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2022 TORK Matic Towel Dispenser in Image Design Review (Pros & Cons)

July 16th, 2020 | 22 min. read

2022 TORK Matic Towel Dispenser in Image Design Review (Pros & Cons)

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First impressions are everything, right? Regardless of the type of business you own, you need a paper towel dispenser that provides hygienic dispensing without compromising design. 

The TORK Matic towel dispenser in Image Design gives your guests the ultimate hand-drying experience. With one-at-a-time dispensing for reduced consumption and reliable performance, it doesn't sacrifice function for style. 

From universal to proprietary dispensers, Egyptian Workspace Partners is dedicated to helping you find the best towel dispensers for you and your business. 

In this review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the TORK Matic towel dispenser – including third-party information and our own product knowledge.  

Specs of the TORK Matic Towel Dispenser 


The TORK Matic dispenser is available in wall mount, recessed, and in-wall recessed versions. The specifications of the standard wall mount dispenser are as follows:   


  • Length: 8” 
  • Width: 14” 
  • Height: 15” 
  • Material: Metal/Plastic 


Key Features of the TORK Matic Towel Dispenser 

One-At-A-Time Dispensing 

The TORK Matic dispenser delivers a hygienic dispensing experience with touch-free, one-at-a-time dispensing.  


This feature means less towels being used in restrooms, so you’ll end up with less waste, cost, and clutter.  


Adjustable Towel Length 

With adjustable towel length settings, the TORK Matic dispenser helps you control towel waste and reduce restroom facility costs. It has four sheet length options: 8, 10, 14, and 18 inches.  


Intuition Sensor 

The TORK Matic dispenser also has a sensor mode for patron-activated dispensing, or “hanging mode” for a ready-to-use hanging towel.  


Pros of the TORK Matic Towel Dispenser 

Multiple Paper Towel Options 

The TORK Matic dispenser can hold a high capacity of towels, ranging from 328 feet to 900 feet in length.  


These towels have three different levels of quality: universal (good), advanced (better), and premium (best).  


TORK paper towels absorb water quickly and hold more water than conventional towels. They’re produced with FSC-certified fresh wood fiber for better absorbency. 


Here at Egyptian, we carry two types of these towels: 


  Name: Ply: Color: Roll Length:
TORK Matic Premium Soft Hand Towel Roll TORK Matic Premium Soft Hand Towel Roll 2-Ply White with Blue Leaf 575 feet
TORK Matic Advanced Hand Towel Roll TORK Matic Advanced Hand Towel Roll 1-Ply White  900 feet


Premium Quality 

If you want a clean and tidy restroom with an image-focused design, the TORK Matic dispenser is perfect for you.  


It has a gently brushed stainless-steel finish with smooth surfaces, clean lines, and anti-fingerprint protection, so it can look great and perform well at the same time.  


Stub Roll Feature 

As a standard function of the TORK Matic dispenser, the stub roll feature uses all the towel without wasting it.  


Once a towel roll is partially used, it can be placed in the back of the dispenser so a new roll can be loaded.  


When the old roll runs out, the new roll will automatically dispense, so your dispenser doesn’t run out of paper towels.  


Easy Maintenance 

The TORK Matic dispenser has a see-through window, so you can easily see when the towels are low and need to be replaced.  


Battery Life 

The TORK Matic dispenser uses three “D” batteries, which are included with the dispenser when you buy it. These batteries can last up to three years. 


It also has an LED refill and low battery light indicator, so your staff will know when it’s time to replace the towels or batteries.  


Matching Dispensers 

TORK Image Line also offers a complete line of matching towel, tissue, and skincare dispensers, so you can achieve a sleek, high-end look in your restroom facilities.  


ADA Compliant 

The TORK Matic dispenser is also compliant with ADA regulations.   


All dispensers should be installed at a minimum of 15 inches or a maximum of 48 inches off the floor for forward-reaching range, or a minimum of 9 inches of a maximum of 54 inches for side reaching.  


Cons of the TORK Matic Towel Dispenser 

Lack of Finish Options 

The TORK Matic dispenser is only available in stainless steel. If you want a different color or finish, you’ll have to consider another option. 


Cost of One or Two Dispensers  

If you’re only buying one or two dispensers, the initial cost will start in the low to mid $100s. Plus, you’ll have to calculate the hourly labor rate and total drive time for our installers.  


Limited Towel Options  

As a proprietary dispenser, the only towels that fit in this dispenser are from TORK.  


TORK Matic Towel Dispenser Warranty Information 

TORK guarantees the performance of its towel dispensers, which are covered by a lifetime warranty.  


If a dispenser breaks, TORK will replace it for free – as long as it was properly installed, used as directed, and continuously supplied with the correct TORK towel refills.  


Is the TORK Matic Towel Dispenser Right for You? 

If image is a top priority for your business, the TORK Matic towel dispenser is an excellent option for your restroom facilities.  


It’s perfect for businesses who have heavy-traffic restrooms and want to provide their customers and employees with a premium washroom experience.  


However, it may not be the best option for businesses in need of free dispensers or low-quality towels, since the towel quality is only available as a premium option.  


Are You Ready to Take the Next Steps? 

Not sure if the TORK Matic towel dispenser will work for you? From the Scott Pro dispenser system to the TORK hand towel roll dispenser, Egyptian has several restroom dispensers for you to choose from.  


To learn more about Egyptian and our single-vendor approach to facility products, schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated account managers today! 

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