Are you on the hunt for a new business product supplier? With so many local and online retailers, it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by all the options.  


Here at Egyptian Workspace Partners, we carry a wide selection of business products, everything from office supplies and copy paper, to ink and toner and breakroom supplies


However, as your partners, we want to do more than make a sale. We want to help you find a business product supplier that’s best for you – even if that supplier isn’t us.  


For that reason, we decided to put together a list of the 10 best business product suppliers in St. Louis and Southern Illinois. This information is publicly available online (and not our opinion in any way).  


Full Disclaimer: To eliminate any bias, we did not include Egyptian Workspace Partners on this list.  


the Best Business Products Suppliers in St. Louis & Southern Illinois

In no particular order, here is our list of the best business product suppliers in St. Louis and Southern Illinois:  



Location: Framingham, MA 


Founded: 1986 


Insider Insights: Best known for the “easy button”, Staples has various locations throughout St. Louis and Southern Illinois. They sell a wide range of business products, including office supplies, ink and toner, copy paper, breakroom supplies, printing, and mailing and shipping supplies.  


Office Depot (Office Max) 

Location: Boca Raton, FL 


Founded: 1986 


Insider Insights: Like Staples, there are several Office Depot and Office Max locations in the greater St. Louis area. Both brands carry office supplies, copy paper, ink and toner, coffee, breakroom supplies, mailing and shipping supplies, and more.  



Location: Lincolnshire, IL 


Founded: 1956 


Insider Insights: Now owned by Staples, Quill has actually been in business for over 60 years. They carry office supplies, paper, coffee, breakroom supplies, ink and toner, teaching supplies, retail store supplies, and more.  


Office Essentials 

Location: St. Louis, MO 


Founded: 2001 


Insider Insights: As a family-owned business, Office Essentials is local to the St. Louis market. They sell products such as office supplies, ink and toner, copy paper, mailing and shipping supplies, and breakroom supplies. 


Williams Office Products 

Location: Alton, IL 


Founded: 2001 


Insider Insights: Williams Office Products is a family-owned business with a very knowledgeable staff. They provide services such as copying, laminating, and faxing, as well as office supplies, ink and toner, copy paper, and more.  


Sinclair Business Solutions 

Location: St. Louis, MO 


Founded: 2010 


Insider Insights: Sinclair Business Solutions originally started as an ink and toner supplier. Now, they also offer custom printing and a wide range of business products, including office supplies, ink and toner, breakroom supplies, and mailing and shipping supplies.  


Supply Concepts 

Location: Fenton, MO 


Founded: 1997 


Insider Insights: Over the years, Supply Concepts has merged with other local retailers such as Pedro’s Planet, Watson’s Office City, and J&E Office Supplies. All three stores offer digital printing and sell office supplies, copy paper, and more.    


Office Products Center 

Location: Centralia, IL


Insider Insights: Office Products Center serves Salem, Centralia, Mount Vernon, and the surrounding areas. They offer full-service printing and copying, as well as office supplies, printer accessories and ink, mailing and shipping supplies, and paper.   


Reppert’s Office Supplies & Furniture 

Location: Anna, Carmi, and Sparta, IL 


Insider Insights: Reppert’s is a locally owned business with three retail stores in Southern Illinois. They sell office supplies, paper, school supplies, mailing and shipping supplies, ink and toner, breakroom supplies, and food service supplies.  


Stiles Office Solutions 

Location: Carbondale, IL  


Founded: 1955 


Insider Insights: Stiles Office Solutions was founded more than 60 years ago. They carry office supplies, paper and notepads, breakroom supplies, mailing and shipping supplies, ink and toner, and more.  


Office HQ 

Location: Springfield, IL 


Founded: 1997 


Insider Insights: Despite their lack of a physical presence, Office HQ has a great reputation in the Springfield market. They offer office supplies, food service supplies, paper, packaging supplies, breakroom supplies, and ink and toner. 


How to Choose the Best Business Product Supplier 

So now that you have a list of options, how do you choose a business product supplier that works for you and your employees?  


With more than 55 years of experience, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry. Years ago, there were separate business product suppliers and facility product suppliers, but now the lines are starting to blur together.  


There are a lot of suppliers that offer business and facility products, but most of them are unable to make technology investments that make online ordering fast and easy.  


Additionally, these suppliers may lack variety across multiple product categories. For example, you may end up buying office supplies and paper from one supplier, and breakroom supplies from another.  


Before you choose a supplier, you should ask the following questions: 


  • Do you ship nationwide? 
  • Do you offer next-day delivery?  
  • Do you carry reliable brands and products? 
  • Do you have an online shopping cart for simple ordering?  


Ready to Give Us a Shot to Earn Your Business?  

If you decided to go with any suppliers mentioned above, we certainly wouldn’t blame you. After all, why would we include them on our list if we didn’t think they were worth mentioning?  


Regardless of who you choose, we think it’s important to go with a local vendor that’s involved in your community and has made the necessary investments to provide you with a great customer experience.  


That being said, we would still love the opportunity to do business with you. As workspace partners, we provide next-day delivery, dedicated account management, and access to thousands of business products.  


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Brett Baltz

Written by Brett Baltz