairs do.  


Featuring adjustments such as a height-adjustable lumbar support, waterfall seat edge, forward tilt tension, and synchronized tilt mechanism with a backlog, the Soji fits a wide spectrum of users.  


Specs of the Soji  

The Soji has simple, easy-to-use controls for user customization and a maximum weight limit of 325 pounds:  


  • Total Height: 39” – 44” 
  • Total Width: 28” 
  • Total Depth: 27” 
  • Seat Width: 20 
  • Seat Depth: 16.25” – 18.75

The Soji is covered by Haworth’s 12-year, 24-7 warranty. It’s also one of the only task chairs in its price range to be BIFMA-G1-2013 and Greenguard certified.


Pros of the Soji 


The Soji adjusts effortlessly and provides users with essential adjustments such as the tilt tension control and forward tilt. 



With a mesh backrest that increases airflow and a waterfall seat edge to minimize pressure, the Soji is extremely comfortable.  


Customization Options 

The Soji is highly customizable. The standard knit back option comes in 11 colors, and the upholstered back option is offered in Haworth fabrics, leathers, and faux leathers. 


Cons of the Soji 

Arm Caps 

The Soji’s arm caps are soft and comfortable, but they do have a hard edge that could easily be damaged.   


Mesh Back 

The mesh on the backrest is loose and may not adequately support users. Plus, the mesh can hammock users and discourage them from moving frequently throughout the day.   


Not Great for Shared Spaces  

Despite how adjustable it is, the Soji may not be the best option for shared workspaces where users may have to constantly readjust their seat. 


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Haworth Fern


Haworth’s Fern provides a comfortable sitting experience that promotes optimal performance. Its innovative, edgeless design supports your entire back and envelopes your body to enhance how you sit.  


To ensure you’re never distracted, the Fern has intuitive adjustments such as the Wave Suspension system, pressure mapping, an adjustable recline, a flexible frame, a high seat back, and four-way adjustable armrests.   


Specs of the Fern  

The Fern’s controls are clearly visible and easy to operate. It also comes with optional features like a five-position backstop and a mechanism synchronized three-point tilt:  


  • Total Height: 41.5” – 47” 
  • Total Width: 29” 
  • Total Depth: 28.5” 
  • Seat Height: 16.5” – 21.5” 
  • Seat Depth: 15.5” – 18.5”

The Fern is built in a Zero Waste to Landfill manufacturing facility and comes equipped with a 12-year, 24-7 warranty.   


Pros of the Fern 

Pressure Mapping 

Pressure mapping comfortably distributes pressure and support in key areas. It also promotes proper seated posture and comfort for long-term use. 


Flexible Frame 

The Fern has a flexible frame on the seat back that for dynamic back support. It also moves with the user to provide extra support in upright, reclined, and leaning positions. 


Adjustable Armrests 

The Fern’s armrests are highly adjustable. They can be raised and lowered, pivoted in and out, and moved forward or back to accommodate users. 


Cons of the Fern  


Costing anywhere between $750 and $1200, the Fern is significantly more expensive than other task chairs on the market.  


Too Many Adjustments 

The Fern comes with a lot of adjustment options, including nine different levers and several knobs. With all these options, it’s more likely that something on the chair will break sooner than later.  


Tension Mechanism 

The Fern’s tension mechanism requires at least 25 turns to find the right position. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to seamlessly transition from an upright position to a recline position. 


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Steelcase Series 1

Steelcase Series 1

The Steelcase Series 1 delivers performance, style, and comfort while retaining everything an office chair needs. With 11 knit, flexor, and lumbar colors, as well as multiple shell and finish options, it's attainable for everyone. 

Instead of sacrificing features, the Series 1 provides essential adjustments such as Integrated LiveBack Technology, an advanced weight-activated mechanism, a comfort dial back control, and 4D adjustable arms. 

Specs of the Series 1

Designed for users weighing up to 400 pounds, the Series 1 comes with 4D adjustable arms, height-adjustable arms, or no arms at all:

  • Total Height: 36.5" - 41.25"
  • Total Width: 23.5" - 27"
  • Total Depth: 21" - 23.75"
  • Seat Height: 16.6" - 21.5"
  • Seat Depth: 18.5"

The Series 1 is covered by Steelcase’s limited global warranty, which covers structural elements for life. Mechanisms and other parts are covered for 12 years, and textiles are covered anywhere from five to 12 years.

Pros of the Series 1

Integrated LiveBack Technology

The Series 1 encourages movement with Integrated LiveBack Technology, a system of backrest flexors that provide proper, responsive support.

Adaptive Bolstering

Adaptive bolstering allows the Series 1seat cushion to adjust to every user's unique body shape and provide dynamic support as postures change.


Starting in the high $300s, the Series 1 is the most affordable task chair in the Steelcase seating portfolio. 

Cons of the Series 1 

Flimsy Armrests

According to some reviews, the armrests are too easy to move and somewhat flimsy. They're also on the wider side, which may be an issue for more petite users. 

Long-Term Comfort

The Series 1 provides a lot of ergonomic support for a chair in its price range, but it may not be the most comfortable option for hours of extended use. 

Recline Position

Although the Series 1 has a comfort dial with three recline settings, the options are limited and may not provide the exact amount of recline you need. 

Looking for more information about the Steelcase Series 1? Visit our Learning Hub to read the full review!

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Steelcase Series 2Steelcase Series 2

The Series 2 is the newest addition to the Steelcase seating line-up. With extensive style choices and advanced performance, it’s attainable for every user without compromising essential ergonomic features.  

To provide each part of the spine with personalized support, the Series 1 uses Air LiveBack Technology, as well as adjustments such as a height-adjustable lumbar support, a responsive back tension, and 4D adjustable arms.

Specs of the Series 2

The Series 2 is available in five different back styles, including a plastic air back or fabric back cover, and has a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds:

  • Total Height: 31" - 33.75"
  • Total Width: 27"
  • Total Height: 28" - 42.5"
  • Seat Width: 19"

Covered by Steelcase’s limited global warranty, the Series 2 has different back styles, including a plastic air back or fabric back cover, and 19 mix-and-match back and 3D microknit colors.

Pros of the Series 2

Air LiveBack Technology

The Series 2 features Air LiveBack Technology, which works through an innovative geometric design to flex in two dimensions and support each part of your spine as you move.

Dynamic Seat Cushion

With adaptive seat bolstering, the Series 1 conforms to every user’s unique shape to provide instant comfort.


Priced in the high $300s to low $400s, the Series 2 is a mid-market option that’s affordably priced without compromising ergonomic features and support.

Cons of the Series 2

Lack of Available Information

Since the Series 2 is so new, there’s a lack of information available online, and there aren’t any reviews from real-life users yet.

Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to find a lot of information about potential flaws or defects at this time.

Interested in learning more about the Series 2? Read our comprehensive review for everything you need to know!

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Steelcase Amia 

Steelcase Amia

Inspired by three key studies in a medical study with more than 700 users, Steelcase's Amia is a hardworking, versatile, and comfortable office chair that adds an element of sophistication to any workplace.

Designed for long hours of sitting, the Amia provides users with ergonomic features such as LiveLumbar Technology, an advanced synchro-tilt mechanism, a variable back lock and back tension, and 3D adjustable arms.

Specs of the Amia

The Amia comes in two different models - the standard Amia and the Amia Air. Both versions have a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds:

  • Total Height: 37.25" - 42.75"
  • Total Width: 26.5"
  • Total Depth: 20"
  • Seat Height: 18.5" - 22.75"
  • Seat Width: 19.25"

The Amia is covered by Steelcase’s limited global warranty and made of 34% recycled content. It’s available with height adjustable arms or no arms at all, as well as a polished aluminum base and soft casters.

pros of the amia

LiveLumbar Technology

The Amia’s LiveLumbar Technology encourages healthy motion by supporting each user's unique spine shape. The innovative backrest design allows the chair to dynamically shift and flex as you move.

Versatile Design

Whether it's a conference room or a workstation, the Amia has a sleek, modern design that blends seamlessly into any office setting. 


The Amia has a height-adjustable lumbar support that can be raised lower or higher for extra comfort, as well as a flexible seat edge to relieve pressure when you recline or lean forward.

cons of the amia

Recline Position

Although you can set your desired amount of resistance, the Amia's recline position may not provide as much recline as you want.

No Headrest

Unlike other Steelcase chairs such as the Gesture or Think, the Amia does not provide users with an optional headrest to choose from.

Think the Steelcase Amia is the chair you're looking for? Check out our full review to help you make your final decision!

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Steelcase Think

Steelcase Think

Steelcase's Think chair is made for people who sit for a living. Originally released in 2004, it's since been redesigned to excel in today's mobile world, accommodate mobile workers, and conform to how they sit.

To provide unmatched support, the Think senses what your body needs and adjusts itself intuitively. It has a minimal number of adjustments, including a flexible back frame, linked flexors, and a dual-energy lumbar. 

specs of the think

The Think is available with fixed, adjustable, or no arms at all, as well as an adjustable headrest and polished aluminum base. It's designed to fit users weighing up to 400 pounds

  • Total Height: 37.25” – 42” 
  • Total Width: 28.5” 
  • Total Depth: 18.5” 
  • Seat Height: 16.5” – 21.5” 
  • Seat Width: 20.25"

Covered by Steelcase’s limited global warranty, the Think was the first product on the planet to receive Cradle-to-Cradle certification and the first office chair to receive e3 Level certification under BIFMA testing standards.

PROS of the think

Integrated LiveBack Technology

Using Integrated LiveBack Technology, the Think responds to your movements and conforms to your body as you change postures.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Think combines beauty with functionality for a refined aesthetic that’s different than other Steelcase chairs and looks great in any office setting.


The Think offers a minimal number of adjustments that are simple and easy to use, so you can freely adjust and move as needed. 

cons of the think


Priced in the low $500s to the high $600s, the Think lacks the value and performance advantages that other Steelcase chairs offer.

Recline Adjustments

While the Think does have stock recline settings, these options can be flimsy and too easy to recline with. 

Overhanging Armrests

There may also be a significant amount of overhang when the arms are adjusted all the way in, which can break easily if you apply too much pressure. 

To learn more about the Steelcase Think, check out our in-depth review, complete with customization options, key features, and more!

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Steelcase Leap


With an exceptional range of adjustments, the Steelcase Leap chair is designed to promote a healthier way to sit and deliver full support for a variety of body shapes and sizes, for a truly custom fit for everyone in your office 


To easily adjust to fit you and how you work, the Leap uses LiveBack 3D Technology to mimic the spine’s movement. It also has an adjustable lumbar, variable back stop, upper back force, adjustable seat depth, and adjustable armrests.   


Specs of the Leap 

The Leap is available in two versions – the standard Leap and the Leap Plus. The Leap has a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds:


  • Total Height: 38.5” – 43.5” 
  • Total Width: 27” 
  • Total Depth: 21.75” – 24.75” 
  • Seat Height: 15.5” – 20.5” 
  • Seat Width: 19.25” 


Covered by Steelcase's limited global warranty, the Leap comes with height adjustable arms, fully adjustable arms, or no arms at all. 


Pros of the Leap 

LiveBack 3D Technology

Equipped with LiveBack 3D Technology and a unique ergonomic shape, the Leap conforms to and supports every user as they move throughout the day.


Natural Glide System

The Leap's Natural Glide System automatically adjusts the seat depth as you recline, to provide the best recline position without straining your eyes or neck.


Build Quality  

As a Steelcase product, the Leap is extremely durable and well-built. It has a weight limit of 400 pounds and is designed for a long life. 


Cons of the Leap 


The Leap starts in the $700s, which is a steep price for any office chair. However, other chairs lack the ergonomic qualities that make the Leap unique. 


No Back Height Adjustment

Despite its wide range of features, the Leap does not have a back height adjustment, which may be an issue for users above the 95th percentile.



At nearly 50 pounds, the Leap is made out of steel and can be difficult to move from one room to another. 


Did you know we wrote a comprehensive review of the Steelcase Leap? To read the full version, visit our Learning Hub!   


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Steelcase Gesture


Inspired by global study with more than 2,000 participants in 11 countries, Steelcase's Gesture is the first office chair designed to support a greater range of technologies, postures, and user sizes 


Using 3D LiveBack Technology, the Gesture automatically adjusts to mimic how the spine moves and contour to all postures. It boasts adjustments such as the variable back stop, core equalizer, and upper back force.  


Specs of the Gesture 

With a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds, and 90 degrees of rotation, the Gesture can fit 99% of the world population 


  • Total Height: 39.25”  44.25” 
  • Total Width: 22.375” – 34.375” 
  • Total Depth: 21” – 23.625” 
  • Seat Height: 16” – 21” 
  • Seat Width: 20” 

The Gesture is covered by the global limited warranty. On average, it uses 33% less space than other task chairs, and has optional features such as an optional headrest and fixed armrests. 


Pros of the Gesture 

Designed to Support Technology 

The Gesture has a 360 arm that moves like a human arm, so it can support users while they interact with technology without compromising healthy movement.


3D LiveBack Technology

The Gesture uses 3D LiveBack Technology to mimic the spine's natural movement and contour to all postures through the backrest, seat, and armrests.


One Size Fits All

With an extended tension range, arm width, and wider-than-average seat with adaptive bolstering, the Gesture can support a large spectrum of users.


Cons of the Gesture 


The Gesture starts in the mid $800’s, which is expensive for any office chair, but with its adjustments and extensive warranty, it should last for years.



Although it can withstand normal wear and tear, the Gesture weighs more than 70 pounds and can be difficult to move.  


No Back Height Adjustment  

The Gesture doesn’t have a back height adjustment and may not be the best fit for someone above the 95th percentile. 


For more information about the Steelcase Gesture chair and who it’s the best fit for, check out our full review! 


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Global Factor


The Global Factor recalculates the value equation for office chairs with a wide range of instinctive adjustments. It has a lightweight, intuitive design that’s highly adjustable and customizable without breaking the bank.  


To adjust with you throughout the workday, the Factor provides features such as an adjustable lumbar support, task swivel mechanism, fixed or adjustable arms, and an integrated backrest handle.  


Specs of the Factor 

The Factor is available with or without side sliding arm caps and a weight sensing synchro-tilt mechanism. It has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds 


  • Total Height: 29” – 43” 
  • Total Width: 26.5” 
  • Total Depth: 24” 
  • Seat Height: 16” – 20” 
  • Seat Width: 20” 

The Factor is covered by Global’s lifetime warranty, which covers all structural components. The control mechanisms are covered for 12 years, while foam and fabric are covered for five years.  


Pros of the Factor 

Adjustable Lumbar Support 

One of the highlights of the Factor is its adjustable lumbar support, which flexes independently on each side of the chair so it can respond to seated movements as you work.  



The Factor has a lumbar pad to maintain support when you lean or move laterally, and a contoured molded foam cushion to provide extra comfort 



With adjustments such as the tilter mechanism and the side-activated seat depth, Factor is specifically designed to adjust with your body as you move.


Cons of the Factor 

Lack of Some Adjustments 

The standard Factor lacks some of the adjustments that come standard with other office task chairs, which means it won't be able to support some users.


Arm Caps 

Compared to other task chairs on the market, the Factor’s arm caps provide limited mobility.  



The Factor's customization options come with a price. Once you begin adding features, it’ll be more expensive and less comfortable than other office chairs.  


Want to learn more about the Global Factor chair and whether it’s right for you? This in-depth review can help you answer that.  


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Hon Ignition


The HON Ignition is an all-in-one solution that supports virtually any body type, work style, and office activity. It offers an enhanced level of style and comfort that allows you to mix and match adjustments and design options.


Some of the Ignition’s easy-to-use adjustments include an adjustable seat depth, seat height, synchro-tilt mechanism, seat glider, adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and upper back force.  


Specs of the Ignition 

With three adjustable back heights, two seat sizes, and four arm styles, the Ignition is designed to fit everyone between the 5th and 95th percentile:


  • Total Height: 44.5” 
  • Total Width: 27” 
  • Total Height: 44.5” 
  • Seat Width: 20” 

The Ignition is covered by the HON Full Lifetime warranty, which includes all product lines, materials, and structural components.  


Pros of the Ignition 


The Ignition comes with simple, easy-to-use adjustments such as the synchro-tilt mechanism, side tilt tension, and back height adjustment to comfortably adjust to any body type.



Starting in the low to mid $300s, the Ignition is more affordable than other task chairs on the market. Once you begin adding features, the price will go up.  


Modern Design 

Whether you’re in need of furniture for a library or a lab, the Ignition has a modern, sleek design that looks great in any office setting. 


Cons of the Ignition 

Flimsy Lumbar Support 

Some customers reviews have reported the Ignition’s lumbar support can be flimsy and uncomfortable for long periods of sitting.  


Lack of Some Adjustments 

While the Ignition is highly customizable, it lacks some of the features that other task chairs come standard with.  



The Ignition either comes fully assembled for an extra fee, or a “knocked down” version that’ll require you to spend time putting it together yourself.  


To learn more about the Hon Ignition chair, its benefits, and drawbacks, check out the in-depth article we wrote about it! 


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AMQ Jaku

AMQ Jaku

As AMQ’s top-of-the-line task chair, the Jaku combines high performance task seating with dynamic style. Fully customizable to user preferences, it’s available in two frame colors, three base options, and a variety of seating fabrics.  


While it lacks some of the adjustments that other task chairs have, the Jaku does come with standard features such as a variable back stop, tension adjustment, height-adjustable lumbar support, and an integrated seat depth adjustment.  


Specs of the Jaku 

The Jaku is available with either fixed or adjustable armrests, as well as an optional back tension, and has a maximum weight limit of 275 pounds 


  • Total Height: 39.25” – 42.5” 
  • Total Width: 27” 
  • Total Depth: 44.5” 
  • Seat Width: 20” 

The Jaku is BIFMA 2017 certified and comes with a 10-year warranty that covers all parts and approved labor. 


Pros of the Jaku 


The Jaku has a waterfall seat design, as well as a backrest that's upholstered in a honeycomb, knitted mesh for breathable support and all-day comfort. 



Ranging in price from $300 to $500, the Jaku is very affordable. As with any other task chair, the price will go up once you start adding adjustments.  



The Jaku has intuitive adjustments. It comes with standard features such as the step sync mechanism, although you can opt for a premium feature like the smart sync mechanism. 


Cons of the Jaku 

Lack of Adjustments 

he Jaku lacks a lot of ergonomic features that other chairs on this list have, such as an adjustable seat height.


Assembly Time 

If you don’t choose the fully assembled option, the Jaku requires some assembly. You’ll have to spend at least ten minutes putting it together, which can take away from your work.  


Not Designed for Everyone 

When it comes to AMQ, most users are in-between the Jaku and Siya, but you won’t know which one is right for you until you sit in each for a couple hours.  


Interested in the AMQ Jaku chair? Our comprehensive review can help you decide if it’s the right office chair for you.  


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AMQ Siya


AMQ’s Siya task chair is flexible and dynamic. It combines comfort and customizable style with optional features such as four-way adjustable arms and comes in a wide selection of seating fabrics.  


Although it has less features than the Jaku, the Siya does come with an integrated seat slider, back tension control, and an adjustable lumbar support to provide users with comfort throughout the workday.  


Specs of the Siya 

The Siya is available with either a white or black frame, or a white, black, or polished aluminum base. It’s designed for users weighing up to 275 pounds 


  • Total Height: 41.25” – 45.25” 
  • Total Width: 27” 
  • Total Depth: 17.75” 
  • Seat Height: 19.5” 

As an AMQ product, the Siya is covered by a 10-year warranty. It's also BIFMA 2017 certified and comes with removable seat covers for easy cleaning. 


Pros of the Siya 

High Backrest 

With its high backrest and slim profile, the Siya is perfect for users in need of a chair with a tall or slim back.  



The Siya has a breathable mesh backrest with an adjustable lumbar support, as well as an integrated seat glider so you can easily move the seat.



As a mid-market option, the Siya costs anywhere between $300 and $350, depending on what features you decide to add.  


Cons of the Siya 

Lack of Adjustments  

The Siya lacks some of the ergonomic features that the Jaku has, as well as a weight-activated tension tilt.  


Assembly Time 

If you don't go with the fully assembled option, the Siya requires at least ten minutes of assembly.


Not Designed for Everyone 

Most customers are in-between the Jaku and Siya when it comes to AMQ seating. To figure out which one is right for you, you’ll have to sit in both for a couple hours.  


For more information about the AMQ Siya chair, check out our review in the Learning Hub!  


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AMQ Zilo


AMQ’s Zilo is a modern seating solution with a wide range of ergonomic features, as well as more than 60 fabric, vinyl, and leather options for endless design possibilities. 


Whether you decide to stick with the standard configurations or add more features for a truly unique fit, the Zilo comes with adjustments such as the adjustable lumbar support and a seat height adjustment.  


Specs of the Zilo 

The Zilo is available with either a mid or high back, and fixed or adjustable arms. It also has removable seat covers and a maximum weight limit of 275 pounds: 


  • Total Height: 39.5” – 43.5 
  • Total Width: 26.5 
  • Total Depth: 20 
  • Seat Height: 18.5” – 22.75 
  • Seat Width: 19.25

Like other AMQ products, the Zilo is covered by a 10-year warranty. It’s also approved for home office use and complies with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards. 


Pros of the Zilo 


The Zilo offers a full range of standard adjustments, including a full synchro mechanism with tension adjuster and a two-position lock with a sliding seat mechanism.  



The Zilo is available with either a high or mid-height back rest, as well as an expansive, thick seat cushion for tailored support and customized comfort.  



The Zilo starts in the upper $200s. Once you begin adding features such as the drafting ring or three-way adjustable arms, the price will increase.  


Cons of the Zilo 

Lack of Adjustments 

While the Zilo is highly customizable, it does lack some of the features that other AMQ chairs have. 


Assembly Time 

Unless you choose the fully assembled option, the Zilo requires at least ten minutes of assembly, if not more than that. It may be worth it to pay more for a chair that’s already put together when it arrives. 


To read more about the AMQ Zilo chair, head over to our blog to read the full review! 


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AMQ Bodi

AMQ Bodi

AMQ designed the Bodi task chair for everywhere. As a highly accessible option, it’s a competitively priced chair that doesn’t compromise style or comfort and has everything you need without spending too much money.


The Bodi may have less adjustments than other chairs on this list, it still has features that anyone can benefit from, such as a synchro-tilt mechanism with a tension adjuster, an upright stop, and a tension dial.  


Specs of the Bodi 

The Bodi is designed for users weighing up to 275 pounds and comes in either a black or light grey frame finish: 


  • Total Height: 37.25” – 42.75 
  • Total Width: 26.5” 
  • Total Depth: 20” 
  • Seat Height: 18.5” – 22.75” 
  • Seat Width: 19.25” 

The Bodi is is BIFMA 2017 certified and covered by AMQ’s 10-year warranty, which covers all parts and approved labor for seating. It also comes with removable seat covers.


Pros of the Bodi 


Although the Bodi is less adjustable than other task chairs, it does still come with essential features like a seat depth adjustment and adjustable lumbar support.  



The Bodi is priced in the mid to upper $200s. While the price will go up when you start adding features, it’s definitely the most affordable option on this list.  


Cons of the Bodi  

Lack of Adjustments 

The Bodi lacks a lot of ergonomic features that come standard with other AMQ chairs. Still, it’s a great option considering its price point.   


Lack of Customization Options 

Apart from the frame finish options, the Bodi isn’t very customizable. Plus, it isn’t the most stylish office chair, so if that’s important to you, you may want to consider another option.  


Assembly Time  

The Bodi requires at least ten minutes of assembly unless you pay for the fully assembled version. 


Want to read our full review of the AMQ Bodi? Head over to our Learning Hub and take a look 


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