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2022 AMQ ACTIV Sit-Stand Desk Review (Pricing & Features)

October 6th, 2020 | 10 min. read

2022 AMQ ACTIV Sit-Stand Desk Review (Pricing & Features)

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Sitting in a static position for long periods, all day, every day, can negatively impact employee wellbeing and productivity. To ensure your workers are productive and highly engaged, they need the flexibility to move and be active throughout the workday.    

As its name implies, AMQ ACTIV is a height-adjustable solution that inspires people to move and change postures as needed. With a wide range of styles and features, it gives users the flexibility to customize their desks however they want. 

At Egyptian Workspace Partners, we believe every employee should have access to a broad ecosystem of spaces so they can choose how and where they work, as well as height-adjustable desks that provide health-related benefits.  

In this review, we’ll use third-party information and product knowledge to help you decide if AMQ ACTIV is the best solution for you and your entire organization. 

Key Features of AMQ ACTIV 

AMQ ACTIV height-adjustable desk

Anti-Collision Technology 

ACTIV comes standard with Anti-Collision Technology, built-in gyroscope sensors in the base control boxes. These sensors detect angle and speed changes on three axes, triggering the anti-collision safety feature. When activated, the bases reverse directions for two seconds before stopping.  

Integrated Features 

ACTIV integrates seamlessly with ILINE, an independent power and data beam from AMQ that supports ergonomic solutions such as privacy screens, monitor arms and integrated storage. The ACTIV stretcher bar comes with built-in cable management to easily store and hide cords.  

Digital Controllers 

Digital handsets with four programmable settings are standard with ACTIV, so users can easily control its quiet, telescopic legs and change worksurface height and posture as needed.  

Pros of AMQ ACTIV 

Easy to Change Posture 

ACTIV quickly and easily adjusts from sitting to standing height, complying with the ANSI-BIFMA height range recommendation of 22.6” to 48.7”. This range accommodates the 5th percentile seated female to the 95th percentile standing male.  

NRTL Compliant 

Electrical inspectors require height-adjustable desks to carry a listing mark from a Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL) to verify the desk complies with industry safety standards. ACTIV was tested by an accredited independent lab and is compliant with NRTL requirements.  


Starting in the mid to upper 400s, ACTIV is an affordable option for anyone with a limited budget. The final price depends on whether you go with the ACTIV-Pro or ACTIV-Pro3, and includes the worksurface. 

Fast Shipping 

If you’re in need of a height-adjustable desk on short notice, ACTIV can ship to you within five days. However, there will be a limited number of worksurface finishes to choose from, and you’ll have to put it together yourself.  

Cons of AMQ ACTIV 

Installation Time 

ACTIV-Pro takes 20 minutes to assemble, while ACTIV-Pro3 takes 30 minutes, including the base and worksurface. This may not seem like a big deal, but the time you spend putting everything together can quickly add up, especially if you have multiple desks to assemble.  

Limited Worksurface Finishes  

Even though ACTIV has 10 different laminate worksurface finishes, it has fewer finishes than Ology and Migration SE.  

Limited Features 

ACTIV may offer features like Anti-Collision Technology and digital controller options, but it still doesn’t have as many as Ology or Migration SE. 

AMQ ACTIV Warranty Information 

AMQ offers a 10-year warranty on all products, including ACTIV. Based on normal installation and standard eight-hour use, this warranty covers all parts and approved labor. It does not apply to defects from improper installation and use, normal wear and tear or customer modification. 

AMQ ACTIV height-adjustable desk

AMQ ACTIV Customization Options 

Available as ACTIV-Pro and ACTIV-Pro3, ACTIV offers multiple styles and customization options to perfectly suit every user’s need.  

  • Top Shapes – ACTIV Pro is available with a linear top shape, while ACTIV-Pro3 offers linear, 90-degree and 120-degree top shapes with three legs and dual motors.  
  • Privacy Options – Worksurface privacy and modesty options include: 3F screens, linear back screen, linear side screen, wrapped L-screen, wrapped U-screen and 4 different worksurface attachments. 
  • Cable Management – Although ACTIV comes with built-in cable management, you can also opt for a wire tray and felt cable management.  
  • Worksurface Finishes – ACTIV has 10 laminate worksurface finishes, including but not limited to milk-white, maple, teak, walnut and arctic white.   
  • Base Finishes – There are four base finish options to choose from: white, platinum, black and merle.  
  • Leg Style Options – The ACTIV-Pro is available with two- or three-stage rectangular legs in T or C foot styles.  

Is AMQ ACTIV Right for You? 

Whether you have a new employee starting in a week or you want to replace an existing desk, ACTIV is perfect for anyone who needs a height-adjustable desk on short notice. Apart from its fast lead time, ACTIV provides users with high-quality features at an affordable price point.   

Of course, ACTIV isn't the best option for everyone. If you want a desk with basic features, you may want to consider Alera AdaptivErgo. For more integrated features or worksurface finishes, you should go with Steelcase Ology or Steelcase Migration SE

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