With 2020 just around the corner, office managers are looking for the latest trends to keep up with the competition. Despite what you’d think, the future of work is neither rooted in technology nor a grand marketing scheme. It’s in the interior space design. For a business to be successful, it needs talented individuals. However, the brightest talent wants to spend their days in a place that is not only successful, but is inviting and a pleasure to spend their time in. The interior design of your office can be the difference between attracting and repelling the people you want to work for you. In fact, it’s possible to improve productivity and increase worker engagement with strategized office space planning.

Here are the top 11 workplace interior design trends to implement in your office in 2020…

1. Bring Style Into Your Office With Colors & Patterns by Detroit Wall Paper

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your office an added flair is to use wallpaper. Depending on your industry, you can make it as classy or as funky as you like!

Design Suggestion: Don’t go overboard. To keep your office professional but chic, choose one wall in each room to be you “accent wall” with decorative wallpaper. Each room can have its own pattern, too! This will give each department their own personality while maintaining the aesthetic you’ve chosen.

2. Get Outside While You Work With Extremis

Remember when you were in school, you’d look out the window at the gorgeous weather. You’d sit there, wish you could be on the other side of the glass, raise your hand and ask the teacher, “Can we have class outside?” Human beings have an innate desire to be outdoors, no matter how old they are. Making an outdoor space for employees to come together will boost morale, collaboration, positivity and productivity.

Employees enjoy the sunshine with Extremis outside office space.
Source: Extremis

3. An Oldie But A Goodie: Using Art In Your Office Interior Décor

When it comes to workplace products and interiors, one of the simplest ways to add color and pizzazz is with art. Images of sunsets on a topical island with inspirational words are O-U-T. Talent sees things like this and the impression is that your office isn’t that its empowering—its ordinary.

Replace those outdated pictures with actual art. When people see art hanging on your walls, it shows that your office has taste, class, and style. Depending on your company’s aesthetic of choice, you can choose from: abstract, renaissance classics, or even impressionist. The possibilities are endless! Plus, you don’t have to go to a gallery and dish out thousands of dollars to decorate your space. Companies like Art Addiction make masterpieces and novelties affordable!

Design Tip: Make sure you hang your art on a wall that has adequate space for it. It should complement the dimensions of the room, not overwhelm or get lost in it. Also ensure that the art is in a spot that has good lighting. What’s the point of having an art piece if no one can properly see and appreciate it?

4. A Comfy Alternate Take On Office Décor: The Residential Aesthetic

Office workers spend an exceptional amount of their time in the workplace. It only makes sense that it should be an environment that is comfortable and familiar. Help them find their new home at work by giving your office the simplest and most underrated aesthetic: the residential touch. From living room style furniture and comfortable chairs, your staff can feel right at home when they use their new office furniture. Although it may seem strange to some, the philosophy of this aesthetic is that people are more productive when they are relaxed. When an environment directly affects stress levels, making it as familiar and comfortable as possible is a real solution.

5. How People Work Is Changing. Include Adaptable Working Spaces In Your Workspace Design

Planning a collaborative office environment begins with designing workspaces that are purposed for teamwork. Take your powwows out of the lounge breakroom areas where others can disrupt your meeting. Including a space in your office specifically designed for laid-back collaboration will give your staff the freedom to think and speak productively. Companies like Orangebox are designing dynamic systems specifically for this purpose. Best of all, they are easily incorporated into any workplace design due to large varieties of upholstery and system designs.

OrangeBox collaborative system is a small glass room with interior seating for private meetings in an open concept space.
Source: OrangeBox

6. Oak Colored Tabletops: Wood That Works With Your Workplace Design

Ideal for any business looking to update to an open concept layout, natural oak is the in vogue office décor. Minimal, elegant, and natural, oak brings nature inside. The light color not only brightens the space, but has a positive psychological impact on employees, boosting morale and productivity. Westelm and similar companies are savvy to this trend and offer a selection of possibilities to bring in the natural look

7. Modern Lighting For A Modern Workplace Interior Design

An effective office interior design will not only incorporate an enhanced furniture layout, but it will also make light a priority. Ideally, a designer will want to bring in the most natural light possible. However, depending on the layout of an office, natural light may be minimal or non-existent in some rooms. Where possible, eliminate the ugly, harsh florescent lighting usually found in office ceilings. Instead, brighten up the space with modern lighting. Sleek fixtures will not only look more impressive to talent, but often use more energy efficient bulbs.

See the many options you can use in your office from Cerno.


8. Use Recycled Materials In Your Office Interior Design

One of the biggest trends to watch for in 2020 (and certainly beyond) is the opportunity to use recycled furniture and materials in your workplace interior design. Pieces repurposed, recycled and recreated into something entirely new are designed to be chic. The products are impressive, beautiful and stem from a good cause. Anyone working for your business or considering applying will be given the impression that yours is a company that cares about the environment. And that is a big, positive impression to make.

One company taking the lead in this trend is Pittsburg Urban Tree. See their creations and get inspired here.

Recycled furniture in your office interior design, like wooden conference tables, make a unique and positive impression.
Source: Pittsburgh Urban Tree

9. Bring Nature Inside When Designing Your Office By Using Biophilia

Biophilia is literally using plants in your decorating…right down to making an entire wall with them! Plants have a positive psychological effect, introduce more oxygen into your confined office setting, and are just nice to have around. Planning biophilia—living walls— into your office plays on the philosophy that people have an innate desire to connect with nature. Bringing nature into your office not only shows that you care about the environment, but that you want to promote positivity in your own office space. Plants also bring in a vibrant touch of color in a singular way.

It’s not hard! (And it’s not dirty!) Check out what Sage Green Life has done to get ideas for your office.

Walls made of plants in office workspaces are striking in design, and make employees feel more connected to nature. They also make impressive impressions on guests & visitors.
Source: Sage Green Life

10. Use Space Dividers For The Open Office Concept Office Workspace Design

While the open concept is fast becoming the #1 modern trend of modern workplaces, employees still need a space where they can conduct work without distraction. Both are possible with the use of space dividers: walls with the purpose of providing niches for staff members to work independently without confinement. Loftwall is a forward thinking company, designing options for any open concept aesthetic. This is a trend that offices of any size and layout can incorporate into their workspace design to give them a modern edge.

Design Tip: Use glass walls! Glass walls bring in more natural light and allow privacy (even digital screen & acoustic privacy!) while maintaining the open concept design. Plus, glass wall installations are quickly and easily done with little interruption to your work routine.

Space dividers make private spaces in an open concept workplace interior design bring the best of both worlds together
Source: Loftwall

11. Luxury Vinyl Tile That Looks Like Raw Wood For Natural Office Décor

Step away from the carpet and tile and give your office flair of class. Bring the luxury of hardwood floors and accents at a fraction of the cost and no trees lost. Available in many colors and stains, Milliken floors bring a clean and elegant aesthetic to any office interior. Private plastic surgeon offices with these floors promote attention to detail. Corporate publishing agencies exude refinement. To send the right message with low environmental impact, vinyl raw wood floors are the only way to go with your updated office interior design.

Made to look like the real thing, vinyl raw wood floors are an excellent flooring alternative for any office looking to rethink its interior space design.
Source: Milliken

The interior design of your office and workspace, not only attracts talent, but projects the message you want your business to send. Egyptian expert design team is here to bring your offices in the Centralia and St. Louis Metro areas into the new era of work.

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